Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Years Eve Makeup Look!

Hi everyone!
Today I want to share with you a possible New Years Eve Makeup Look, but you could basically wear it to any night out.
If you want to know how I do my base please check out one of my other looks describing how I proceed.
Products I used for my base for this particular look are MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage, YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in B40, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20, MAC Prep+Prime Translucent Finishing Powder.
Now onto my eyes. I did a soft purple cut crease (a really soft one) and silver, rose and green shades in my lower lid. Lets see it step by step.

1. I went in with the 2nd shade from Maybellines The Nude Palette which is like a warmer grey (touch of brown) with a bit of a sparkle. I used this as a transition colour and blended it above my crease. Trying to stay away from my lower lid only focusing on my upper lid. To do so I used a fluffy blending brush from Zoeva. I blendid it into the inner corner as well.

2. I went into the same area as before using MAC eyeshadow in the shade Beautiful Iris. I blended this one in with a pointed blending brush. I wanted this one as a transition shade  for my next step.

3. For this step I am using a smaller pointed blending brush and MAC eyeshadow in the shade Nocturnell. Which is a pretty rich purple which blends easily. So depending on how dark you want this crease to be you can build it up.I put this shade exactly in the crease trying not to drop anything on my lower lid. Once I felt it was dark enough I went in with my first fluffy blending brush and blended everything above the crease together.

4. For this step I used an eyeliner brush with MAC eyeshadow in the shade  Print which is a black. I put that with the eyeliner brush exactly into my crease dragging it a tiny bit up. To not only have a harsh line there I went in with the small pointed blending brush and Nocturnell on it and blendid the harsh black line out.

So this far for the crease. Now onto the lower lid.

5. With MAC eyeshadow in the shade Seedy Pearl (Frost) on a flat brush I went all over my lower lid, dapping it on. cleaning up everything that went to low from the crease.

6. With MAC eyeshadow in the shade Electra I went from inner corner to the mid of my lid dapping it on with a flat eyeshadow brush as well. (I used this one as I wanted a bit more shimmer and glitter and party feeling)

7. Onto the crazy step. Never ever would I`ve thought that these shadow would work together but they do. With MAC eyeshadow in the shade Shimmermoss (Veluxe Pearl) on another flat eyeshadow brush I dapped it onto my eyelid from outer corner in a V-shape up to my crease (yes putting it exactly to that purple) und down to my lash line (keep the V-shape in mind). This shade doesn`t show up much on the picture I know. But it is light reflective and it is so amazing when you are in a club I promise you.
I also put this shade on the inner corner of my lower lash line.

8. With Nocturnell on a small pencil brush I went in on my lower lashline really close to my lashes and brought everything together. (Keep the blending in mind)

9. As a brow bown and inner corner highlight I used MAC eyeshadow in Shroom.

10. I used a black liner on my upper lashline (I prefer gel eyeliner or pencil) as you can see I do not do a wing. I do not like a wing on myself (or my eyeshape) but do as you want to. I also used the same blackliner (which was some drugstore liner) on my waterline.

11. For mascara I used for the first coat BadGal Lash Mascara from Benefit in Black and for the second coat I used Manhatten Surpreme Lash Fresh Volume Mascara in Black

So this is it for the eyes.
Now onto the rest.
I did a tiny bit of contouring using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark which for me is the most natural shade for contouring I could use. For my Blush I used Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Heather Pink.
For highlighting I used again Shroom on my cheekboney, the bridge on my nose, the tip of my nose and my cupids bow.

For my lips I used MAC Viva Glam II Lipstick. But I am sure any nude or more natural toned lipstick would work.

If you want to make this longer lasting remember to use a finishing spray as MAC Fix+.

I hope you like this look.
I wish you all a great New Years Eve. Enjoy your day and have a great start into the New Year. I will see you all again in 2016. With new posts wether they are book related or beauty related.
I am happy to take requests on posts in the comments below.
See you soon


Monday, December 28, 2015

Something Special for you! Chapter 25

Before I went to the beach, I took a last look at my bucket list. I didn`t sort it in any particular way. I couldn`t. I knew I want to do these things and I am sure they will all give me something. But I couldn`t tell which would give me the most, so I gave them all the same priority.

First thing I had written down is travelling. This point doesn`t require destinations abroad. I just want away. I want to see a different part of the country. A different piece of land. I was never able to travel. When I was in school my parents didn’t had the money, they always said they have to keep it together, to save it for my education. I had to work hard during school, because I had nobody at home who was able to help me with any of the schoolwork. The things I didn`t understood in classes I had to learn all by myself during the afternoons. The last year of high school I started a part time job in the company I later worked for. I had to take this job as I needed the money since my Dad had lost all of our saved money with speculations. And of course it wasn`t his fault. It was the consultants fault. At least my dad thought so. I wasn`t angry at my Dad about it, but he was angry at me for becoming one of these “criminals” and this made me break with my family. I did work and work and I had never the time to travel. Once I had a free day or week it didn`t came to my mind to travel, because what would I do on my own somewhere where I do not know my way around, where I do not know a single person? Maybe the way my colleagues spend their vacation?- Hooking up hot women in bikinis?

That wasn`t my thing. So I did use the time to destress. The last years I didn`t even took any vacation days. So this was how travelling ended up on my list. Getting to know new places and their traditions and values. Not just hanging around at the beach, getting a sunburn while drinking a cocktail. I want to learn. I want to get to know something new. This is exactly how I will explain it for Emma if she would ask.

The next point is to do some charity. If it will be helping out at the soup kitchen for the homeless or building an orphan home. I want to give something back to the world. Even if I didn`t always had easy times, but I was always save and I did never miss anything. Later on it actually went pretty well for me. If I did miss something it was my own mistake because I didn`t took care of myself. I got lost in my work. Maybe I could thank god for being so lucky by helping other people.

The next point fit perfect the point of travelling. I want to go hiking. I do not exactly know why, but I had never done it before and I think it will give me the silence I need. All of these points will hopefully help me to get to my last point. I want to find the good and beauty in everything. If it is just a breathtaking viewpoint or a special sunset. No matter what it will be I want to find it.

I didn`t wrote down the last point. I am a human person as everyone else but I really didn`t need to write down that I want to find true love. This will happen when it happens. When this spark, this connection I want will be there. This is nothing I can influence and because of this it doesn`t belong on the list. I put the list into my pocket and then made my way down to the beach. I would probably be there before Emma but that was nothing to worry about. It was actually pretty convenient. This will give me the possibility to ask Kim if she will have some more time during the next weeks. I also will need to talk to Alf depending on how our plan is going to look like in the end. Kim is probably going to start an investigation on what was going on. She is always that curious. I will need to make a plan to not go into any of her traps.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Quick Blog Update!

Hi everyone!

First of all I hope you all had great Christmas Days.
I spent mine with my family and friends and pretty good food.
Playing board games and card games. Reading books. Watching movies.
I took a break from studying, but sadly I need to get back to studying and catch up on the days I missed on my plan (yes I have a study plan, so I do not loose track).

Anyways. As you may have noticed I missed fridays post and I am sorry for it. But to be honest I hadn`t planned any particular post. I was so focused on Christmas and studying that this one post went under.
I am really sorry for that. But as you all know I have some health issues and am struggeling with a major cold now for almost 3 months (yes, this one loves me). So I am taking a little break from blogging during my "holidays" (and by holidays I mean university free time).

I will of course keep the Something Special posts coming (stay tuned, as the story comes to its main part now) and I will try my best to get a New Years Eve look up before New Years Eve, but for now I cannot promise anything else beside the book posts.

I wish you all the best holidays and a good start into the New Year. Enjoy your New Years Eve and take care!
I see you around next year! With new posts, new topics and maybe some surprises. If you have any special requests let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 24

I got to know that Scott had moved here for the same reasons as I did. That he has a list, with all the things he want to do and experience in his life. But he had put the list aside once he had found his old love, surfing, again. We both agreed on working on our lists. We wanted to meet the next day at the beach to make a plan together. A plan that should help us to fulfill the dreams on our lists. It wouldn`t become a single plan for each one of us. It would become one plan, that we would work on together that we would experience together. Because what had become clear tonight was that Scott was lacking motivation while I was lacking courage.

We did make our choice. Tomorrow morning we would meet at the beach and then see. Scott did notice how late it had become and wanted to leave for today. Once he had told me that he wanted to leave he was standing in front of me, both hands in his pockets, his shoulders raised, looking a bit uncomfortable. If he thought that it was not polite to leave or if he he actually wanted to stay was something I couldn`t tell. But what I could say for sure was that he was going to become a great friend.

He did already say goodbye “I am seeing you tomorrow at the beach”, wanted to turn around and leave when I suddenly gave him a hug. I didn`t know what happened. I simply wanted to hug him, thank him, because what he had done today for me was more than any one has ever done for me. He did listen and understand. He hadn`t just ignored what I said. It was about me not about the things surrounding me.

Would I write the list now? There were so many things that I wanted to do but I was so tired. If I would sit down now to write the list I would only forget half of the things I wanted to do. No I would go to bed now and write the list tomorrow morning before I would go to the beach.

I called Balu and went with him upstairs into the bedroom. I put on my pyjamas which wasn`t more than an oversized shirt. Then I went to the bathroom to take off my make-up, cleanse my face and brush my teeth. I brushed my hair one more time before I went to bend. Before I turned off the lights I checked one more time on Balu. He looked at me with his beautiful big eyes. I knew I had neglected him with cuddle sessions today. I called him into the bed. He laid is head on me feet and was holding me as tight as he could. Something that had calmed me down during the first nights when I was dreaming.

Monday, December 21, 2015

How to create a day spa at home

Hi everyone!

So now that the stressful time of Christmas decorating, cleaning the house for guests, buying gifts, wrapping gifts is nearly over you need to relax. Get your energy back to enjoy the Holidays.
So on a special request from a friend I am going to tell you today how I create my day spa at home. (I am not proceeding in any particular order)

1. Candles
I can`t imagine something more relaxing than the light of candles. Light them up in your living room and your bathroom, you will need them there. Wether they are scented or not doesn`t matter.

2. A movie/music
What is a pampering night without a good movie or some good tunes. I keep the movie for the time I am spending in my living room and the music for the bathroom.

3. Face masks
It doesn`t matter wether you buy a face mask or wether you do a DIY mask. But for a spa day at home I need a face mask.

4. A bath
I tend to use a bath that suits my mood. Which is most times a destressing or calming one. You can buy these in bottles or in small packages.

5. A massage sponge/exfoliating sponge
Depending on my skin I need one of these. Most times it is the exfoliating sponge as I tend to have dry skin. But after exfoliating it is never wrong to give your skin and body a bit of love with a massage sponge.

6. Something to Drink
Now as I do not drink any alcohol I am going with my favourite tea. But basically go with what you like.

7. Some treats
I need my chocolate and a good dinner (and yes I order it when I am stressed).

8. Body Butter
After a good destressing bath and exfoliating, your skin will need hydration so make sure you have a lotion or body butter that suits your skin.

9. Hair mask
As I have diyed hair and long her my hair needs some love as well. So I will definetly use a hair mask. There are DIY options out there or you can buy them. There are pretty good affordable options out there as well as very pricey ones.

10. A good book
I do not know if you need a book, but I definetly do. I am not a big fan of taking baths. I rush through them and not enjoy them. A good book solves this problem.

So these are the things I use to create my own spa at home.
What do you need for recreation and relaxtion? What would you need in your own personal spa? Let me know in the comments below.
I hope you enjoy Christmas.
See you soon.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Drugstore Christmas Makeup Look

Hi everyone!
Today I have another Christmas Makeup Look for you using only drugstore products. It has been a special request from my friend Jenny from jennys-beauty-mania.
So as always I start with a clean face. Today I also used only drugstore products. I first went in with the Bebe More Fresh Eyes and Face Make up Remover. After that I cleanes my face with the Bebe More Melt away cleansing "foam". This actually doesn`t come out of the tube as a foam but it gets the foam consistency once you rub it in your hands with water. Since I have some dry patches on my forehead and my cheeks I use the Bebe More Bedtime Beauty night cream on this areas as it is a richer cream and the Bebe More Brighten up for the rest of my face except of my eye area where I used the Bebe More Beautiful Eyes eyecream which I acually keep as any other eye cream in the fridge to reduce the puffiness around my tired eyes.

Once I was done with giving my face some love I started on my base. I applied a thin and even layer of the L`oreal Perfect Match (True Match for my international readers) in the shade 2.N Vanilla using a buffer brush.
I didn`t have a drugstore concealer that matches my skintone and that is not creasing on me. So that is why I will use my foundation as well to cover my dark eye circles later one once I am done with my eyes. Which I will be starting with now.

For my eyes I am using the Maybelline Nudes Palette as you can see above. First of all I am dusting with a fluffy blending brush the shade number 2 into my upper crease as a transition shade. Then I applied the shade number 9 all over my lower lid with a flat synthetic brush. I then applied with the same brush the shade number 4 from the outer corner of my lower lid to the mid of my lower lid up the crease. Then I took a tiny bit of the shade number 10 on a pointed blending brush und blended it into the crease to deepen it out and to blend out the harsh lines of the shades 9 and 4. After that I went with a bit of the shade 10 and 2 combined in on my lower lashline so that everything comes together. To finish the eye off I put the shade 11 on my tear dot area to brighten it up.

I gave my lashes a good coat of the Manhatten Long and Swing Mascara before I went in again with my foundation and a concealer brush to clean up the area under my eye and to cover up my dark circles.
Now onto the reast of my face.
As Blush I actually had to use a bronzer (I must admit I do not even own a drugstore Blush). So as a Blush I used the Wet n wild Coloricon Bronzer in Bikini Contest. I also used it to warm up my temples.
As a Highlighter I also used a Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer but this time the shade Reserve your Cabana.
For my lips I first applied the L`oreal Exclusive Collection (Privee) Doutzens Nude and then topped it with Manhattens Soft Rouge Lipstick in Ra-Ra Raspberry. I then blotted my lips to just have it on as a stain.

 And that completed my drugstore products only look.
I hope you liked it and found some inspiration. Let me know if you want to see more makeup looks on my blog in the comments below.
See you soon.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

DIY Christmas Gifts!

Hi everyone!

So in a complete hurry with all the Christmas stuff and University I completely forgot to bring you a special Christmas post on Tuesday.
Thinking of which I came up with todays post.
We all know this feeling when we notice we have forgotten to buy a gift for a person and then we have to rush to the store and buy something. This is exactly why I came up with this post.
I set down and thought a bit about some last minute DIY gifts and came up with three.

1. The first one is my DIY Body Scrubs that I posted a while ago on the blog.

You may find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. You can make smaller portions than this, or devide it and give it to more than one person. You could also do a lip scrub. Using sugar, coconut oil and some flavour such as orange extract or strawberry extract and give it away in small containers.

2. Second options are homemade chocolate pralines. For the option with the dark chocolate you will need:

 dark chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate coating)
some milk
a little bit of extract of your choice (I used rum)
covering of your choice (I used brittle chips and fine sugar)

Melt the chocolate then add depending on how much chocolate you use the milk, a bit of rum and blend it well. Put into an extra container and let it harden in the fridge for about 1 hour. Then scoop out a tiny amount with a spoon, shape it into small pralines and cover it in your covering. Make sure to work fast as the chocolate will melt easily. 

For the white chocolate you will need:
white chocolate (I prefer chocolate coating again)
some milk
coconut shavings

Proceed as with the dark chocolate version.
Store them in the fridge until you are giving them away.

3. Is the most personal gift I came up with. And it is called TIME. Give away some time to a loved person or a person you haven`t spent a lot of time with in the past. In this fast paced world, we often forget how much fun it can be to just spend time together with the people we love. We often say "Oh lets do this or that together" and then something comes in the way of it. Give time away and enjoy a day with just this person. Write down gift card where you give your time away, maybe a girls night, a movie night, or a road trip. Think of what you two would enjoy the most doing together.

So these are my three DIY gift ideas. I hope you like them.
What are you giving away for Christmas this year? What are you wishing for? Let me know in the comments below. and I hope to see you soon.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 23

I did remain silent after the last information I had gotten from her. I knew that she had a list. A list that I once had myself. But I never started to cross the things off my bucket list, I procrastinated it as I had found something to substitute it with. She obviously just lacked the courage. Her motivation was high and I knew I had the courage. These were perfect preconditions to make a plan together. And we would make this plan together the next day at the beach, where we would compare our bucket lists.

This was what we had agreed on before I went home. It was late and I didn`t wanted her to get a wrong impression. It had been a great night, I did had so much fun had laughed so much. I can`t remember the last time I did had so much fun. She stood up to bring her beer bottle back into the kitchen and I followed her.

“It is late, I should better leave now.” I had both hands in my pockets und my shoulders raised. I didn`t know if this was the right moment, but staying could have been wrong too. I thanked her for the invitation, “It was a nice evening. I am seeing you tomorrow at the beach” I said once again as a goodbye. The moment I wanted to turn around and leave she came towards me and gave me a hug. I was surprised. It was on a friendly basis that was clear to me, but I wasn`t prepared for it. I hugged her as well and then left. Once I was at the door I turned around to look at her for one more time and then left for the night.

On the way back home I thought about my bucket list. I had to write it down once I got home. I wanted to make this plan happen with Emma. I didn`t just want to have my plan I wanted to have our plan. She was special that was clear, but what exactly it was about her I couldn`t tell yet. I was able to be silent with her as when I was on the water, at the same time I could be loud with her. She was normal even though she came from the other end of the city. She had her problems but didn`t hide them, she stood up to them. She had shown strength and courage by escaping from that society, by doing what she felt was right. Everything was new to her, she had lived her whole life in a world that most people didn`t even know existed. The world she is in now is totally new to her and she had to manage in her alone so far. This made her feel insecure, but instead of hiding it she showed it openly. Not just I leave an impression on her but she also left an impression on me.

Once I came home after a few minutes of walking I set immediately down to write on my bucket list. I didn`t need long to do so because I had gone through it in my head for the past three years. I put the sheet to my things for tomorrow and then went to bed.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our untraditional Christmas Dinner ideas!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to present you some of my untraditional Christmas dinner ideas. Why untraditional you might wonder?!
Well that is easy to answer. It has been a tradition and still is for so many people to eat goose with purple cabbage and dumplings. To be honest I never liked goose nor did I like dumplings so christmas dinner weren`t always fun for me and I always felt bad telling people I do not like the food they spent so much time on cooking on. Another reason to go untraditional and which actually was the main reason was that we all get hungry at different points of the evening. So sometimes I wasn`t even hungry when food got served and other times I was starving until it got served. Now think of having children which are all hungry and have to wait and wait and wait, we all know how exhausting this can be.
So we decided on mixing our christmas dinners up over the past 10 years. Sometimes we just changed the course sometimes we completely changed the "dinner" part.
So today I want to present you some options and some of my favourite recipes (where you of course have to adjust ingredients to your needs).

So the first Christmas we switched it up was when I was about 16. This was also the first christmas I was alone with my mom. We decided to have sole in a parsley butter crust with potatoes and vegetables of your choice (we went with brussle sprouts).
So what you will need for this recipe is:
Sole (according to how many you are one for each of you)
fresh Parsley
little bit of Parmesan
Vegetables of your choice
You mix an equal amount of butter with parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper and parmesan and put a layer of it on top of the sole, this goes into the oven on a medium temperature (depending on your oven) for about 20-30 or until it is cooked through. 
For the potatoes: you peel them, cook them with a bit of salt. Once they are cooked through you take them out of the water add a bit of butter to them and some herbs.
As we used brussel sprouts we usually cooked them through took them out of the water and added a tiny bit of butter, salt and pepper.
We usually served it immediately once the sole was through.
( I am sorry for not being able to provide you an exact recipe but I am one of those people who usually just goes after a feeling with the ingredients and after my taste)

A more cheaper and more convinient option especially when you are more people on christmas eve, but also when you are just too is to do a buffet.
We usually go for up to three types of salads depending on how many we are, sausages or meatballs.
My favourite salad of all is the pasta salad and we all know there thousands of thousands pasta salad recipes out there.
I want to share my favourite recipe with you which might not be the healthiest but hey it is christmas, so why not induldge a bit.
You will need for this:
Pasta (I prefer small riffled maccaroni)
Salad mayonnaise 
white balsamic vinegar
1 Cucumber
canned peas
canned corn
chicken sausage (or any bologna you want)

I usually do the dressing first while the pasta is cooking or already cooling off. For 500gram of pasta I use one small glas of salad mayonnaise (I make sure the oil content is above 75% so that there is no yoghurt added to the mayonnaise as I am lactose free). I mix 1 to 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar with the mayonnaise. If you feel the taste of mayonnaise is to strong you can add a bit of greek yoghurt or milk if you want a thinner dressing (I like it thick).
You then spice it up with a bit of salt and pepper and lots of dill. Then I add the corn und the peas (of course without the excess water in the can).
I then cut the cucumber in small squares as well as the sausage. I mix all together before I add the completely cool paste. Make sure to mix it well and let it stand cold for at least one hour so that the pasta and everything can soak up the flavour.
You can even prepare it a day ahead as long as it stands cool. Make sure to mix it one more time right before serving.

What I like about the option with salads and meatballs is that everyone can just take a plate and eat some salad and meatballs throughout the evening when they are hungry. So no impatient kids or nearly starving adults.

As desserts we usually buy christmas themed ice cream and enjoy it all together. Or we are having typical christmas candy or some yoghurt and fruits.

I hope you liked some of these ideas. What are you having for dinner on Christmas? Are you mixing it up or do you prefer the traditional Christmas dinners? Let me know in the comments below and see you soon.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Look - Using Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!

Hi everyone!

Today I got a more Vampy Look for Christmas for you, which you can easily switch up by using a different lip colour (thinking of a nude or a lighter pink shade or even a red shade).
Today I will mainly be using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for my eye look. As it is a darker look I will start with my eyes again. Applying an eyeprimer first, I am using my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW20) again all over my face

Using a fluffy blending brush by (Zoeva) I will apply MAC-Soft Brown eyeshadow as a transition shade to my upper crease and blend that out very well. I will then apply with the flat side of the brush that comes with the Naked 3 palette the shade Blackheart on my lower lid, packing it it on starting at my lashline and moving upward with less product on my brush, but keeping it under my crease.
Then using my fluffy brush again with a bit of the shade Nooner on it and blending everything out and together.
I then experimented a bit with the shimmery glittery shades. Packing them on with my fingers. Firt I went in with Buzz from the inner corner to the mid, then I went with Trick over it. For the outer corner I applied Liar and Mugshot.
Back in with the fluffy blush and blending it all together in the crease (remember no harsh lines).
Onto my base priming my skin with MAC Prep + Prime Skin then I applied my foundation (today I used my drugstore foundation, I am usually using YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in B40 if I go out) L`Oreal Perfect Match (True Match) in Vanilla with a Zoeva Buffer Brush. As usual I added MAC Fix+ onto my Brush as it smoothes out my foundation much better and because I love the finish and that it makes my foundation last so long. I then applied MAC Pro longwear concealer in NW20 under my eyes, on top of my nose, my forehead my chin and at the corners of my nose, dapping it in with a damp beauty sponge. I then set everything with MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder.

I then went in again with Blackheart applying it onto my lower lashline and blending it out with a fluffy brush and a bit of Nooner on it. Putting Dust into my inner corner and Strange onto my brow bown blending it together with my transition colour so that I won`t have a harsh line. I then light my waterline with a black liner as well as my teardotarea. Finishing it off with a coat of Benefit - Bad Gal Lash Mascara in Black on my top and bottom lashes.
For my cheeks I used MAC Sheertone Blush in Breath of Plum and a bit if Benefit - Hoola Bronzer and blended it together. As a cheekbone highlight I used Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in E743 Reserve your Cabana which is a great dupe for The Balms Mary Lou Manizer. I also applied it to the tip of my nose and my cupids bow.
For my lips I am wearing NYX Lippencil in Plum all over my lips, topped with Manhatten Soft Rouge Lipstick in Ra-Ra Raspberry. I could also imagine using MACs - Brave Lipstick or MACs-Cosmo or a Nude or Red lip just to name you some of the options.
I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions and I hope to see you soon!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 22

She didn`t talk much during dinner, but she had loosened up a bit, at least I had the feeling that she wasn`t as nervous and distant as when I met her the first time. When we both cleaned up the table I noticed that she didn`t had much of the wine, as here glass still looked full. I didn`t has much of it either. Maybe she disliked wine as much as I did. I had just assumed she would like it as she seemed to be from the other end of the city and wine was the usual drink there to a dinner. But I could have been mistaken, I mean what did I know about her? Theoretically nothing except of her name and that she clearly wasn`t able to cook.

She must have noticed that I hadn`t had much of the wine when she put the glasses into the sink, because shortly after she opened the fridge and handed me a beer. She had taken one for herself too so I took the offered beer and thanked her. We both had to laugh. Why did she offered me wine when she didn`t like it herself? And more important why did I thanked yes to it when I didn`t like it. I couldn`t stop thinking about how much easier life could be if we would just speak out thinks like that, instead of fitting into societies expectations just to be polite. Where there was once a smile on her face it was now completely serious and thoughtful. Then she asked me if the basket and surprises on Tuesdays were from me. I was a bit insecure, if I had done the right thing, I didn`t want to scare her, I wanted to cheer her up and show here that I would be there for her and that was exactly what I did explain her. Her serious face lightened up and she assured me that she was very happy about the surprises but she simple hasn`t been sure about me sending them and if they hadn`t been from me it would have been creepy. She seemed relieved now that she knew for sure that they had come from me.

Her eyes were sparkling again and she went to the living room. I followed after her and immediately noticed the incredible view. The ocean, the beach, the distance. Fascinated by the view I sat down beside here on the couch. I couldn`t stop to admire the view. We were silent for a while and I was sure she enjoyed that view too.

“Where did you learn cooking like that?” her question interrupted me in my thoughts. I needed a moment to answer her question.

“My former employer insisted on teambuilding workshops and one of those was a cooking course.

After that I had found a new interest, something that called me down after a stressful day, where you no longer had control over your schedule. It was good to come home and do something relaxing. I did experiment a lot and that is how it all started.” She did listen attentively. The look on her face told me that she was impressed. When she said that she will never be able to cook something eatable by experimenting I had to laugh. Did she seriously thought that all of my crazy ideas were eatable? No, I had to clear that up. “It wasn`t delicious all the time, to be honest somethings weren`t eatable at all.”

Once I said it she exploded in laughter. I couldn`t leave it I had to laugh with her. Her laugh was simply contagious. It wasn`t a fake laugh. It was a laugh from the bottom of her heart. So light and refreshing as the laughter of a child. It was beautiful. It made her beautiful. Not that she was ugly looking, beauty was not just outer appearance for me, beauty is something you radiate and it was exactly what she radiated in that moment. As open and relieved she was right now I wasn`t scared of asking any wrong question.

“What made you move here?” I had asked the question and I didn`t regret it. Although she did seem to escape into her thoughts, to think about what to say, I got an answer. An answer I didn`t expected, because she did move here for similar reasons as I did. But opposed to me she didn`t had a childhood where she could develop her own personality. She had been a puppet of this whole theater from the beginning on and obviously nobody had noticed how much she had been suffering from having to be perfect all the time. It is already hard to be perfect around strangers to not make any mistakes, but having to be perfect in your own home around the people who should love you unconditionally, not making any mistake, this pretty much describes the life of a goldfish in a glass bowl. She must have felt as if she was drowning and I could understand why she wanted to escape from all this and admired her for taking this step. I had taken the same step three years ago and had lost all of my friends by doing so. I had already broken with my family years before that so I knew exactly how she must have been feeling right now. She also didn`t knew what to do with this new personal liberty.

Exactly as I had in the past and when I thought about it I haven`t done any of the things I wanted to do once I had moved here. Now I was completely sure that she was from the other end of the city, although she hadn`t said it yet. Maybe I should ask her anyway?

“So you are from the other end of the city?” I hear myself asking. She confirmed my question and seemed a bit more distant again. Did she think she had made a mistake? Before she even tried to live a life outside of here comfort zone.

My curiosity was endless. We had so much in common and somehow I got the feeling that that wasn`t it. But if she regret her decision this could pretty fast become the end.

“Do you like it here?” I asked her.

Her answer was short but I understood from it that she liked it but that she didn`t know how to put it in words. She stayed silent after her answer, looked out of the window. I gave her this moment of time that she seemed to need. It wasn`t uncomfortable or embarrassing. It was something special, something I had never experienced in my life yet.

“Are you from here?” she had taken her eyes from the incredible view and was looking at me. Like her I had to think for a little while before I was able to answer her. Of course I could have just answered `no` but she had given me an honest answer and I would do the same.

“I moved here three years ago. I had a very stressful job. The entourage was very superficial and after seven years I was sick and tired of being reduced on my apartment, my car and my suit. So I did escape. Escaped from my everyday life. I wanted to see something new. And this place here is so far away from what I was used to that I thought it would be perfect for a fresh start.” She had listened curiously. She had looked me in the eyes and listened. After I had told her my story I saw that something had changed. We had a connection. A connection that I had already noticed when she told me her story and now she was able to feel it herself. I got a lot of my questions answered but there was still one thing I wasn`t sure about and that was her insecurity.

“Is it the fresh start that makes you so insecure?” Emma looked up. Looked me into the eyes and then out of the window while answering my question. She had the feeling of being lost, not knowing who she is. She had so many things she wanted to do once she had started all over but she didn`t even knew how to do them. I had a similar list of things I wanted to do but then I got lost in surfing and never started to do all of the things.

Maybe the time has come now. The time to work on ones dreams.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Christmas Look - MAC eyeshadows only!

Hi everyone!

With Christmas right around the corner we all need to figure out what to wear, what we will be doing with our hair and make up. So for today I thought I`d share with one of the looks I am planning on wearing for christmas eve and hope it will inspire you. It is inspired by the colours I think of when thinking of Christmas, which is gold and red mainly.
Before I usually do my make up I wash my face with my daily face wash by Dermalogica. As my skin tends to get very dry during winter I will use a daily exfoliater and my moisturizer. After that I would usually apply my Primer. I am using the MAC Prep and Prime Skin Primer, but as always when I am using glittery eyeshadows, which I of course will do (hello it is Christmas!) I start with my eyes. I first prime my eyes with an eyeprimer, you can use any primer you prefer, I usually just use my MAC Pro longwear concealer in the shade NW 20 (but you do your shade of course). I lightly pad it all over my lid and up to the bridge of my nose.

I then went in with MAC- Soft Brown and dusted it with a fluffy Brush by (Zoeva) into my upper crease as a transition colour. I then went in with MAC- Swiss Chocolate using a different brush than before and put it lightly into my lower crease and the outer edge of my eye. I then went back in with the brush from before and blended it all together so that I had no harsh lines. I went a second time in with Swiss Chocolate and put a bit more of it on the upper part of my lower lid and the outer corner and blended it again (remember no harsh line).
After that lets get the glitter on. I personally use my fingers as I always feel it is more pigmented than when I am using a brush, plus it is faster. So now really on to the glitter. I first added MAC- Goldmine all over my lower lid and especially into the inner corner. To the outer corner of my lower lid and the middle I added MAC- Amber lights. I then went in again with my first brush and a bit of Swiss Chocolate on it and start to blend it all together in my crease.
Before I continued on with my eyes I did my base. Priming my skin first with MAC Prep and Prime Skin.
Today I went in with my L`Oreal Perfect Match Foundation (I use the shade Vanilla) applying it with my Buffer Brush from Zoeva. As usually I had put some MAC Fix+ on my brush as I feel it so much easier to apply my foundation on my dry skin and I just love the finish. After applying an even layer of foundation all over my face I applied MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW 20) under my eyes (in a triangle shape) on the sides of my nose, the top of my nose, my forhead and my chin. I blended it in with a damp sponge. Under my eyes I usually blend from outer corner to inner corner down on the side of my nose to the outer corner of my eye back to the inner corner in dapping motions. After that I set my under eye area, my forhead, nose and chin with MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder, first dapping it on then dusting the excess of in circular motions.
Now back to my eyes to putting it all together. I went in with a small angled brush applying swiss chocolate to my lower lashline (only half way from the outer corner to the inner corner), from the inner corner to the middle of my lower lashline I put Goldmine and then blended all together with a fluffy brush and a bit of Soft Brown on it. Last but not least I put MAC- Shroom on my browbone and the inner corner of my eye. I then put a black liner onto my waterline and coated both upper and lower lashes with Benefit-Bad Gal Mascara in black.
I didn`t really contour. But I put a bit of Benefit-Hoola Bronzer on my cheeks and a bit lower and on my temples. As a rouge and highlight (for me it just works both ways) I used Mineralize Blush in Improvise.
As a lipstick I have to options. The first one is the one you see on top, a red lip, using MAC-Ruby Woo Lipstick with Benefit-Benetint on top.

Second option is a darker lip, using NYX Lip Pencil in Plum all over my lips with Manhattan Soft Rouge Lipsticks in 650 Ra-Ra Raspberry which you see on the left.

That is my completed look. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more Make-Up looks in the future.
Enjoy this beautiful glittery time of the year and see you soon.


Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY Christmas Cards

Hi everyone!

So today I want to give you some ideas on how to make homemade cards and other options.

You have probably heard  me talk about my toiletpaperroll cards in one of my previous DIY posts. Well for Christmas these "Tag Cards" are amazing.
You press the roll down so that it is flat. Glue some paper of your choice around it (preferably Christmas themed one). While you leave that to dry you can make the drag out tag which should match your card in colour and style. You need to punch in a whole into one end of it and add a band to it so it is easy to drag out. You can decorate the tag with stamps or with a handwritten message.
Now on to decorating the "roll". I added here a read and white design on it first with a stamped christmas message. I stamped snowflakes on white paper, cut them out and put them with little glue pillows on the card to create a 3D effect, I did the same with the santa which I coloured before I cut him out. After that I  added some crystal stones in different colours to it. Punched to whole into the top and closed the card there with the same band that I used for the tag.
You can create many individual cards like that in different colours, with different decorations.

Another option which still is personal and creative but less time consuming is designing your cards online and to order them. There are great offers out there, lots of designs and you can add photos of yourself to them to make them more personal. Of course you then get as many cards of those as you want to order and can give them to everyone you need to give a card to or send them out. I like those too and I always have those for the people I am only sending wishes to. But for those I give gifts to I like the individual tag cards more.

What cards do you like to give for Christmas? Do you give away cards for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.
See you soon


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 21

Dinner had been delicious and I am still surprised about Scotts` cooking skills. The fruit salad had been a fresh and light dessert. I wish I could have served him the perfect dinner but somehow I was completely untalented when it came to cooking.

Scott didn`t seem to be angry about it. We cleaned up the table and I noticed that he didn`t had much of his wine. Maybe he didn`t like wine and the surprise baskets weren`t from him after all. Shall I offer him a beer?

I opened the fridge and took out two bottles of beer, passing one on to him. He took it thankfully and we both had to laugh. I could have come up with this idea earlier but I just assumed that he was the one sending the baskets. Now that I started to think that the baskets might come from another person I find it a bit creepy. But to make sure I do not freak out about nothing I could simply ask him.

“Were you the one who send me the baskets and surprises on Tuesdays?”, I just had to know it. Know that they came from him and not from somebody else. Once he answered “Yes” I was able to breathe out, relieved.

“You seemed sad and it didn`t looked as….as if you knew someone here. I thought you would cheer up about it”, he explained himself. I had to smile. This was the first time that I could notice that he was insecure too and it felt good as it made him so human.

“No worries, they really cheered me up. I just wasn`t a hundred percent sure about you sending them and if…”

“And if they had been from someone else it would have been creepy?” he asked.

I nodded. It would have been creepy as I didn`t know anyone here except of him. The friends I had would have never entered this area of the city, with Liz as an exception. Liz had accepted that I needed some space and time to myself to figure everything out. Liz wouldn`t called me unless I had reached out to her first. So the baskets would have never been from her. But now I was relieved. I thanked him once again. Then I went into the living room and Scott followed me. We both set down on the couch.

I noticed how fascinated he was by the view from the living room and I let him enjoy it for a moment. Usually I didn`t felt the need of asking or talking too much. As a child I was often told I would talk and ask too much, so I stopped doing so.

Maybe this newfound curiosity belonged to my new me, or better said my old real me. I didn`t know and to be honest I didn`t care. Scott was nice, polite, fun. I did feel joy and happiness after a long time of being in a dark place, what could have been wrong about that. What could have been wrong about showing interest in something or someone, I did never understand that.

“Were did you learn cooking like that?” I heard myself asking. Scott explained me how. First a cooking class and then interest. It seemed as if he did teach himself most if it by experimenting after he went to the cooking class. I thought that was so fascinating. “If I would experiment it would never taste that good”, I had thought loud. Once I had said it Scott started to laugh out loud. “It wasn`t always delicious something wasn`t even eatable” he tried to calm me down and we both started to laugh.

“What made you move here?” he asked me. The question was legitimate and I knew I would have needed to answer it sooner or later. I guess I would have preferred later. I was thinking, searching for the right words, I wasn`t sure if there even was a right or wrong.

Either he was one of these never-failing people, who always do great, or he was one of those people who knew that doing the right thing isn`t always the right thing for everybody. From what I know of him so far I considered him being one of the latter, so I started answering.

“I needed a fresh start. I needed to get out of my old life. I couldn`t be me. To be honest, I do not really know who I really am. Not in the meaning of amnesia. I could never live my life, be myself, do me. I was never able to figure out what fun means to me, what I need to be happy. It was normal that we only left the house in particular clothes, it was normal that I had to learn how to play tennis and how to golf. I always knew what I could say and what I might not say. I had to behave as the standard. Never come home drunk from parties, never risk a scandal.” I took a little break. “And now I do not really know what to do with that,” I continued.

“So you are from the other end of the city?” he asked less wondering than I expected.

“Yes I am from the other end of the city…” I confirmed.

“Do you like it here?” he asks curious.

“Yes, I do. It is more quiet than I expected, peacefully…” I couldn`t describe it better, but all in all I liked it.

For a while we didn`t talk, we just enjoyed the view. How did he knew so much about the other end of the city? Usually people from there didn`t come here and the other way around and if they did they were exceptions.

“Are you from here?” I asked him. As I expected he wasn`t from this part of the city. He explained me, why he had moved here and I listened fascinated. We had similar motives and somehow I felt a connection through that. Maybe that was what I had felt when I met him the first time. He wanted to know if it is because of the new situation that made me feel insecure.

“It is not necessarily the fresh start it is more the feeling of not knowing who I am. And to be honest I do not really know how to figure that out. There are so many things that I would like to do from which I think I would enjoy them, have fun. And even if I wouldn`t enjoy them I would at least know what I like and what I don`t like. But then again I do not know how to do these things.”

He looked at me reflective and then starred out the window.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Stressless Christmas Gift shopping!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is right around the corner. To be honest it is my favourite time of the year. All this beautiful christmas smells (cinnamon, oranges) I just love it.
What I never loved was all the people around me worrying about gift shopping, stressing until the last day. I was luckily never one of these people and I thought why should you? Shouldn`t you be enjoying all this? So I thought I share how my christmas gift planning and buying process is going on.
First things first you need to know how you will have to buy gifts for and that is

#1 Make a list of the persons you need to buy gifts for.
I usually start doing this right after christmas because I am having around 20 people I am gifting each year, so that would be about 1 to 2 gifts per month. Thinking of what money you are having as a student buying one gift per month is for me the best option to stay in my monthly budget.
Once you have the list of the people you are gifting (and I really recommend writing every single name down) I go on to step

#2 Making gift ideas. Now I usually sit down and thing person by person
What am I willing to spend?
What might this person be wishing for?
How can I keep it in my budget?
After considering these three questions you might already have a gift idea that you can write behind the persons name. Now onto step

#3 The actual part of buying gifts. So I usually keep this list with the names and ideas somewhere in my bag so that when I am out in the city I take it out and have a quick look at it. If I see something that could be a great gift and it is in my monthly budget I buy it. Back home I pack it with a nametag on and cross it of my list.

Now this usually helps me with not stressing about having to buy gifts one day before christmas. Now as you read this we are already in december and christmas is just 17 days away so these steps might not apply for this year, but maybe for the next.
What you can do to not stress about it this year is:

#1 Sit down with a cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee and make a list of people you need to buy gifts for.

#2 Make gift ideas, consider the questions I mention above for each and every person.

#3 is different from point three above but so helpful. With your gift ideas you might also have an idea in which stores you will get the specific gifts, so write that behind the gift.

#4 After the list is detailed ready think of when and in which order to visit these stores. Take your list with you and cross off every gift you buy so that you are having control over it.

I hope this tips helps you a bit to make it a less stressful time and to enjoy it.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Homemade Caramel Marzipan Hot Chocolate

Hi everyone!

Today I have something yummy for you!
This is amazing for all of you who love their hot chocolate but want to give it a touch of Christmas.
For this you will need:

Cocoa Powder (I use a dark one about 80%)
Milk (I use Coconut Milk as I am lactose free)
Whipped Cream (I used whipped coconut cream)
Caramel Syrup (the very liquid one not the topping one)
Marzipan (I used baking marzipan)
optional: Honey or Maple Syrup

So first you measure your milk in the Mug you will use and will add it to a sauce pan. You will warm the milk up and then styr in the cocoa powder, as my powder is very rich in taste I only used about about 2 teaspoons or 1 Tablespoon. You will need to styr until everything is smoothe and well blended. Then I added the Caramel Syrup and a little bit of Marzipan (just taste in between and see if you need to add more). As my cocoa powder is very bitter I added a tiny bit of maple syrup (or honey, do as you prefer) and styred everything well together. When the marzipan is dissolved you can add your Hot Chocolate to your Mug. Add the cream on top, drizzel some Caramel Syrup (or honey) over it and decorate with a bit of Marzipan.
And Bon Appetit your Homemade Caramel Marzipan Hot Chocolate is reading to be enjoyed.

I hope you like it. Leave me a comment below if you tried it and what you think of the taste.
See you soon


Friday, December 4, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 20

She really invited me to dinner. That came surprisingly. We had just started walking away when I noticed that I still needed to bring my board away. I explained her that I had to bring it over to the beach kiosk quickly. She came with me, looked a bit confused, but didn`t say a word.

She wasn`t saying a word on the way to her house and so I didn`t say anything either. Maybe she had already regret inviting me and just didn`t know how to get out of the situation, but her smile said something else. As the last time she entered the house through the backdoor. She took Balus leash and harness and went with it into the hall just to come back without them. I sat down at the table because I didn`t really know what to do. She opened the fridge and took some onions and apples out.

I raised my eyebrows surprised because what would she be doing with apples and onions. On the apples carrots, salad, salmon, a pineapple and bananas followed. Was she maybe searching for something special in the fridge? Or didn`t she know how to cook und this was just a desperate attempt? What did Kim say?

“She always orders a salad, guessing she can`t cook.”

Lastly she took some cream out of the fridge. Now I was pretty sure that she didn`t know how to cook. She looked at me and raised her shoulders while she put on a shy smile. I continued watching her amused. She started to search for pans. It was obvious that she had never cooked in her kitchen before or in any kitchen. She was searching all over her kitchen for pans, knifes and cutting boards.

She was standing relatively helpless in front of the kitchen counter. When she took a big breath in I could hear myself say “Shall I help you?” She broke out in loud and warm laughter and immediately took the offer. Her laughter was infectious. It was a carefree, heartfelt laughter. She was laughing with all of her heart. She laughed so hard, that she teared up. I knew exactly what I wanted to cook with all that. She could cut the fruit for the fruit salad that we would have for dessert while I would be doing the potato gratin with herbed salmon.

I sorted the grocery exactly that way in front of the cutting boards and started to cut. I had to smile several times when I saw how unskilled she was cutting the fruits. She had an extra cutter for the pineapple as well as for the apple. She obviously had never been into a kitchen before. This showed me that she wasn`t from here, because most people from here wouldn`t be able to eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner. What was she working with? She barely leaves the house so it must be something she can do from home. She had cut all fruits and filled them in the bowl. I will put some lemon juice over them so that the banana and the apples won`t turn brown. As if I was at home I went to the fridge and got a lemon, cut it in half and juiced them over the other fruits. She was looking at me fascinated while I was cooking. Somehow it made me feel uncomfortable but for me this was not a big thing doing compared to a person who had never been in a kitchen. She started to set the table while I was taking care of the salmon. In between I had explained her something after I had seen her confused look, which was kind of cute. She asked if I wanted to have some wine, but added at the same time, that she didn`t knew much about wine, but that she still had a bottle. I wondered if she meant the bottle that I had given to her on one of the Tuesdays. I said yes to the wine and when she came back with the bottle I saw that it was the wine I had given to her in one of the baskets. While I continued to cook I noticed how she was observing me, but at the same time she looked totally lost in her thoughts. Her gaze was distant but at the same time it was fixed on my person.

But as she was completely lost in her thoughts, she didn`t notice that dinner was ready and that I had already served it. I poured the wine into the glasses and gave her a sign to sit down. I must have dragged her completely out of her thoughts. She apologizes and tried to explain herself, but she didn`t had to because I helped her out first.

She seemed to loosen up. We sat down and started eating. I could tell by the look of her face that she liked the food and her sounds proofed it too. I was relieved that she liked it because to be honest I do not cook that often.

Suddenly I asked the question, that I had been on my mind since she started to put the groceries out of the fridge. “You have never cooked before, right?”

She smiled at me her beautiful smile and started to laugh with all of her heart, again.

I liked that she was so ful of joy and light hearted and at the same time she could be so contemplative. Maybe, as she is opening up now, I will get to know her secret, the thing that makes her so sad, that she suddenly turns silent. But right now all I want to know is what made her move here. But on the other hand did I escape to this area of the city as well.

Escape was the right word for my house moving. It was a decision that I took in a day, a stomach feeling. All of my friends judged and laughed about my decision. `You can`t decide something big like this this way. You need to think it through. Calculate it through and not just jump into it, call of your job, sell your apartment including your furniture, pack your things and move to the end of the city, in a suburb where nobody of them would ever set a foot, you can`t just decide it that way.`

I didn`t care. I did it anyways. I was sure that I would find new friends, if they wouldn`t accept my decision and rather make fun of it. If they weren`t able to accept it they weren`t real friends anyways.

But right now I enjoyed my time with a person who still knows what pure joy is, who could feel it with all of her heart and who could show her feelings openly. Someone who didn`t hide her feelings because society wished so.
Something is special about her but I can`t tell yet. I simply can`t find words to describe it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decorating my room for Christmas

Hi everyone!

So Christmas is right around the corner and you may think "How will I decorate this year?".
Well I have already done that by the end of October. Since I went back to university I am pretty short on time and decided to decorate right before my lectures start again, which was by the end of October.
Now let me be honest I love Christmas decorating but I do not like going overboard with it. So I felt the way I decorated this year was more winter based than Christmas based, there is no Santa over my place nor are their any red candles or any extreme lighting. But I was very much looking forward to getting my decoration changed.
So if you have read my post on my DIY Doorframe Shelf- My living room you may have noticed that it is mainly decorated black and white with a tint of light blue and this is also how I like to keep my christmas decoration I just mix it up a bit with grey and silver and on the 24th December I change all the candles to red. My mom never took out the red candles before the 24th and for me it is a tradition to have a waiting colour and a colour for the actual christmas days (I hope this makes sense somehow).
So lets get started decorating.

 So for my table I changed out the flowerpot from white to silver as I feel it is more festive. Of course it is not a typical Christmas plant but I cannot throw out all my plants just because they do not fit into Christmas time. I also switched out my candle. I had a white long candle all summer long without any scent. Now I have this candle in a jar with a vanilla cookie scent. I buy my candles at Ikea because I am on a budget and the smell is not too strong and very natural. So I feel for their price they are fine compared to                                                                                             Yankee Candles for example.
I have also added some tree decoration around the jar to make it look a little bit more festive.
I have switched out my napkins from basic light blue ones to the wonderful white ones with silver moose on.
The little painting and firestick box are my year round decoration that I got from a wonderful friend. It is DIY and I am still trying to figure out how it is done. Once I find it out I will let you know.
So the picture on top is without the candle on and the other one as you can see I lighted the candle.

So for my windows I switched my former very colourful orchid with something that looks more like Christmas. I added some white wooden snowflakes and a little snowman that matches my white and light blue "rule" and of course a white candle (that has no scent). I went with a glas candle holder as it is one of the cheapest, most simple but yet so classy ones I found at Ikea (yes it is my favourite store when it comes to buying decoration stuff).

So for my window decoration I used simple wooden decoration. One is a star and one is a little tree. I have to apologize for the bad lighting but I hope you can imagine how they look. The colour is a lighter blue one as you can see in the picture on the left a bit better.

They are very simple and I feel they are calling more for winter time than christmas time.
On to the next thing I changed up a bit.

Normally I have some candles and a flower on this one and my glasses and some photos in it. As you can see now. I put my little fake christmas tree on top of it which is decorated with the same tree decoration as I put around the candle in a jar on my table. I hung some glass tree decoration on the outside of my glass case which looks like little chrystals. Inside the case I put one small candle in a jar and some DIY wind candle for a bit of lighting. I usually would not do that but as this case isn`t closed completely and air can enter I feel safe doing so.

For my shelf I went with a silver plate with a white candle on it and the same tree decoration as before. I put a little moose on the side of the middle shelf and put a candle on each of them matching my white and grey scheme. (The painting you see is one I made in a hurry and I am not sure about hanging it up yet). The big white candle is not scented but the other two candles are also having the vanilla cookie scent.

Now this a shelf you know if you have checked out the post mentioned above. I added the same moose as on the shelf before. I added a lighted ball and that is basically it. I alsways have the candles in it and the angle and little chocolate dog as well. So not much new there, but as I said earlier I do not like to overdo it.

So last but not least I added a little snowman on to my DVD shelf and switched the lamp from the flower pattern to its Christmas schemed shade. The candle is a scented candle as well (Cranberry) which smells great in combination with the vanilla cookie scent. I basically just put the candle into a jar with some glass pearly things that I found in a decoration store for about 2 Euros.

So this was basically it. I do not decorate my bedroom or my office as I do not see any meaning in it. I work in my office and I sleep in my bedroom so I wouldn`t be able to enjoy it anyways.
But I hope you enjoyed this post and could find some inspiration.
If you want to leave me a comment below and I will see you soon.