Friday, July 17, 2015

Clinique Even Better Makeup Review

Hi everyone!
So together with my Tone it up accountability partner Jenny from jennys-beauty-mania I tested the Clinique even better makeup in the shade neutral. Since we both have different opinions about this product definetly go to her blog to check out her opinion too.

First to my skin: I have dry skin on my forehead, some pigmentations around my mouth, redness on my cheeks and my nose (thanks allergies), my skin is very sensitive and especially when it comes to makeup and cosmetics I can easily react allergic. So I was pretty careful trying a new product. I do not have any breakouts usually.

Before I applied the foundation I used my Dermalogica Moisturizer and my MAC Primer and I let both set for some time.

With this foundation I must say in advance that every pro came with a con except when it came to the shade as that matched perfectly. With that said I will always start with the pro and then tell you the con for me.
So applying the foundation I must say was okay, I applied it with my foundation brush from zoeva and found it was similar applying this foundation than my usual YSL Touche Eclat. A little bit goes a long way. I would say the amount I used for my whole face was about the size of  5 Cent, so a little bit really goes a long way. I had to work it in a bit with my fingers too. What I didn`t like about it was the consistancy it felt a bit like glue and that was also the feeling I had when it started to set. I felt as if it was plugging my pores and that it was pretty heavy and that my skin couldn`t breathe. I first blamed the medium coverage for it, which is great and definetly a pro but I do not actually need that kind of coverage.
Saying this it looked great but it didn`t feel great. My face started itching after about 15 min and I had to wash it off. Luckily my skin hasn`t shown any irritation or redness after washing it off but for me this is not a product I would try again. It has great benefits such as coverage and pay off, but I wouldn`t say I would prefer it over my YSL Touche Eclat foundation. Which is way lighter and looks way more naturally plus I do not have the feeling of wearing make up with that one. I didn`t apply any other products over the foundation so I cannot say anything about how they would go on it as I first wanted to look if I might get an allergic reaction, which normally takes a bit of time when it comes to my skin. But here I wouldn definetly say that it was something I saw coming from the feeling I had once it was completely applied.

So Jenny who tried it with me has completely different skin from what I have so go on to jennys-beauty-mania to check out what her opinion is, but if you tend to have allergies be careful and test it before you go out with it all day.



  1. Great post! I´m glad that your skin reaction was not that terrible.

    1. I was glad about that too. I was already prepared for rednesses and hives but once I had washed it off and cleansed my skin twice it was all fine. I am glad to see that you get along with it fine.