Monday, July 27, 2015

Asthma, Allergies and Perfumes - Favourite Perfumes!

Hi everyone!

Today I am back to talk about asthma, allergies and perfumes. Now for those who are not allergic or sensitive to certain smells and scents your question will be how does the term perfume fit into a post about asthma and allergies?
For me it fits perfectly into this topic.
My allergies are as mentioned in post about how I deal with allergies pretty bad. They are that bad that if a certain perfume contains a certain smell I can react on that. I will start itching my nose, eyes and skin. If I have it on my skin even worse. Once I react on that with my nose, I am not far on reacting on it with an asthma attack. So yes depending on which perfume you smell around me I can feel pretty bad. I noticed this the first time when my mom used her favourite scent (Sun by Jil Sander) since that I always ask for perfume testers, take them with me and test them at home for a couple of times. I do not like heavy flowery smells. I like it more sporty and fresh so don`t wonder why you probably do not find the classical scents in this post.
So by doing that I found my six favourite perfumes (one is discontinued so when that is empty I will be left with five).
Starting with the one that is the oldest and also sadly the discontinued one.
Bspot by Benefit I love this one so much. I got it for Christmas several years back. When I figured it was discontinued I left it for special occasions and store it at a cold and dark place so that it won`t go bad. That is why I still have half a bottle left after such a long time of using it.
Bright Crystal by Versace is as you can see nearly empty. I bought a double pack of this one for my mom at a duty free store and liked it as much as she did, so she gave me one bottle and I really used it a lot.
Lovestruck by Vera Wang Is my absolute winter favourite. For me it is a winter only, I feel that it wouldn`t fit me during summer. Maybe it is because the smell immeditaly reminded me of winter I do not know but I love it and would definetly rebuy it. The smell isn`t too strong which I feel is a pro and a con as you will have to refresh it after a few hours. But otherwise I love this one.
Chance by Chanel was actually a gift my dad bought me. I didn`t had the chance to test it before hand but lucky me I am all fine using it. This is probably going to be one of my all time favourites. One of these scents that you will use for decades. I just love love love it. A little bit goes a long way for me one pump is enough and lasts all day. But as I said I do not like strong perfume smells I am not that kind that likes to smell as if you have fallen into the bottle.
Sporty Citrus by Micheal Kors I love the citrus note of it. It is my summer go to as the Vera Wang one is my winter go to. I love the fresh smell and the citrus note is just perfect for summer.
Le Parfum by Elie Saab I so far only have as a bigger tester. I really love it and will definetly add it to my collection for the Bspot by Benefit during the next months. I love the subtile scent I cannot really describe it but I know I love it as much as the Benefit one.

So these six fragrances have never caused me any problems plus they have a smell I like, which is light and fresh and sporty and elegante at the same time. Do you use one of them? Let me know what you think.



  1. I like Chance by Chanel. I thought about buying it for a long time, but then bought Si by Armani. :D

    1. Chance is definetly one of the most awesome perfumes I have ever gotten as a gift. I love it and I am definetly going to rebuy it, although I do not use it if I have any skin irritations.