Monday, July 20, 2015

Reading Amanda Knox`s Waiting to be heared!

Hi everyone!

As you can see in my last post I was reading Waiting to be heared by Amanda Knox.
Today after only three days I have finished it. It was very moving and shocking but at the same time I have learned so much. I do not want anybody reading this to make up their mind about guilty or not guilty like I said in my last post. For me it wasn`t about that or maybe it was somehow. Following this case on the news on TV we got thrown from is she guilty or isn`t she but what was pretty clear to me over all these years was that something was going terribly wrong. So when I decided to read this book I of course already had a bit of an opinion but I mainly wanted to understand what happened there. I was also pretty critical when I was reading it because I think because of all the back and forth who knows the truth and it was still just her side of the story.
I didn`t thought that this book would have such a big impact on me, but it did have. I even need to admit that during some parts I teared it up. Some things made me creep.
I wondered why I felt this way reading this and it accured pretty fast to me that this could have been me.
I also went into another country at the age of twenty, compared to her I went away as an aupair I stayed with a family. But thinking of it, I didn`t know much about the country I went to, I didn`t knew the language and culture. These were all things I had planned to learn there. Just like her. Compared to Italy Norway is a country where people are fluent in english and I know I could have explained myself to people. People do not expect big emotions from you in Norway. In Italy they do and I know that. But compared to Amanda, I am European I know what we say about the cultures of other European countries, but still if I had gone to Italy, this could have happened to me. I think that was the most shocking thing for me reading this. And I think that was why I was immediatly that much into the book, that I couldn`t stop reading.
I am usually not an emotional person, I try to hide my emotions especially in public, this was something she did as well and thinking of what the media and the state attorney made out of that kind of behaviour I was even more in shock and was even more thinking this could have happened to me.
Nevertheless I do not want to digg too deep into it right now.
For me after reading this and all the things I heared in the news it is clear to me that there could still run a guilty person around free because of the mistakes that have been made by forensics and police and the state attorney and these mistakes should have never been made. Regardless of that this book has teached me that as much as you would wish to help in a situation like this, as much should you think of yourself and your personal freedom and rather consult a lawyer and then figure out you do not need one than not and getting yourself into a situation like she found herself in.
As I said putting all opinion on wether she is guilty or not aside, this book is still teaching life lessons that really are useful in todays world. I was naiv too when I went away as an aupair. Thankfully I went into a safe country where crime was pretty low and I learned a lot about the country from my hostparents who guided me through the things I needed to know.But reflecting back on it I probably should have known more about the country I was going to move to before I did so.
Anyways thinking of her as not guilty and thinking of this could have happened to me and that all the feelings she described having during the time of being in prison and figuring out what was going on I keep feeling that the crime that was done to her shouldn`t have happened at all. And everything I learned and took from her story will probably help me growing up a bit more and not being as naiv as I am sometimes.
So I am pretty positive about recommending reading this book no matter what you think about the case. I am also positive I am going to reread it although I found it pretty tough at some points but it was definetly worth reading.

So maybe you find you should read it now or maybe you consider it some other day. I was just so moved by this that I had to share my opinion about it and what I experienced by reading it. So I hope you do not mind me taking up a critical book.


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  1. Sounds really interesting. Guess it´s on my fall/winter-reading list: :)