Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is in my bag?

Hi everyone!

So today I thought I make a quick post about what I carry along in my handbag with me everyday.
Jenny from jennys-beauty-mania is showing you the inside of her bag today as well so check her blog too if you want to.

So if I would show you everything I carry around with me on some days you would be still reading this post in a week. So I kept it to the essentials. These are only the things that come with me every day. The products I really need or better say I feel I need them, I probably do not need all of them.

So starting with my little "Bio true" bag. This is the bag for my contact lenses stuff. It comes with a little mirror, a travel sized bottle of contact lense solution and a case for my contact lenses. It is pretty practical and keeps the stuff clean and it won`t get lost in the deep mysteries of a womans handbag. I love that travel sized set especially since you can use the bio true contact lense solution as eye drops too. Mentioning that there is another product I include in this extra bag which are the refresh contact eye drops. I only need those during summer as my eyes get pretty dry due to allergies. So to not make my soft contact lenses dry out and fall out of my eyes I keep these with me and use them when I feel I have to. I also keep a nostral spray with me in case allergies get pretty bad and during winter when the air tends to be pretty dry.
Three other products I always take with me are:
- a hand desinfection gel
- a desinfection tissue
- and a travel sized bag of intim wipes or baby wipes (depending on which type they have in travel size)
Now people are often saying I am obsessed with desinfection stuff and well maybe I am. I tend to catch every cold even if a person with a cold just walks by. So I hate touching doors with my hands in public areas and that counts the same for public toilets. So these products are essential for me. So the Hand desinfection is a must after leaving the toilet and before eating. The desinfection tissue isn`t actually for me. I have it with me to clean the public toilet before I use it (now you are allowed to call me crazy). The travel sized bag of intim wipes is for the case that there is no toiletpaper at a public toilet or the very cheap one that I do not want to use. So I find I cannot leave the house without these three things. I have left the house without my phone but I have never left the house without these three products.

Now on to the more fun and maybe more normal products I carry along.
During summer I find a deodorant essential. I use a role on since I found it more enviromental friendly and practical. I use the adidas ones now for several years and my skin really loves them and I love the smell.
I also carry a small perfume tester of the parfume I use with me. During summer I mainly use Sporty Citrus by Micheal Kors, which you will see in another post is one of my favourite scents.
The travel sized handcream I use is the hand cream by L`Occitane. I have been using this since three years and during winter I neglect to use another one. During summer I switch to a cheaper one like the one from Neutrogena but usually it is the L`Occitane one.
I am obsessed with my teeths, as you can see I have dental floss with me which is way more handy than a tooth pick.
Last product I have with me is the Bee Natural lip balm pomegranate. I love this product during summer but during winter I always have vaseline with me as my lips need a richer lip care.

So these are things I always have with me, some you might find in your bag too, some you may find crazy, but that is how I am. What is in your handbag? What products are you obsessed with?



  1. Don´t worry about the desinfection-stuff. I use desinfection gel although I don´t catch a cold very easy. :D
    I use bee natural as well. I guess the mango one...I´m not sure...I can´t find´s lost in one of my bags! :D :D :D

    1. I have a small bag where I put everything of these things in my bag. So that I do not need to search between books and wallet and all the stuff you usually carry around with you as well.