Monday, July 6, 2015

My Favourite Summer Products

Hi everyone!

This past week we were blessed with an incredible heat. I somehow mean that ironical and I somehow enjoyed it.
Don`t get me wrong I love the sun and being able to be outside and produce Vitamin D all by myself but my body is just not made for temperatures up to 40°C.
I store water, I sweat, I get sunburned pretty fast, but at the same time being outside is fun and I wanted to enjoy it. Which brings me to my favourite sunproducts that somehow make it possible for me to stay in the heat and the sun, although I avoid being in direct sun for a longer period and during lunchtime.
So for my sensitive skin, which literally burns after being exposed to the sun for 5 minutes I go with the Lancaster Sun Sport Wet Skin Express Mist with a SPF 50.
Now I must say that when I tried this product first I was really sceptical as it felt like glue the first moment I applied it. I was used to SPF 50 being heavy on my skin but not on a feeling like it would glue my pores together. So after this feeling went away (took about 10minutes) I really started to love this spray. I could do my sports and wouldn`t sweat it of, I could apply it to my sweaty skin without a milky film it was as the packaging says invisible. Another big plus and that is basically the point which brought that product onto my favourite list was although I had an SPF 50 I got a tan. This was the first time ever, that when using an SPF 50 I was still able to get a tan. So this did everything the description promised, it protected, it still gave me a tan, it was invisible and gave my skin an amazing glow.
Now for my face I wouldn`t want anything that gives me the feeling of glueing my pores togehter so on to my second favourite which I for now only own in a very tiny version as I got it as a tester is the Shiseido Sun Care Expert  Sun Aging Protection Lotion Wetforce SPF 30. It is just perfect for my face. Yes it is milky but it blends in perfectly and doesn´t leaves a white film on my skin. My foundation also applies well on top of it. It has great benefits for my skin and does the same job on my pores around my nose as my primer does, But I wouldn`t recommend it when you are in flash photography as you will look like a ghost. Trust me I have tested that.
Third and final product is the Thermal Spring Water for sensitive skin by La Roche-Posay. I am using this Spray now for the second summer and I am absolutely in love with it. It really cools my skin and me down during the hot days. I would spray it all over my exposed body parts every hour. It also helps me when my skin gets irritated by the heat. I highly recommend it when you are spending a day shopping or all day out in the heat to cool yourself down.
Now I know all these products aren`t the cheapest, but they pay of pretty well. So for me I would rather buy one bottle of each of these products and have them all summer and maybe some left for next spring than buying a drugstore one that I would have emptied in about 4 weeks or with this kind of weather and then have to rebuy it several times, which leaves me probably with the same spending as I had now.
So these are my three favourite summer products I hope you like them and let me know what your favourites are so that I might try them if they are suitable for my sensitive skin.



  1. Great post! Maybe I buy the Thermal Spring Water. ;)

  2. You won`t regret it especially not on days when the temperature is above 30°C. It also calms irritated skin if you are struggling with that :)