Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Doorframe Bookshelf - My living room!

Hi everyone!

So today I want to share with you how we made this bookshelf. I need to say we as I am not very talented with building things. My thing is more crafting, decorating and coming up with ideas.
So our house had a lot of doors that in my opinion were useless. All rooms are reachable from the doorway so way make connect two rooms beside each other with another door. I felt this took up a lot of space where I could have put up a shelf or a sofa or something, so I decided to close some of them and make them useful. So this is the one in my living room, which functions now as a bookshelf.

What you will need for this is pretty simple. I used:
- one big white wooden "plate" in the size of the doorframe. We closed it with this from the other room.
- two types of wallpapers in the same size. As you can see one shows Marilyn Monroe and the other one New York. I went with black and white here as this matches my decorations and fit in perfectly with my other decorations. Also if I would repaint the living room in another colour than the light blue it would still fit in. (But you are of course free to choose any kind of wallpaper you like)
- wallpaper glue that works on wood and some brushes to get the air out under the wallpapers when you glue them to the surface
- you will also need a pen to mark off where to cut the wallpaper and something you can cut it with (scissor, craftingknife, etc.)
- the last thing we bought where the "shelf floors", we premeasured the size and bought them cut to our measurements
- you will also need these "L-shaped" thingys that will hold your shelf floors in place

Since I am not very handy I asked a friend to build me this, so I only came up with the idea. I was very happy how it turned out in the end and I am pretty impressed that the shelf holds the weight of the books that well. I decorated with some candles and some other stuff that fit in. During christmas the decoration is of course pretty different, so if you want to know how it looks with the christmas decorations let me know in the comments below and I will set up a post when that time of the year comes.
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How my skin got irritated when I took a shower - Favourite Shower Creme!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about my favourite body wash. I want to let you know how I came in the need of spending that much money on skin care and how this body wash happened to be the only thing that works for me.

So starting at the beginning. With my skin how it was when it still was "normal". I can`t say I have a normal skin as it always was sensitive. I could never wear new unwashed clothes, my skin then started to itch. When a cream was very rich in "fat" it was impossible to work it into my skin and the film it left was causing the same reaction as with the clothes. I tended to dry skin during winter, but that was it. Although you may now think "well that is already enough", I know that that is already enough normally, but what is normal with me, basically nothing (and I do not mean that in a negative way).
So my "bad skin" started about 2 1/2 year ago (around the time when I first noticed symptoms of my autoimmune condition and the skin problem was obviously a symptom too). First I had some dry spots. I blamed wintertime for that and bought a richer bodylotion and a moisturizing body wash from the drugstore. They didn`t help. It seemed to make everything worse. The skin at the dry areas turned pretty dark, which scared me and made me go to the doctor. They prescribed me a wash and a lotion which again didn`t help.
The areas where I would sweat and that had my clothes right on (thinking of a bra) I padded with cotton to make it dry. I used bioil which should help with that but nothing went better.
My mom went to the pharmacy and got me several lotions by LaRoche Posay (by then we had already been through all body butters at the body shop) we got the Iso-Urea Fluid and the Lipikar Baume. As I knew the problem with fatty creams I went for the Iso Urea fluid, which felt great when it was first applied but after a few minutes it felt like small needles sticking into your skin. The Lipikar Baume one burned and with that I was convinced that we will never find out what will stop this hell. By that time I already stopped going out a lot and felt pretty embarrased for how my skin looked as it would spread more and more. Until then I had never thought of that what would be wrong would be my cleaning process. And one day I took a bath instead of a shower and I noticed that that is the point where that burn and itch starts. I also noticed rednesses when I came out and I knew where I had to search. First I left out the creme bath that I usually put into the water. Which felt a little bit better but still with my old body wash it burned and it was red and I was scratching. So we tried different bodywashes for sensitive skin which all and I really mean all of them left my skin even dryer than before. So one day I saw the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Wash and read the reviews about it and thought okay I give it a go what more can I loose?
And basically the answer was nothing. It is amazing. I left all body lotions away. I decided to just test it for about a month to see how it goes. Because some products worked for my skin for a few weeks and then the drying out process would be obvious. But with this one there was nothing negative. At first I thought it is so pricey. But now I must admit that I use it with a sponge and about a walnut sized portion of it is enough to wash my whole body and leave it with an amazing skin feeling. I have people asking me which body lotion I use and all I say is "well I just use that body wash and my skin is like this after using that." So it really is amazing and will definetly stay my alltime favourite. I have it now for about 5months and wasn`t in need of rebuying it and there is still some left. I must admit though that I do not take a bath every day as this is just not working with that dry skin. I also think that during winter I will try the Deep Comfort Body Butter by Clinique to just give my skin something more of a treatment.
Honestly I will never ever try any other product. If you had seen my skin back then you would probably understand it. And it is really exhausting being in a condition like that and it depressed me a lot as I didn`t know what was going on and how to stop it. So I will obviously never risk the health of my skin again.
I can only recommend this one to everyone who has a sensitive dry skin. For me it worked from the first time I used it. That itching was all gone the redness was all gone and the dryness was definetly reduced.

So no matter if you have a sensitive skin, or a dry skin or just want to treat your skin, i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some inspiration on a gift for a friend or family member or on a new product for yourself. If you have sensitive skin too let me know what products work for you and I might consider giving them a try.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Asthma, Allergies and Perfumes - Favourite Perfumes!

Hi everyone!

Today I am back to talk about asthma, allergies and perfumes. Now for those who are not allergic or sensitive to certain smells and scents your question will be how does the term perfume fit into a post about asthma and allergies?
For me it fits perfectly into this topic.
My allergies are as mentioned in post about how I deal with allergies pretty bad. They are that bad that if a certain perfume contains a certain smell I can react on that. I will start itching my nose, eyes and skin. If I have it on my skin even worse. Once I react on that with my nose, I am not far on reacting on it with an asthma attack. So yes depending on which perfume you smell around me I can feel pretty bad. I noticed this the first time when my mom used her favourite scent (Sun by Jil Sander) since that I always ask for perfume testers, take them with me and test them at home for a couple of times. I do not like heavy flowery smells. I like it more sporty and fresh so don`t wonder why you probably do not find the classical scents in this post.
So by doing that I found my six favourite perfumes (one is discontinued so when that is empty I will be left with five).
Starting with the one that is the oldest and also sadly the discontinued one.
Bspot by Benefit I love this one so much. I got it for Christmas several years back. When I figured it was discontinued I left it for special occasions and store it at a cold and dark place so that it won`t go bad. That is why I still have half a bottle left after such a long time of using it.
Bright Crystal by Versace is as you can see nearly empty. I bought a double pack of this one for my mom at a duty free store and liked it as much as she did, so she gave me one bottle and I really used it a lot.
Lovestruck by Vera Wang Is my absolute winter favourite. For me it is a winter only, I feel that it wouldn`t fit me during summer. Maybe it is because the smell immeditaly reminded me of winter I do not know but I love it and would definetly rebuy it. The smell isn`t too strong which I feel is a pro and a con as you will have to refresh it after a few hours. But otherwise I love this one.
Chance by Chanel was actually a gift my dad bought me. I didn`t had the chance to test it before hand but lucky me I am all fine using it. This is probably going to be one of my all time favourites. One of these scents that you will use for decades. I just love love love it. A little bit goes a long way for me one pump is enough and lasts all day. But as I said I do not like strong perfume smells I am not that kind that likes to smell as if you have fallen into the bottle.
Sporty Citrus by Micheal Kors I love the citrus note of it. It is my summer go to as the Vera Wang one is my winter go to. I love the fresh smell and the citrus note is just perfect for summer.
Le Parfum by Elie Saab I so far only have as a bigger tester. I really love it and will definetly add it to my collection for the Bspot by Benefit during the next months. I love the subtile scent I cannot really describe it but I know I love it as much as the Benefit one.

So these six fragrances have never caused me any problems plus they have a smell I like, which is light and fresh and sporty and elegante at the same time. Do you use one of them? Let me know what you think.


Friday, July 24, 2015

My Favourite Everyday Makeup Products

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share some products with you that I use for my everyday makeup. 
I have used most of these products now since I was a teen and they have always stayed my go-to, but of course I have switched up some and there are still some I want to try to find alternatives to.
My makeup is always very natural and simple I have never been one of these girls with drawn eyebrows or a super heavy eye makeup. Of course I go for a stronger eye makeup or a bold lip when I go to a party for example but I never do both as I personally feel that that wouldn`t be me.
Of course if you feel like filling in your eyebrows thats fine, but I just keep things simple.

So to start off I have my morning routine which consists of cleaning my face with my dermalogica cleanser, exfoliating my face and neck with my daily exfoliant from dermalogica and then using my moisturizer from (you guessed it) dermalogica. I also use a special eyecream from them but I have two, depending on how my skin around the eyes is. At the moment my skin around the eyes and my eyelids are pretty dry thanks to allergies, so depending on that I choose my eyecream. Since I tend to dark circles around my eyes I keep my eyecreams in the fridge.

So after I have done that and my moisturizer has set I apply my MAC Prep and Prime which I am now using since I am 16 I think so it is a decade now. I have only rebought it once but that is mainly because I do not do my makeup everyday and when I was younger I do not necessarily needed a primer or a foundation as I had flawless skin back in the days + a little bit goes a long way with this.
After collecting a graveyard of useless foundations for me from drugstore to high-end I finally found my perfect match and by that I really mean perfect, it matches my skin all year around (well I barely get a tan and I do not fake tan). This foundation can even handle my dry skin at the forehead and my oily skin around the nose and you really cannot see that I wear makeup, so my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation (I use the shade B40) is my absolute favourite. I love that a little bit goes a long way and that I can build up the coverage as needed without feeling like having a heavy makeup on my face. I expect that I will only have to rebuy it once a year if not less often.
For concealing under my eyes I use the Clinique Airbrush Concealer I am in a love hate relationship with that one depending on my skin, if my skin around my eyes is pretty dry it is not the best choice, but I figured blending it with my dermalogica eyecream does the job.
I do not use powder often as I like the glow the YSL foundation gives me, especially as it doesn`t looks oily, but of course I have a powder, which is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (in the shade medium dark). I have had this for ages and it feels impossible to empty this product. Today I sometimes use it to contour as my skin has become way to fair to use it as a setting powder (well maybe during summer).
During summer I like to use a little bronzer to not look all dead or like a vampire. Now I must admit that I have one and the same bronzer now for almost a decade, which is Hoola by Benefit. I have always loved it and that I didn`t had to use a lot of it as it is really good pigmented. I must though say that I might try another one when this one is empty, as I do not like that with the new packaging you get less product while for most of the buyers it looks like the same. (Sorry I do not like to be tricked)
As I do not like heavy blush looks, since I tend to rednesses in my cheeks I have always loved Dandelion by Benefit I have bought it together with my bronzer and I have it since then. (Yes some of my products really stay with me for that long). This soft pink is so amazing, but for the same reason as with Hoola I am looking for different products and that is how I came to try the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in the shade Heather Pink, which I find to be such a pretty pink (I would say a colder pink, but that is exactly what I wanted). I would say it is similar to dandelion but I like it a little bit more. It is even more pigmented I think so I need less and the packaging is so much more practical for the handbag. 
Now on to the eyes. By now probably everyone has figured that I have sensitive eyes and during summer I barely put anything on my eyes as they tend to itch and at the end you look like a racoon. So why this products last me so long is I mainly use them off allergy season as I hate waterproof makeup.
But I found these too to be pretty awesome even in heat and during allergy season. So I thought I mention them.
My absolute favourite Mascara for over a decade now is the BadGal Mascara by Benefit. I have really long and thick eyelashes by nature and I do not like my lashes sticking to each other in a feathery way if that makes sense. I still want them to look natural and that is exactly what this Mascara does for me. One good coat is often enough for me.
And my last go-to product for my everyday routine is by Malu Wilz I think it is called the Kajal Design Liner, but I am not sure. It is in the shade no.12 which is like a pretty dark metal grey, it has the little sponge for smudging at the end which does a great job. It is definetly a product I only use when I go for a heavier look but it is one of the softest eyepencils I have ever had and I just love it.

So that were my favourite products for a natural every day makeup. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is in my bag?

Hi everyone!

So today I thought I make a quick post about what I carry along in my handbag with me everyday.
Jenny from jennys-beauty-mania is showing you the inside of her bag today as well so check her blog too if you want to.

So if I would show you everything I carry around with me on some days you would be still reading this post in a week. So I kept it to the essentials. These are only the things that come with me every day. The products I really need or better say I feel I need them, I probably do not need all of them.

So starting with my little "Bio true" bag. This is the bag for my contact lenses stuff. It comes with a little mirror, a travel sized bottle of contact lense solution and a case for my contact lenses. It is pretty practical and keeps the stuff clean and it won`t get lost in the deep mysteries of a womans handbag. I love that travel sized set especially since you can use the bio true contact lense solution as eye drops too. Mentioning that there is another product I include in this extra bag which are the refresh contact eye drops. I only need those during summer as my eyes get pretty dry due to allergies. So to not make my soft contact lenses dry out and fall out of my eyes I keep these with me and use them when I feel I have to. I also keep a nostral spray with me in case allergies get pretty bad and during winter when the air tends to be pretty dry.
Three other products I always take with me are:
- a hand desinfection gel
- a desinfection tissue
- and a travel sized bag of intim wipes or baby wipes (depending on which type they have in travel size)
Now people are often saying I am obsessed with desinfection stuff and well maybe I am. I tend to catch every cold even if a person with a cold just walks by. So I hate touching doors with my hands in public areas and that counts the same for public toilets. So these products are essential for me. So the Hand desinfection is a must after leaving the toilet and before eating. The desinfection tissue isn`t actually for me. I have it with me to clean the public toilet before I use it (now you are allowed to call me crazy). The travel sized bag of intim wipes is for the case that there is no toiletpaper at a public toilet or the very cheap one that I do not want to use. So I find I cannot leave the house without these three things. I have left the house without my phone but I have never left the house without these three products.

Now on to the more fun and maybe more normal products I carry along.
During summer I find a deodorant essential. I use a role on since I found it more enviromental friendly and practical. I use the adidas ones now for several years and my skin really loves them and I love the smell.
I also carry a small perfume tester of the parfume I use with me. During summer I mainly use Sporty Citrus by Micheal Kors, which you will see in another post is one of my favourite scents.
The travel sized handcream I use is the hand cream by L`Occitane. I have been using this since three years and during winter I neglect to use another one. During summer I switch to a cheaper one like the one from Neutrogena but usually it is the L`Occitane one.
I am obsessed with my teeths, as you can see I have dental floss with me which is way more handy than a tooth pick.
Last product I have with me is the Bee Natural lip balm pomegranate. I love this product during summer but during winter I always have vaseline with me as my lips need a richer lip care.

So these are things I always have with me, some you might find in your bag too, some you may find crazy, but that is how I am. What is in your handbag? What products are you obsessed with?


Monday, July 20, 2015

Reading Amanda Knox`s Waiting to be heared!

Hi everyone!

As you can see in my last post I was reading Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox.
Today after only three days I have finished it. It was very moving and shocking but at the same time I have learned so much. I do not want anybody reading this to make up their mind about guilty or not guilty like I said in my last post. For me it wasn`t about that or maybe it was somehow. Following this case on the news on TV we got thrown from is she guilty or isn`t she but what was pretty clear to me over all these years was that something was going terribly wrong. So when I decided to read this book I of course already had a bit of an opinion but I mainly wanted to understand what happened there. I was also pretty critical when I was reading it because I think because of all the back and forth who knows the truth and it was still just her side of the story.
I didn`t thought that this book would have such a big impact on me, but it did have. I even need to admit that during some parts I teared it up. Some things made me creep.
I wondered why I felt this way reading this and it accured pretty fast to me that this could have been me.
I also went into another country at the age of twenty, compared to her I went away as an aupair I stayed with a family. But thinking of it, I didn`t know much about the country I went to, I didn`t knew the language and culture. These were all things I had planned to learn there. Just like her. Compared to Italy Norway is a country where people are fluent in english and I know I could have explained myself to people. People do not expect big emotions from you in Norway. In Italy they do and I know that. But compared to Amanda, I am European I know what we say about the cultures of other European countries, but still if I had gone to Italy, this could have happened to me. I think that was the most shocking thing for me reading this. And I think that was why I was immediatly that much into the book, that I couldn`t stop reading.
I am usually not an emotional person, I try to hide my emotions especially in public, this was something she did as well and thinking of what the media and the state attorney made out of that kind of behaviour I was even more in shock and was even more thinking this could have happened to me.
Nevertheless I do not want to digg too deep into it right now.
For me after reading this and all the things I heared in the news it is clear to me that there could still run a guilty person around free because of the mistakes that have been made by forensics and police and the state attorney and these mistakes should have never been made. Regardless of that this book has teached me that as much as you would wish to help in a situation like this, as much should you think of yourself and your personal freedom and rather consult a lawyer and then figure out you do not need one than not and getting yourself into a situation like she found herself in.
As I said putting all opinion on wether she is guilty or not aside, this book is still teaching life lessons that really are useful in todays world. I was naiv too when I went away as an aupair. Thankfully I went into a safe country where crime was pretty low and I learned a lot about the country from my hostparents who guided me through the things I needed to know.But reflecting back on it I probably should have known more about the country I was going to move to before I did so.
Anyways thinking of her as not guilty and thinking of this could have happened to me and that all the feelings she described having during the time of being in prison and figuring out what was going on I keep feeling that the crime that was done to her shouldn`t have happened at all. And everything I learned and took from her story will probably help me growing up a bit more and not being as naiv as I am sometimes.
So I am pretty positive about recommending reading this book no matter what you think about the case. I am also positive I am going to reread it although I found it pretty tough at some points but it was definetly worth reading.

So maybe you find you should read it now or maybe you consider it some other day. I was just so moved by this that I had to share my opinion about it and what I experienced by reading it. So I hope you do not mind me taking up a critical book.


My summer reads

Hi everyone!
Summer is a great time to read, although the same counts for winter I see a difference in what I read during summer and what I read during winter. There is definetly more romance and autobiography on my list during summer. During winter I tend to read everything that is on the "dark side" but I won`t give too much away on my list for winter right now.
I am usually reading in three languages: german, english and norwegian. I will here try to name the english titles.
So I thought I start in the order I read the books from my list this year and how I will continue reading them.

Crow Girl (1), Hunger Fire (2) and Pythia`s Instructions (3) by Erik Axl Sund
So since I started to read the first part of this trilogy at the end of winter I took a bit of the dark side with me to summer. Erik Axl Sund have done a great job here with there story about Victoria Bergman but I have never read something that had such a heavy topic and that disgusted me in a way that I said "okay now I need to take a break from reading Thrillers". This has never happened before and trust me when I say I have read a lot of Thrillers. But this one really hit the most disgusting, irritating and confusing button. Don`t get me wrong they are really good and I was hooked from the first page, yes there have been times when I was confused and thought "well who`s perspective is this now" but I always figured it out and was amazed about the effect that had. It was worth reading but for me personally a touch too brutal.

Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi
The next book I read is a book I read every spring. As a Tone it up girl in progress I of course have my issues, but this book always reminds me that the most important thing is do be able to be yourself, to love yourself the way you are and that nothing in the world should ever give you the feeling to destroy your health by an unhealthy way of loosing weight. Yes I want to look fit and feel comfortable in my body, but I by no means want to look skinny in an unhealthy way. So every time in spring when I panic thinking about not fitting into that bikini, not looking great in a summer dress Portia De Rossi`s story is there to remind me of what really is important. What a wrong bodyimage can do to us, our souls and our happy lives. Yes society might think you are to heavy or you do not look great in that dress, but society never knows your beautiful heart. So that is why this book will forever be on my summer reading list (I have read it now the third time). As sad as her story is, as much strength it gives other women dealing with body issues. So definetly worth reading.

White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
This book was actually given to me by my mom. She recommended it with a hint to the beautiful use of language. And it really was beautiful. Not too heavy to read as the usual Dostoyevsky and since it was a lovestory pretty fun too. The book is pretty short so I read it in two days in between some appointments. So if you want to read a classic book I can really recommend this one.

The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder
Second time I read this book by Jostein Gaarder. I wasn`t a fan of Sophie`s World by him as I am not much into philosophy but The Orange Girl is a complete difference. I read it the first time when I was in 12th grade and fell in love with this book. It is written so beautiful and the story really made its way into my heart. Great book for summer. Especially if you are going to a park and do not want to carry something heavy around. 

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
As you will see I am an absolute Fan of Nicholas Sparks movies. Great stories, good looking actors, what more could you ask for when you just want to watch a movie. I heared that The Longest Ride had the same high expectations as the Notebook and was eager to see the movie, but since I do not want to cry in public I have to wait until it is out on DVD in Germany which won`t be before fall. So I decided to read the book in the meantime. Which was a great choice. You get to love stories in one, the one of Ruth and Ira (who plays in the past) and the one of Sophia and Luke (who plays now). I loved how you could see parallels and although I am a bit scared to maybe be disappointed when I see the movie I won`t regret reading the book.

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
Well who ever thought I would read two Nicholas Sparks in a row. But it happened. Mainly because this one promised some serious action and not in a romantic way more in a creepy stalker way.
I never thought that Nicholas Sparks actually could pull off some serious thriller elements but he did and he balanced the romantic storyline perfectly with the thriller storyline. So while all the people around me always tell me I need more romance and less crime in my bookshelf I can now officially say I got the romance and my favourite genre in one. Really worth reading and you would have never expected that from Nicholas Sparks. But if you love the traditional Nicholas Sparks then stick to those.

Now at the moment I am actually reading three books at the same time. Or I should better say, I got a bit bored of Nicholas Sparks and wanted a thriller and started reading one, but then I bought Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox and after reading the Prologue I couldn`t stop. I read all night and I will probably be finished reading the book in one or two days.
So next book on my list:
Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox
Now I guess we have all seen it on TV and we probably all thought "What is going on there?". Guilty, not guilty, guilty again and then finally not guilty. Now we do not know all the facts but since I have grown up in germany my understanding of law might be slightly different than the one of Italian authorities. Never the less I wanted to read her story, wanted to see it through her eyes and maybe wanted to understand how all this could have happened. From what I have read so far, this could have happened to everyone of us who are rational and don`t like to show emotions in public. To people who always try to look fine, pulled together and in control of their things. To people who go to live into a country which they didn`t know, which cultures and behaviours and languages we do not understand. And that pretty much shocks me. I do not want to make my mind up wether she is innocent or not, but which seems to be clear is that someone definetly ignored her rights and didn`t tell her about her rights when it actually would have been there job. It is definetly worth reading because this could have happened to everyone.

Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I have started reading this one two days before I started the book by Amanda Knox so I cannot say much to it unless that I am looking forward to read it as soon as possible. The story sounds pretty good to me. So I guess I have to wait and see if I put my expectations too high or too low.

I want to read the other books on my reading list in the following order:

The best of me by Nicholas Sparks
I have seen the movie not long before I started reading it and I think I got bored because it seems to be really different from the movie so I took it aside for a while and then will start reading Amandas and Dawsons story after some Thriller time.

Mofongo by Cecilia Samartin
This is the last book on my list for this summer. I have been given this book by the first hostmother I had when I was an aupair. We are still friends and she always picks great books. For me it is a great training of keeping my norwegian language skills on top. 
I found the following description of the book:
“Mofongo” is about creating heaven on earth, and learning how to listen with your heart. Readers will come away with a renewed appreciation for life and the delicious realization that a meal prepared with love not only feeds the body, it nurtures the soul.
I found this description so wonderful and perfectly for the end of summer. Taking all positivity and gratitude with me to fall. Keeping up the good stuff in life. I am really looking forward to reading this book.

Maybe you have read some of these, maybe you found some inspiration on what to read next. Anyway I hope you like it and let me know what you are reading this summer? What books can you recommend? Let me know in the comments, I am always up for a good read.


Friday, July 17, 2015

Clinique Even Better Makeup Review

Hi everyone!
So together with my Tone it up accountability partner Jenny from jennys-beauty-mania I tested the Clinique even better makeup in the shade neutral. Since we both have different opinions about this product definetly go to her blog to check out her opinion too.

First to my skin: I have dry skin on my forehead, some pigmentations around my mouth, redness on my cheeks and my nose (thanks allergies), my skin is very sensitive and especially when it comes to makeup and cosmetics I can easily react allergic. So I was pretty careful trying a new product. I do not have any breakouts usually.

Before I applied the foundation I used my Dermalogica Moisturizer and my MAC Primer and I let both set for some time.

With this foundation I must say in advance that every pro came with a con except when it came to the shade as that matched perfectly. With that said I will always start with the pro and then tell you the con for me.
So applying the foundation I must say was okay, I applied it with my foundation brush from zoeva and found it was similar applying this foundation than my usual YSL Touche Eclat. A little bit goes a long way. I would say the amount I used for my whole face was about the size of  5 Cent, so a little bit really goes a long way. I had to work it in a bit with my fingers too. What I didn`t like about it was the consistancy it felt a bit like glue and that was also the feeling I had when it started to set. I felt as if it was plugging my pores and that it was pretty heavy and that my skin couldn`t breathe. I first blamed the medium coverage for it, which is great and definetly a pro but I do not actually need that kind of coverage.
Saying this it looked great but it didn`t feel great. My face started itching after about 15 min and I had to wash it off. Luckily my skin hasn`t shown any irritation or redness after washing it off but for me this is not a product I would try again. It has great benefits such as coverage and pay off, but I wouldn`t say I would prefer it over my YSL Touche Eclat foundation. Which is way lighter and looks way more naturally plus I do not have the feeling of wearing make up with that one. I didn`t apply any other products over the foundation so I cannot say anything about how they would go on it as I first wanted to look if I might get an allergic reaction, which normally takes a bit of time when it comes to my skin. But here I wouldn definetly say that it was something I saw coming from the feeling I had once it was completely applied.

So Jenny who tried it with me has completely different skin from what I have so go on to jennys-beauty-mania to check out what her opinion is, but if you tend to have allergies be careful and test it before you go out with it all day.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Allergies - How I deal with them

Hi everyone!

So today I have a not so happy blogpost, but I still hope you will enjoy it and might find some of the tips helpful.
I have always had allergies as long as I can think back, but they have never been as bad, i was fine with some allergy medicine and didn`t even needed it every day. With my autoimmune condition it became worse. I could barely go out or sleep during nights so I tried different tips I found on the internet and in magazines. Some helped me some not. But before I come to the ones that I found helping I want to let you know which allergies I have and what the symptoms are and during which time of the year which allergies are worse.

My allergies:
1. Pollen - worst from May to the End of September. For me these allergies occure over such a long period as I am allergic to all kind of them, trees, grasses, corn some flowers (especially those that smell). It is the worst allergy I have. When I went for the allergy test we couldn`t test anything else as my arm was immediatly completely swollen all over when they applied the serum before they could start the other things they wanted to test, so so much said to that allergy.
2. Dust - this one is not as bad as the first one but it gets pretty bad during winter in combination with my asthma. The reason for that is that you turn the heat on during winter, more to that when I move on to the tips.
3. Dogs - this one is the hardest for me as when I got my dog 2 years ago I didn`t had any reactions to dogs when I did the test, but on the test this year I did. I do not react to my dog though. Lucky me I guess. This one is worse during summer but more to that with the tips.
4. Cats - I do not have cats and I know for a fact that I do not react to all cats but I know when I react I do react heavy.

So these are my mine problem allergies.

My symptoms:
I make this one short and just name three words  Eyes - Nose - Skin
Ordered after which reacts first Nose - Eyes - Skin

My tips:
1. So my first tip is keep it cold.
What I mean by that is that all my allergies are getting worse the warmer it is inside the apartment.
So you will rather see me in three shirts with a jacket under a blanket than with the heat on the highest it can get. Keep it low especially if you are allergic to dust.
2. Keep it clean. I vacuum clean every day and dust in the rooms where I stay, it is something that doesn`t takes much time if you do it regularly, I dust clean with a damp cloth so that the dust sticks to the cloth and doesn`t just get moved to another place.
I also vacuum over my bed to make sure I have no dog hair on my bed sheets or any dust.
Keep it clean counts in my case also for the dog. I try to brush him as often as he lets me (he doesn`t really enjoys it) so this is 3 to 4 times a week. If I see he has loose hairs I try to brush him with a massage glove to get rid of these hairs before they stick to any of my clothes or furniture or fly around loose. I guess here I must say that the dog hair isn`t really something I react to on my dog, but I react to the dust in his hair and the pollen he carries in his hair from our walks outside. So that is why I feel the more I brush him the more I get rid of that stuff. Since it is unhealthy for your dog to give him a shower everyday this is the only way to make it work during the summer months.
3. Pollen protection for your windows it looks exactly the same like the one you get for mosquitos just that it doesn`t let the pollen inside. You do not need to buy it for every window, I mainly have two windows per room and have it in the one I always open.
4. Keep clothes you wore outside outside of the rooms you are staying in, so not in your bed or living room. I found this one as one of the most helpful tips, I carried so many stuff into my bedroom by hanging the clothes I had on in there or having my laundry box in my bedroom, so put it outside and you might notice the difference in your night sleep.
5. If you do not shower every day and well I do not as I tend to really dry skin then brush your hair over head before you go to bed and about 2-3 times a day. I do that during summer as I have long hair that is perfect to give everything that flys around, such as pollen, a new home.
6. Put a glass of water in your window. I mainly do this when the heat is on or the air is dry so during the colder seasons it helps me with breathing and dryness of the eyes or nose.
7. Nasal douche - I do that first thing in the morning when I wake up and it helps me so much. Make sure to do it the right way when you try it the first time. And I do it before I go to bed. I add a special salt to it that you can buy at the pharmacy or the drugstore.
8. This last tip is more of an expansive tip and might not work for everyone but for me it worked wonders. I need to use glasses anyway and when I started complaining to my optician about my eyes itching he recommended soft contact lenses which I first found contra productive but after I tried it I must say it was the best tip ever. No eye itching when I wear them as soft lenses are directly on your eye it is protected from everything and by everything I mean pollen. So this is now the second summer I use them with the same great results. It is expansive yes but it gives me a lot more quality of life than I had before and my skin irritation around my eyes has become a lot better.

These 8 tips have helped me a lot I cannot let the dog sleep in the bedroom over summer though but we both got used to it and winter is coming soon enough.
I hope this might help you a bit on how to deal with your allergies because I know it can take a lot of your usual energy and quality of life away. So I hope this might really help you getting back to enjoying summer and being happy.


Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Home Deco - My guestroom

Hi everyone!
On saturday I finally found the time for this little project. As some of you might now I love decorating and having decorations my own style. I mean everybody can buy a white shelf and you might find the same shelf at friends places and think "Oh they have been to the same store as I went". Well I do not want my apartment to look like everyone elses apartment, although I have seen some really nice ones I like to add a personal touch to my things.
So this is how I came up with pimping this white display case and make it my own.
Most of the material I used will you see in the pictures below followed by a desription on how I proceeded.
First of all you will need a display box like this:

I bought it at a local furniture store for a way to high price considering you might find an old one at a yard or garage sale, but we barely have any of these nearby so I decided instead of driving around and maybe not finding one I just go with the one from the store. Big plus was I didn`t had to paint it white. The colour though was pretty powdery, so I had to give it a proper clean. It is very important to have a clean surface to make the sticky doubly tape really stick to it.
Some other materials you will need are the following:

So hear we have some ribbon in the colours that were matching to the paper and the colour of my walls, some clear buttons with a nice pattern and some rose/clear buttons with a different pattern. I also had some half "pearls" and small blue stones and some crafting flowers as in the picture.
You will also need a ruler (if you have a parallel ruler go for that one), a measuring tape, a paper cutter or scissors and double sided sticky tape in strong.
I used the following papers:

As you can see I used two sheets of the one with the flower pattern, one sheet with dots in different green tones and one beige glittery sheet.
I took the beige glittery sheet from the Maripose Stack and the other two (the flower and the one with the dots) from the Linen Closet Stack.

You can find stacks like this at different Crafting stores such as Panduro or online. You can also buy loose sheets which is a big plus if you are just planning to do one project like this.

So as I said I started off with unpacking and cleaning the display case. I kept the "corner-protectors" of it as I am planning on another project where I could use them.
My next step was to measure all the small boxes from the inside with the measuring tape, you need to be as accurate with it as you can.
Then I started to marking the measurements of on the back of the sheets that I wanted to use for the boxes.

Next step is to cutting the sheets into the right size with either the scissor or a papercutter, if you have a papercutter I recommend using it instead of scissors as it is more accurate.

After that I started laying out the different sheets in the boxes trying to figure out how I wanted them in the small boxes.

The final step before the small decoration started was to put the double sided sticky tape into the boxes  and add the sheets in. I didn`t put the sticky tape on the paper but in the boxes as I found it easier. To take the thin paper layer of the upward facing side of the sticky tape I used a tweezer. After you put the sheets on the sticky tape in the boxes make sure to press down firmly so that nothing sticks up or out.

The decoration step is up to how you like it. For this box I used a clear button, pulled the ribbon I chose through it and made a bow on the back of it, so that the bow was under the button. I used the sticky tape again to put it in place. You could use a really strong glue here too, but as I do not know if I might redesign this case sometime in the future I only used something that I can get of easily again without damaging any of the material.
Next I put the craft blue flowers where I wanted to have it also using the sticky tape. Same for the other two clear buttons and the pearls.
So my finished project in a bigger version looks like this:

I hope you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions leave me a comment a below.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Blonde Haircare - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Repair

Hi everyone!

As promised I have tried the Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Conditioner/Mask by John Frieda and I am absolutely suprised what a great job it did.

The great thing is that I was left with two options on how to use it.

1) As a mask: The first time I tried it I tried it as a mask. I washed my hair with my usual Shampoo (see my last blogpost about the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Shampoo if you haven`t read it yet) then give my hair a quick squeeze in the towle and then applied the mask and let it on for 10-15 minutes then washed it out. My hair was really soft and hydrated afterwards, I has absolutely no problem brushing through it and it had such a nice glow. Most masks always left my hair in way that it would just hang straight down my face after letting it air dry but this one left my natural waves and volume. So I have already bought the big box of it.

2) As a conditioner: So from my last blogpost you all know that I already have a great conditioner, but once in a while (especially if my hair feels really frizzie after my second shampoo wash) I would use this product here as a conditioner rather than my usual conditioner. It gives me nearly the same result as when I used it as a mask, just that it is way quicker (3 minutes).

So at the moment I use this product as a mask once a month and as a conditioner every 5th hairwash so probably about once a week (I do not wash my hair daily, although I am allergic, I have found another routine for that).

So this is it for now, I hope you liked it, leave a comment below if you have any questions and I will be back with a new post soon.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Haircare - Herbal Essences Clearly Naked

Hi everyone!

The past couple of weeks I have been testing a new and somehow old shampoo.

So I have used Herbal Essences before, then went to using Fructis and now that Herbal Essences has the clearly naked range which is silicone and parabene free I decided to go back to using it.
Lets take a look at the why.

My hair: Although my hair looks pretty thick I must say it isn`t. I got a lot of hair but pretty fine hair. My hair became pretty dry after I turned from darkblonde/midbrown (depending if you see them all together or just one hair) to blonde and I felt I needed a product change as I could barely brush my hair after washing it with the Fructis I had so far. I have pretty long hair that tends to be a bit wavey in the lengths and that always has volume when I brush it over my head (upside down as I call it).

Result: After a first wash of just using the hydrating shampoo I could barely see a change. It was still hard to brush through it and still really dry. I started to use the Conditioner to it and after using it a few weeks now I must say, although it took some time I can manage to untangle my hair with the tangleteezer right after washing it without a lot of problems.
I must admit that I used a special blonde conditioner that you will get to know more about in my next blogpost, but the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Hydrating Shampoo and the Conditoner do both great jobs for being silicone and parabene free and gives my hair a great glow plus they are super affordable with a price around 2 Euros I think.

The smell is still pretty awesome and fruity/herbal, my hair smells always great and I am absolutely in love and not regreting that I have given this product a chance.
So that`s it for today, stay tuned if you are interested in knowing more about the blonde mask/conditioner that I will review in my next post.
I hope you liked it and let me know your favourite hair products.


Monday, July 6, 2015

My Favourite Summer Products

Hi everyone!

This past week we were blessed with an incredible heat. I somehow mean that ironical and I somehow enjoyed it.
Don`t get me wrong I love the sun and being able to be outside and produce Vitamin D all by myself but my body is just not made for temperatures up to 40°C.
I store water, I sweat, I get sunburned pretty fast, but at the same time being outside is fun and I wanted to enjoy it. Which brings me to my favourite sunproducts that somehow make it possible for me to stay in the heat and the sun, although I avoid being in direct sun for a longer period and during lunchtime.
So for my sensitive skin, which literally burns after being exposed to the sun for 5 minutes I go with the Lancaster Sun Sport Wet Skin Express Mist with a SPF 50.
Now I must say that when I tried this product first I was really sceptical as it felt like glue the first moment I applied it. I was used to SPF 50 being heavy on my skin but not on a feeling like it would glue my pores together. So after this feeling went away (took about 10minutes) I really started to love this spray. I could do my sports and wouldn`t sweat it of, I could apply it to my sweaty skin without a milky film it was as the packaging says invisible. Another big plus and that is basically the point which brought that product onto my favourite list was although I had an SPF 50 I got a tan. This was the first time ever, that when using an SPF 50 I was still able to get a tan. So this did everything the description promised, it protected, it still gave me a tan, it was invisible and gave my skin an amazing glow.
Now for my face I wouldn`t want anything that gives me the feeling of glueing my pores togehter so on to my second favourite which I for now only own in a very tiny version as I got it as a tester is the Shiseido Sun Care Expert  Sun Aging Protection Lotion Wetforce SPF 30. It is just perfect for my face. Yes it is milky but it blends in perfectly and doesn´t leaves a white film on my skin. My foundation also applies well on top of it. It has great benefits for my skin and does the same job on my pores around my nose as my primer does, But I wouldn`t recommend it when you are in flash photography as you will look like a ghost. Trust me I have tested that.
Third and final product is the Thermal Spring Water for sensitive skin by La Roche-Posay. I am using this Spray now for the second summer and I am absolutely in love with it. It really cools my skin and me down during the hot days. I would spray it all over my exposed body parts every hour. It also helps me when my skin gets irritated by the heat. I highly recommend it when you are spending a day shopping or all day out in the heat to cool yourself down.
Now I know all these products aren`t the cheapest, but they pay of pretty well. So for me I would rather buy one bottle of each of these products and have them all summer and maybe some left for next spring than buying a drugstore one that I would have emptied in about 4 weeks or with this kind of weather and then have to rebuy it several times, which leaves me probably with the same spending as I had now.
So these are my three favourite summer products I hope you like them and let me know what your favourites are so that I might try them if they are suitable for my sensitive skin.