Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How my skin got irritated when I took a shower - Favourite Shower Creme!

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about my favourite body wash. I want to let you know how I came in the need of spending that much money on skin care and how this body wash happened to be the only thing that works for me.

So starting at the beginning. With my skin how it was when it still was "normal". I can`t say I have a normal skin as it always was sensitive. I could never wear new unwashed clothes, my skin then started to itch. When a cream was very rich in "fat" it was impossible to work it into my skin and the film it left was causing the same reaction as with the clothes. I tended to dry skin during winter, but that was it. Although you may now think "well that is already enough", I know that that is already enough normally, but what is normal with me, basically nothing (and I do not mean that in a negative way).
So my "bad skin" started about 2 1/2 year ago (around the time when I first noticed symptoms of my autoimmune condition and the skin problem was obviously a symptom too). First I had some dry spots. I blamed wintertime for that and bought a richer bodylotion and a moisturizing body wash from the drugstore. They didn`t help. It seemed to make everything worse. The skin at the dry areas turned pretty dark, which scared me and made me go to the doctor. They prescribed me a wash and a lotion which again didn`t help.
The areas where I would sweat and that had my clothes right on (thinking of a bra) I padded with cotton to make it dry. I used bioil which should help with that but nothing went better.
My mom went to the pharmacy and got me several lotions by LaRoche Posay (by then we had already been through all body butters at the body shop) we got the Iso-Urea Fluid and the Lipikar Baume. As I knew the problem with fatty creams I went for the Iso Urea fluid, which felt great when it was first applied but after a few minutes it felt like small needles sticking into your skin. The Lipikar Baume one burned and with that I was convinced that we will never find out what will stop this hell. By that time I already stopped going out a lot and felt pretty embarrased for how my skin looked as it would spread more and more. Until then I had never thought of that what would be wrong would be my cleaning process. And one day I took a bath instead of a shower and I noticed that that is the point where that burn and itch starts. I also noticed rednesses when I came out and I knew where I had to search. First I left out the creme bath that I usually put into the water. Which felt a little bit better but still with my old body wash it burned and it was red and I was scratching. So we tried different bodywashes for sensitive skin which all and I really mean all of them left my skin even dryer than before. So one day I saw the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Wash and read the reviews about it and thought okay I give it a go what more can I loose?
And basically the answer was nothing. It is amazing. I left all body lotions away. I decided to just test it for about a month to see how it goes. Because some products worked for my skin for a few weeks and then the drying out process would be obvious. But with this one there was nothing negative. At first I thought it is so pricey. But now I must admit that I use it with a sponge and about a walnut sized portion of it is enough to wash my whole body and leave it with an amazing skin feeling. I have people asking me which body lotion I use and all I say is "well I just use that body wash and my skin is like this after using that." So it really is amazing and will definetly stay my alltime favourite. I have it now for about 5months and wasn`t in need of rebuying it and there is still some left. I must admit though that I do not take a bath every day as this is just not working with that dry skin. I also think that during winter I will try the Deep Comfort Body Butter by Clinique to just give my skin something more of a treatment.
Honestly I will never ever try any other product. If you had seen my skin back then you would probably understand it. And it is really exhausting being in a condition like that and it depressed me a lot as I didn`t know what was going on and how to stop it. So I will obviously never risk the health of my skin again.
I can only recommend this one to everyone who has a sensitive dry skin. For me it worked from the first time I used it. That itching was all gone the redness was all gone and the dryness was definetly reduced.

So no matter if you have a sensitive skin, or a dry skin or just want to treat your skin, i hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some inspiration on a gift for a friend or family member or on a new product for yourself. If you have sensitive skin too let me know what products work for you and I might consider giving them a try.



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    1. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy your weekend too :)