Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Allergies - How I deal with them

Hi everyone!

So today I have a not so happy blogpost, but I still hope you will enjoy it and might find some of the tips helpful.
I have always had allergies as long as I can think back, but they have never been as bad, i was fine with some allergy medicine and didn`t even needed it every day. With my autoimmune condition it became worse. I could barely go out or sleep during nights so I tried different tips I found on the internet and in magazines. Some helped me some not. But before I come to the ones that I found helping I want to let you know which allergies I have and what the symptoms are and during which time of the year which allergies are worse.

My allergies:
1. Pollen - worst from May to the End of September. For me these allergies occure over such a long period as I am allergic to all kind of them, trees, grasses, corn some flowers (especially those that smell). It is the worst allergy I have. When I went for the allergy test we couldn`t test anything else as my arm was immediatly completely swollen all over when they applied the serum before they could start the other things they wanted to test, so so much said to that allergy.
2. Dust - this one is not as bad as the first one but it gets pretty bad during winter in combination with my asthma. The reason for that is that you turn the heat on during winter, more to that when I move on to the tips.
3. Dogs - this one is the hardest for me as when I got my dog 2 years ago I didn`t had any reactions to dogs when I did the test, but on the test this year I did. I do not react to my dog though. Lucky me I guess. This one is worse during summer but more to that with the tips.
4. Cats - I do not have cats and I know for a fact that I do not react to all cats but I know when I react I do react heavy.

So these are my mine problem allergies.

My symptoms:
I make this one short and just name three words  Eyes - Nose - Skin
Ordered after which reacts first Nose - Eyes - Skin

My tips:
1. So my first tip is keep it cold.
What I mean by that is that all my allergies are getting worse the warmer it is inside the apartment.
So you will rather see me in three shirts with a jacket under a blanket than with the heat on the highest it can get. Keep it low especially if you are allergic to dust.
2. Keep it clean. I vacuum clean every day and dust in the rooms where I stay, it is something that doesn`t takes much time if you do it regularly, I dust clean with a damp cloth so that the dust sticks to the cloth and doesn`t just get moved to another place.
I also vacuum over my bed to make sure I have no dog hair on my bed sheets or any dust.
Keep it clean counts in my case also for the dog. I try to brush him as often as he lets me (he doesn`t really enjoys it) so this is 3 to 4 times a week. If I see he has loose hairs I try to brush him with a massage glove to get rid of these hairs before they stick to any of my clothes or furniture or fly around loose. I guess here I must say that the dog hair isn`t really something I react to on my dog, but I react to the dust in his hair and the pollen he carries in his hair from our walks outside. So that is why I feel the more I brush him the more I get rid of that stuff. Since it is unhealthy for your dog to give him a shower everyday this is the only way to make it work during the summer months.
3. Pollen protection for your windows it looks exactly the same like the one you get for mosquitos just that it doesn`t let the pollen inside. You do not need to buy it for every window, I mainly have two windows per room and have it in the one I always open.
4. Keep clothes you wore outside outside of the rooms you are staying in, so not in your bed or living room. I found this one as one of the most helpful tips, I carried so many stuff into my bedroom by hanging the clothes I had on in there or having my laundry box in my bedroom, so put it outside and you might notice the difference in your night sleep.
5. If you do not shower every day and well I do not as I tend to really dry skin then brush your hair over head before you go to bed and about 2-3 times a day. I do that during summer as I have long hair that is perfect to give everything that flys around, such as pollen, a new home.
6. Put a glass of water in your window. I mainly do this when the heat is on or the air is dry so during the colder seasons it helps me with breathing and dryness of the eyes or nose.
7. Nasal douche - I do that first thing in the morning when I wake up and it helps me so much. Make sure to do it the right way when you try it the first time. And I do it before I go to bed. I add a special salt to it that you can buy at the pharmacy or the drugstore.
8. This last tip is more of an expansive tip and might not work for everyone but for me it worked wonders. I need to use glasses anyway and when I started complaining to my optician about my eyes itching he recommended soft contact lenses which I first found contra productive but after I tried it I must say it was the best tip ever. No eye itching when I wear them as soft lenses are directly on your eye it is protected from everything and by everything I mean pollen. So this is now the second summer I use them with the same great results. It is expansive yes but it gives me a lot more quality of life than I had before and my skin irritation around my eyes has become a lot better.

These 8 tips have helped me a lot I cannot let the dog sleep in the bedroom over summer though but we both got used to it and winter is coming soon enough.
I hope this might help you a bit on how to deal with your allergies because I know it can take a lot of your usual energy and quality of life away. So I hope this might really help you getting back to enjoying summer and being happy.


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  1. Great post! Like you already know I don´t have any allergies! Lucky me! But I put a glass of water in my room in winter as well, because the air is really dry because of the heating. It helps a lot.