Friday, July 24, 2015

My Favourite Everyday Makeup Products

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share some products with you that I use for my everyday makeup. 
I have used most of these products now since I was a teen and they have always stayed my go-to, but of course I have switched up some and there are still some I want to try to find alternatives to.
My makeup is always very natural and simple I have never been one of these girls with drawn eyebrows or a super heavy eye makeup. Of course I go for a stronger eye makeup or a bold lip when I go to a party for example but I never do both as I personally feel that that wouldn`t be me.
Of course if you feel like filling in your eyebrows thats fine, but I just keep things simple.

So to start off I have my morning routine which consists of cleaning my face with my dermalogica cleanser, exfoliating my face and neck with my daily exfoliant from dermalogica and then using my moisturizer from (you guessed it) dermalogica. I also use a special eyecream from them but I have two, depending on how my skin around the eyes is. At the moment my skin around the eyes and my eyelids are pretty dry thanks to allergies, so depending on that I choose my eyecream. Since I tend to dark circles around my eyes I keep my eyecreams in the fridge.

So after I have done that and my moisturizer has set I apply my MAC Prep and Prime which I am now using since I am 16 I think so it is a decade now. I have only rebought it once but that is mainly because I do not do my makeup everyday and when I was younger I do not necessarily needed a primer or a foundation as I had flawless skin back in the days + a little bit goes a long way with this.
After collecting a graveyard of useless foundations for me from drugstore to high-end I finally found my perfect match and by that I really mean perfect, it matches my skin all year around (well I barely get a tan and I do not fake tan). This foundation can even handle my dry skin at the forehead and my oily skin around the nose and you really cannot see that I wear makeup, so my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation (I use the shade B40) is my absolute favourite. I love that a little bit goes a long way and that I can build up the coverage as needed without feeling like having a heavy makeup on my face. I expect that I will only have to rebuy it once a year if not less often.
For concealing under my eyes I use the Clinique Airbrush Concealer I am in a love hate relationship with that one depending on my skin, if my skin around my eyes is pretty dry it is not the best choice, but I figured blending it with my dermalogica eyecream does the job.
I do not use powder often as I like the glow the YSL foundation gives me, especially as it doesn`t looks oily, but of course I have a powder, which is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (in the shade medium dark). I have had this for ages and it feels impossible to empty this product. Today I sometimes use it to contour as my skin has become way to fair to use it as a setting powder (well maybe during summer).
During summer I like to use a little bronzer to not look all dead or like a vampire. Now I must admit that I have one and the same bronzer now for almost a decade, which is Hoola by Benefit. I have always loved it and that I didn`t had to use a lot of it as it is really good pigmented. I must though say that I might try another one when this one is empty, as I do not like that with the new packaging you get less product while for most of the buyers it looks like the same. (Sorry I do not like to be tricked)
As I do not like heavy blush looks, since I tend to rednesses in my cheeks I have always loved Dandelion by Benefit I have bought it together with my bronzer and I have it since then. (Yes some of my products really stay with me for that long). This soft pink is so amazing, but for the same reason as with Hoola I am looking for different products and that is how I came to try the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in the shade Heather Pink, which I find to be such a pretty pink (I would say a colder pink, but that is exactly what I wanted). I would say it is similar to dandelion but I like it a little bit more. It is even more pigmented I think so I need less and the packaging is so much more practical for the handbag. 
Now on to the eyes. By now probably everyone has figured that I have sensitive eyes and during summer I barely put anything on my eyes as they tend to itch and at the end you look like a racoon. So why this products last me so long is I mainly use them off allergy season as I hate waterproof makeup.
But I found these too to be pretty awesome even in heat and during allergy season. So I thought I mention them.
My absolute favourite Mascara for over a decade now is the BadGal Mascara by Benefit. I have really long and thick eyelashes by nature and I do not like my lashes sticking to each other in a feathery way if that makes sense. I still want them to look natural and that is exactly what this Mascara does for me. One good coat is often enough for me.
And my last go-to product for my everyday routine is by Malu Wilz I think it is called the Kajal Design Liner, but I am not sure. It is in the shade no.12 which is like a pretty dark metal grey, it has the little sponge for smudging at the end which does a great job. It is definetly a product I only use when I go for a heavier look but it is one of the softest eyepencils I have ever had and I just love it.

So that were my favourite products for a natural every day makeup. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Nice post! I tend to natural make up in summer and darker eyeshadows in fall/winter. I love wearing lipgloss and lipstick.

    1. yeah I sometimes use a bright lipstick during summer too but never a heavy eye makeup because of my allergies. During winter I go more with eyeliner and lipstick and sometimes a bit of a darker eyeshadow depending on the occasion.

    2. I really love Benefit makeup too but for the fact that they made a new packaging that looks the same as the old one but has less product for the same price gives me the feeling of being tricked. If I wouldn`t always look up how much product is in the packaging I wouldn`t have even noticed that I bought less product for the same price. The packaging often makes us spent more on less. I will probably do a blogpost about that sooner or later ;)