Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Home Deco - My guestroom

Hi everyone!
On saturday I finally found the time for this little project. As some of you might now I love decorating and having decorations my own style. I mean everybody can buy a white shelf and you might find the same shelf at friends places and think "Oh they have been to the same store as I went". Well I do not want my apartment to look like everyone elses apartment, although I have seen some really nice ones I like to add a personal touch to my things.
So this is how I came up with pimping this white display case and make it my own.
Most of the material I used will you see in the pictures below followed by a desription on how I proceeded.
First of all you will need a display box like this:

I bought it at a local furniture store for a way to high price considering you might find an old one at a yard or garage sale, but we barely have any of these nearby so I decided instead of driving around and maybe not finding one I just go with the one from the store. Big plus was I didn`t had to paint it white. The colour though was pretty powdery, so I had to give it a proper clean. It is very important to have a clean surface to make the sticky doubly tape really stick to it.
Some other materials you will need are the following:

So hear we have some ribbon in the colours that were matching to the paper and the colour of my walls, some clear buttons with a nice pattern and some rose/clear buttons with a different pattern. I also had some half "pearls" and small blue stones and some crafting flowers as in the picture.
You will also need a ruler (if you have a parallel ruler go for that one), a measuring tape, a paper cutter or scissors and double sided sticky tape in strong.
I used the following papers:

As you can see I used two sheets of the one with the flower pattern, one sheet with dots in different green tones and one beige glittery sheet.
I took the beige glittery sheet from the Maripose Stack and the other two (the flower and the one with the dots) from the Linen Closet Stack.

You can find stacks like this at different Crafting stores such as Panduro or online. You can also buy loose sheets which is a big plus if you are just planning to do one project like this.

So as I said I started off with unpacking and cleaning the display case. I kept the "corner-protectors" of it as I am planning on another project where I could use them.
My next step was to measure all the small boxes from the inside with the measuring tape, you need to be as accurate with it as you can.
Then I started to marking the measurements of on the back of the sheets that I wanted to use for the boxes.

Next step is to cutting the sheets into the right size with either the scissor or a papercutter, if you have a papercutter I recommend using it instead of scissors as it is more accurate.

After that I started laying out the different sheets in the boxes trying to figure out how I wanted them in the small boxes.

The final step before the small decoration started was to put the double sided sticky tape into the boxes  and add the sheets in. I didn`t put the sticky tape on the paper but in the boxes as I found it easier. To take the thin paper layer of the upward facing side of the sticky tape I used a tweezer. After you put the sheets on the sticky tape in the boxes make sure to press down firmly so that nothing sticks up or out.

The decoration step is up to how you like it. For this box I used a clear button, pulled the ribbon I chose through it and made a bow on the back of it, so that the bow was under the button. I used the sticky tape again to put it in place. You could use a really strong glue here too, but as I do not know if I might redesign this case sometime in the future I only used something that I can get of easily again without damaging any of the material.
Next I put the craft blue flowers where I wanted to have it also using the sticky tape. Same for the other two clear buttons and the pearls.
So my finished project in a bigger version looks like this:

I hope you like it. If you have any questions or suggestions leave me a comment a below.



  1. I really love it! Decorating things is great and so much fun! ♥

    1. Aw thank you! I really do love crafting and DIY it is so calming and makes everything more personal from birthday cards to scrapbooks. ♥

  2. This is so cute! So simple but effective :D

    1. Thank you so much Toni!
      It really is simple, you need to work accurate though but it is really simple and takes so little time :)