Monday, July 20, 2015

My summer reads

Hi everyone!
Summer is a great time to read, although the same counts for winter I see a difference in what I read during summer and what I read during winter. There is definetly more romance and autobiography on my list during summer. During winter I tend to read everything that is on the "dark side" but I won`t give too much away on my list for winter right now.
I am usually reading in three languages: german, english and norwegian. I will here try to name the english titles.
So I thought I start in the order I read the books from my list this year and how I will continue reading them.

Crow Girl (1), Hunger Fire (2) and Pythia`s Instructions (3) by Erik Axl Sund
So since I started to read the first part of this trilogy at the end of winter I took a bit of the dark side with me to summer. Erik Axl Sund have done a great job here with there story about Victoria Bergman but I have never read something that had such a heavy topic and that disgusted me in a way that I said "okay now I need to take a break from reading Thrillers". This has never happened before and trust me when I say I have read a lot of Thrillers. But this one really hit the most disgusting, irritating and confusing button. Don`t get me wrong they are really good and I was hooked from the first page, yes there have been times when I was confused and thought "well who`s perspective is this now" but I always figured it out and was amazed about the effect that had. It was worth reading but for me personally a touch too brutal.

Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi
The next book I read is a book I read every spring. As a Tone it up girl in progress I of course have my issues, but this book always reminds me that the most important thing is do be able to be yourself, to love yourself the way you are and that nothing in the world should ever give you the feeling to destroy your health by an unhealthy way of loosing weight. Yes I want to look fit and feel comfortable in my body, but I by no means want to look skinny in an unhealthy way. So every time in spring when I panic thinking about not fitting into that bikini, not looking great in a summer dress Portia De Rossi`s story is there to remind me of what really is important. What a wrong bodyimage can do to us, our souls and our happy lives. Yes society might think you are to heavy or you do not look great in that dress, but society never knows your beautiful heart. So that is why this book will forever be on my summer reading list (I have read it now the third time). As sad as her story is, as much strength it gives other women dealing with body issues. So definetly worth reading.

White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
This book was actually given to me by my mom. She recommended it with a hint to the beautiful use of language. And it really was beautiful. Not too heavy to read as the usual Dostoyevsky and since it was a lovestory pretty fun too. The book is pretty short so I read it in two days in between some appointments. So if you want to read a classic book I can really recommend this one.

The Orange Girl by Jostein Gaarder
Second time I read this book by Jostein Gaarder. I wasn`t a fan of Sophie`s World by him as I am not much into philosophy but The Orange Girl is a complete difference. I read it the first time when I was in 12th grade and fell in love with this book. It is written so beautiful and the story really made its way into my heart. Great book for summer. Especially if you are going to a park and do not want to carry something heavy around. 

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
As you will see I am an absolute Fan of Nicholas Sparks movies. Great stories, good looking actors, what more could you ask for when you just want to watch a movie. I heared that The Longest Ride had the same high expectations as the Notebook and was eager to see the movie, but since I do not want to cry in public I have to wait until it is out on DVD in Germany which won`t be before fall. So I decided to read the book in the meantime. Which was a great choice. You get to love stories in one, the one of Ruth and Ira (who plays in the past) and the one of Sophia and Luke (who plays now). I loved how you could see parallels and although I am a bit scared to maybe be disappointed when I see the movie I won`t regret reading the book.

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
Well who ever thought I would read two Nicholas Sparks in a row. But it happened. Mainly because this one promised some serious action and not in a romantic way more in a creepy stalker way.
I never thought that Nicholas Sparks actually could pull off some serious thriller elements but he did and he balanced the romantic storyline perfectly with the thriller storyline. So while all the people around me always tell me I need more romance and less crime in my bookshelf I can now officially say I got the romance and my favourite genre in one. Really worth reading and you would have never expected that from Nicholas Sparks. But if you love the traditional Nicholas Sparks then stick to those.

Now at the moment I am actually reading three books at the same time. Or I should better say, I got a bit bored of Nicholas Sparks and wanted a thriller and started reading one, but then I bought Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox and after reading the Prologue I couldn`t stop. I read all night and I will probably be finished reading the book in one or two days.
So next book on my list:
Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox
Now I guess we have all seen it on TV and we probably all thought "What is going on there?". Guilty, not guilty, guilty again and then finally not guilty. Now we do not know all the facts but since I have grown up in germany my understanding of law might be slightly different than the one of Italian authorities. Never the less I wanted to read her story, wanted to see it through her eyes and maybe wanted to understand how all this could have happened. From what I have read so far, this could have happened to everyone of us who are rational and don`t like to show emotions in public. To people who always try to look fine, pulled together and in control of their things. To people who go to live into a country which they didn`t know, which cultures and behaviours and languages we do not understand. And that pretty much shocks me. I do not want to make my mind up wether she is innocent or not, but which seems to be clear is that someone definetly ignored her rights and didn`t tell her about her rights when it actually would have been there job. It is definetly worth reading because this could have happened to everyone.

Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I have started reading this one two days before I started the book by Amanda Knox so I cannot say much to it unless that I am looking forward to read it as soon as possible. The story sounds pretty good to me. So I guess I have to wait and see if I put my expectations too high or too low.

I want to read the other books on my reading list in the following order:

The best of me by Nicholas Sparks
I have seen the movie not long before I started reading it and I think I got bored because it seems to be really different from the movie so I took it aside for a while and then will start reading Amandas and Dawsons story after some Thriller time.

Mofongo by Cecilia Samartin
This is the last book on my list for this summer. I have been given this book by the first hostmother I had when I was an aupair. We are still friends and she always picks great books. For me it is a great training of keeping my norwegian language skills on top. 
I found the following description of the book:
“Mofongo” is about creating heaven on earth, and learning how to listen with your heart. Readers will come away with a renewed appreciation for life and the delicious realization that a meal prepared with love not only feeds the body, it nurtures the soul.
I found this description so wonderful and perfectly for the end of summer. Taking all positivity and gratitude with me to fall. Keeping up the good stuff in life. I am really looking forward to reading this book.

Maybe you have read some of these, maybe you found some inspiration on what to read next. Anyway I hope you like it and let me know what you are reading this summer? What books can you recommend? Let me know in the comments, I am always up for a good read.



  1. I need to read the book by Amanda trainee-problems :D
    I thought I read the same kind of books durning the whole year, but I realized, after I read your post, that I don´t. :D I read thrillers all the time, but I tend to read fitness- and lifestyle-books during summer.

    1. I only figured the difference when I made the list and saw that I read all the thrillers during fall and winter and went for romance and other stuff during summer. Maybe it is this spring-feeling that makes all the difference in the choice of books we read. Definetly making a seperate post about my experience on the book by Amanda Knox which will be out during this week.

  2. I love Nicholas Spark's books aswell :)

    Stay fabulous x
    Y //

    1. They are just amazing.
      I think this summer I had the first one that made me feel bored but I just had watched the movie to the book so maybe it was because I already knew the story.

      stay fabulous too x