Monday, August 31, 2015

It`s Tea Time

Hi everyone!

Happy tea time! Today I want to show you some of my favourite teas and let you know some of their ingredients.
As I do not drink coffee, teas are a big part of my life. I drink about three to four cups of tea a day.
So starting with my summer teas:

Emotional Detox Tea by Shotimaa which contains: Hibiscus, liquorice, peppermint, basil, blackberry leaf, ginger, nettle, blackpepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.  It is a tea I tend to drink in times I am stressed or overwhelmed. I find it pretty calming. The packaging says:
Emotional Detox - Feel free
Oh, the lure of the deep. We feel the flow of 
desire and sometimes get swept away.
The same flow that carries us away can also
carry away our emotional attachments.
I guess this ayurvedic tea really does its job for me. There is a warning on the box that because of the liquorice people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. Well I do not have hypertension I am the complete opposite but if you have hypertension please be careful.

Sea buckthorn and cranberry fruit tea blend by Lebensbaum which contains: Rose hip, apple, fleurs d`hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaf, lemon myrtle, sea buckthorn, orange peel, cranberry and lemon peel.
This is my morning tea unless I am stressed out then I use the above mentioned. I love the fruity taste of this one and of course I love that it is from organic farming and without any flavorings. And I really love the brand which is very environmental friendly.

Digestive Tea by Yogi Tea which contains: cardamom, fennel, coriander, barley, liquorice, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves.
This is also and ayurvedic tea which I usually drink after my main meal of the day to help my digestion and when I have eaten gluten which I usually try to avoid as it does a lot of trouble to my digestion.
It tastes not as good as my other two summer teas, it tastes definetly more like a winter tea, but it does a great job and I love it for that and I like the taste of it. It was the first tea that aids digestion that I really liked and where I didn`t complain about the taste.
It has a little bit of a yoga tip on the box too, that should help you with your digestion, I found that to be a sweet bonus.

On to my winter teas, which are all loose teas and all black teas (I do not actually now why). About these teas everything reminds me of christmas, the packaging, the smell, the ingredients, the taste and the name, so lets take a look at them:

Belgian Chocolate Tea which contains: Black tea, cacao bean pieces, cacao bean shells and (and here come the disadvantage) flavours.
It has a "seductive chocolate truffle taste" which I find a bit to strong but I love it anyways. I tend to use not a lot of tea, probably not even a teaspoon full when I do my teacup. It if really rich in flavour and if you close the bag propper you can use it for years. I have it now the third year (100g bag) and since I use that little of it when I drink it it lasts a long time. I must admit though it is not my winter favourite I drink a lot more of the other two teas that I am presenting. I guess that is because of the really strong bitter chocolate taste. But if you are a chocolate lover this one is great!

Cozy Christmas Black Tea by Hurry Curry by Indiska (Indiska is a finnish clothing and home accesorize store I would say) which contains: Black tea, cardamom, ginger, vanilla, black pepper, safflower flowers and aroma (there is this disadvantage again).
This one is as the above mentioned one also pretty rich in flavour and you probably need less than the package says on the instructions. I use half of what the instructions say otherwise it is too strong for me and I would need a lot of sweetener as I do not drink tea with milk. But it has an amazing taste of christmas and it always gives me that wonderful christmas winter feeling and it is really warming you up from the inside during these cold days.

Marzipan Black Tea which contains: Black tea, almond pieces and (here comes the disadvantage again) flavour.
I love marzipan and I love this tea. It is amazing (if you love marzipan). It really tastes as if you drink marzipan just with way less calories than actual marzipan so as a Tone it up girl this is an amazing substitute for me when I get this marzipan craving. I use about a teaspoon for one big tea cup again it is rich in favour and I have it now the third year for my winter season, I will probably empty this one this winter but it is my absolute favourite and I will definetly try to find it again at a tea store.

As you can see I drink a very different variation of teas, although it is mainly black teas during winter (I can`t tell why). I am not so happy about the fact that my winter teas contain flavouring but since they are loose teas you can see the ingredients and I am fine with that. I would not buy usual tea (the one that already comes in the bags) that contain flavouring. I do not know exactly why but for me I have always looked that all ingredients are listed and that they are free of any additional flavouring.
So as winter is coming I might buy some new teas maybe some fruity winter teas and I will try these and if they are great I will share them with you. 
So enjoy your tea time and let me know what your favourite teas are.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Favourite Swedish Crime Books Series!

Hi everyone!

Lets talk about my addiction to crime series. And I do not talk about TV-series as you may have guessed I talk about books.
In my opinion no one is more brutal and on the dark side than the scandinavian crime authors. Some tend to include a little bit of a "strange" humour but once you get used to that you can really enjoy it.
And that is exactly why they count as my favourites. Some more some over the time less. Anyways they are in my list of favourite crime book series.

Starting with the one I started to read first:
Henning Mankells book series about police inspector Kurt Wallander. Now as you may see in the picture I have so far read this series from the first to the fifths part and stopped there. Kurt Wallander has always good stories, but the more you get to know about the depressing life of Kurt Wallander the more I got annoyed by it. I feel as much as the information about him helps me understand the character as much I think do I really need to know if he changes his underwear daily or weekly? Seriously that is no information I want to know. His character as a loner is also confusing sometimes, but as I figured scandinavians love to describe their police inspectors as loners. Otherwise I can say the storylines of the cases that are presented itself are amazing. They are critical in so many ways and really make you think of how todays society is in reality when we do not shut our eyes on the stuff we do not want to see and only focus on the good stuff. It really gets you thinking. Maybe some day I will read the Wallanders that are left.
Stieg Larssons Millenium trilogy about Lisbeth Salander or the girl with the dragon tattoo is probably something you have already heared about or maybe you have seen the swedish movies. I love it. I have never read a book with over 500 pages in 2 days but with these ones I did. The books are so good. If you have seen the swedish movies you will notice that they have everything included that was in the books, so either way watching the movie and then reading the books or the other way around you won`t be disappointed. Yes it is brutal and everything you get in information is pretty detailed, but for me this is what makes it special. It is now over six years since I have read these books and I still remember the whole storyline even details. And I am sure I will probably read them again some day.
Håkan Nessers book series about police inspector Van Veeteren is pretty similar to Henning Mankells series about Kurt Wallander. The difference I find is that Van Veeteren often has some funny elements. Like I said maybe it is just my weird sence of humour but I enjoyed this series more than the one by Henning Mankell. So this is why I have read every book of the Van Veeteren series with joy and fun. I wouldn`t read them twice though.
Helene Turstens book series about police inspector Irene Huss is definetly more of a favourite of mine then the ones by Henning Mankell and Håkan Nesser. This is mainly because here we do not have a depressive and messed up loner of a police inspector. Here we have Irene Huss, which is the complete opposite for me. She is working with her team, although she finds herself sometimes in risky situations alone, she is an empowered woman who fights to bring the right people to justice. I love the elements of the jiu jitsu scenes and I love it when we get to take a look into her families life. The cases are still brutal but in a way that is okay, there is always a deeper story behind. I might definetly pick up a book of the series and reread it.

Check out my summer reading list to find out more about the Victoria Bergman trilogy by Erik Axl Sund. I found it was really disgusting but it was good and I could imagine reading the new book which comes out soon during winter.

Coming to my absolute favourite. Which is the book series about Erika Falck and Patrick Hedström by Camilla Läckberg. I just love this book series. I started reading it in german, but once I was able to read books in norwegian I couldn`t bear to wait until a book was out in german so I just went ahead and bought them in norwegian because they usually were faster translated from swedish to norwegian than from swedish to german. Erica is an author and Patrick the police inspector of the small place they live in. I personally love to not just see a case being worked but to see the story behind what happened and with Camilla Läckberg you always get to know the story behind the tragic. You get an insight into all characters personal life and their struggles and happy moments. It is not just a crime story for me. When I read it (as stupid as this might sound right now) I feel I am in on it. You get the different points of views of the different characters, you have some funny elements and as a woman you might find a bit of yourself in Erika. If you ever want to read a swedish crime series and do not know which one I can really highly recommend this one. During my aupair year I sometimes didn`t got the new one that was out right after I read the "old" one so I just reread it and it was as thrilling as the first time. I am already looking forward to read the new one during winter. (Remember crimes and thrillers during fall and winter, romance and other stuff during summer)

Well these are the swedish crime series I have read so far and that I found good. I started some other ones as the ones by Åsa Larsson, Kristina Ohlsson, Arne Dahl and the one about Inspector Babarotti by Håkan Nesser, but I didn`t found these ones good enough to dig deeper into them. I read two by Åsa Larsson but only because it was a two in one book.
So which swedish crime books do you like? If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments and I will try them.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My DIY go to Body Scrubs

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you my DIY Body Scrubs. Being in the Mall on Thursday I was so mad that I should pay around 20 Euros for a body scrub. I was mainly mad because all of them were based on  ingredients we usually have at home. So why not try it ourselves.
So I experimented a bit over the weekend and tried some things. Always with my skin in mind. Seasalt scrubs are pretty much not my thing. Which mainly is because I often have very dry sensitive and irritated skin so I wanted something more gentle than seasalt, which is why I went with sugar. Sugar is very fine and not as "hard" as salt so I find it to be perfect.
Another thing I noticed on my skin are pigmentations due to being a lot in the sun but also due to skin irritations. So coming to my next ingredient which is lemon. Lemon is great for your skin. It can lighten up your skin which is great when you have pigmentations. What it also does is it gives you that glow and the lemon zest is actually great to give you an amazing scent for your scrub.
Coffee is one of the main ingredients of the second scrub I made and this is mainly because I needed a scrub to reduce cellulite. I never actually had problems with cellulite but with the weightgain and weightloss and my body storing water it became a problem. The coffeine in the coffee is pretty great to reduce cellulite and to tighten your skin. So this is  why I used coffee for the second scrub. I will go more into detail on how I made these scrubs in a minute. I first wanted to talk about why we should scrub.
One of the main reasons why I started to use scrubs was because I struggled a lot with ingrown hairs. The main reason for that was shaving it got a bit better when I started waxing but of course I still get ingrown hairs here and there. And that is mainly because the hairs grow back pretty soft and thin and they cannot pop through your skin so they curl and grow inward which can cause infections and it just doesn`t looks nice. So to reduce that I find scrubs very helpful as it helps getting rid of dead skin cells and by that your skin gets softer and your hairs can pop through easier. This will not help you to get rid of ingrown hairs completely but it will definetly reduce them.

So on to the first scrub, which is my absolute favourite it turned out so great it made my skin so smoothe and radiant it was amazing and so easy and fast to make that I do not think I will buy a scrub again.
So lets get started. For the Citrus Scrub you will need:

2 Limes
1/2 Lemon
Zest of a whole lemon
about 300-400 gram of sugar
1 Tbsp of coconut oil

So what you do first is to juice the limes and half of the lemon. I took the seeds out as I wanted a gentle scrub. Then I added the sugar (slowely to not get a too dry consistency) and mixed until it was blended well. Then I added the coconut oil and blended again. Put in a container and you are done. I will use this up to 4 times a week as I have very dry skin especially now that summer is nearly over and it is really moisturizing thanks to the coconut oil.

For the Coffee Scrub you will need:

6 Tbsp of Coffee
300 gram of sugar
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Coconut oil

Blend the dry ingredients before you add the oils, blend well and put in a container and you are done.
I will use this scrub only on my thighs and booty as these are the areas where I need the cellulite scrub and only on the days where I do not use the lemon scrub.
I am not totally happy with the smell of this one but if you are a coffee lover it is fine. 

So these are my two scrubs. I will definetly try to make some other scrubs based on the ingredients I love for my skin and share them with you. I find these very beautiful for sensitive skin due to the sugar. If you want a bit more of a scrub you can go with sea salt or half sea salt half sugar. But I find sugar more gentle.
These are also great ideas for birthday and christmas gifts so I will definetly work on finding some more ideas. If you have any let me know in the comments below. I hope you like this post and I see you soon.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Favourite Housecleaning Products

Hi everyone!

Let`s talk about my favourite products to clean my house.

As I am very sensitive to smells I try to stay away from products that are based on a lot of chemicals. I use some old tricks my grandma teached me and some I saw on TV. I of course have some environmental friendly green cleaning products as well.
But let`s start with the all natural products:

You want to clean your windows?
- I go with half an onion go with it over the whole window and clean after with a newspaper, the window gets very clean and stays for a longer time clean as if I had cleaned it with a usual glass cleaning product. The smell of the onion is pretty fast away.

You want to clean your water tap from lime stone?
- half a lemon in a plastic back with a bit of natron on it around the water tap let it soak over night and all the lime stone will be gone.

You want to clean your toilet?
- Ever wondered why I do not drink coke? Here is the reason. You can clean your toilet with coke (yes you can!). Pour 1-2 liters of coke into your toilet wait for at least one hour and then clean and flush and you are done.

You want to clean your waterboiler/coffee machine from limestone?
- about 3Tbsp of natron, 1Cup of Vinegar (the cheapest you find) and boiling water. First the natron than the vinegar and then the boiling water. Be careful by adding the vinegar and the water as there is a chemical reaction going on the vinegar and the natron start to bubble which continues with the water (but that is what kills your limestone). Let it stand for about an hour then clean and you are good to go.

Want to clean your silver?
- Now depending on what silver you clean.
                        earings - toothpaste (the one without whitening effect or pearls) and a toothbrush then                         clean with water.
                        all other silver - put tinfoil into your sink, add water and then the silver let it be in                                 there for a while, when you feel it is cleaned, wash it as usual and dry it.

Now these were some of my all natural tips, now on to the green products from the store that I love.

There is the All Purpose Orange Cleaning Product by Sodasan. I love the orange smell.

Another product range that I love is Putzmarie The Danish Green Cleaner. Which I find is the best ever in smell and result. They all have to soak in for a while but no matter what you clean with it it is really clean and shiny afterwards. The smells are all amazing and natural. They are a bit more pricey but as they are concentrated you do not need much of the product. I love the glascleaner as I have a glastable and a glasshelf which I used to clean once a day this glascleaner was so amazing Table and glasshelf stayed clean for almost a week. I did even clean my other Ikea furniture with this as it stopped the dust sticking to my shelfs. I just love it and can highly recommend it. I do not find that a lot of stores offer it but you can for sure order them online.

So these were my favourite methods and products to clean my house. As you know due to my allergies keeping it clean is very important to me, but as I do not spend all of my days just cleaning I really tried to find products and methods that were holding the dust a bit away.
Do you have any more tips regarding "green" cleaning let me know in the comments below.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Maybelline The nudes palette vs. my MAC eyeshadows

Hi everyone!

As you can see I will compare two very different products in price and for me also in quality.
I recently bought the Maybelline The Nudes Palette for 3 reasons:

#1 less pricey than the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette
#2 more shades while spending less
#3 Just wanted to test it

So as you may have guessed I actually wanted the Urban Decay Naked 1, I already have the Naked 3 but was a bit disappointed about it compared to what I am used too from MAC. So instead of going to save money for the Naked 1 I just thought I gave the Maybelline one a try as it was less pricy.

Now the eyelook I usually go for is a smudgy eyeliner with a well blended brown shade in my crease and a bit on the lower lashline. It is a pretty quick look when I do it with MACs eyeshadow in the shade charcoal as I just dip my brush into it once for each eyelid and blend it out and am done. 
With the Palette by Maybelline I went for the shade that is similar to charcoal and ended up dipping my brush into it over and over to get the same result as with the MAC eyeshadow. It felt like taking ages and I felt I had to use 10 times the amount of shadow as with MAC so I was a bit annoyed.

Of course with the maybelline palette I get a lot of shades for a price I wouldn`t even get one MAC eyeshadow for, but I have my charcoal eyeshadow for about 8 years now and it is still not even close to being empty. Thinking of how much eyeshadow I need to use from the palette to get the same result I would assume I would empty it pretty fast. So I personally would rather save and just buy one MAC eyeshadow in three months and have it over a long period than having to rebuy a palette over and over again. 
But if you are just starting out with makeup or do go for a lighter look on your eyes this palette is of course fine for the price.

What would you choose? - Naked 1, making your own MAC palette or the Maybelline Nudes Palette? Let me know in the comments below and see you soon.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noticing I am intolerant to cow milk!

Hi everyone!

Today there is again a post on intolerances. Now you know I am not intolerant to gluten I just do not eat it for other reasons. But I am intolerant to cow milk and have probably always been just nobody has noticed it until I started complaining about certain things that went worse over several years.

So the first thing was something I have had since my childhood and that wasn`t obvious for us as a symptom since it has always been like that and that was my digestion. I usually ate and had to go straight to the bathroom afterwards. Usually your body needs time to process your food so it shouldn`t be normal that you bring your food away right after you are eating it unless your body cannot process it. So the older I went the stranger I found that fact especially after I had nutrition classes in school and we had talked about that.
Anyways doctors didn`t find that strange all they said were that I was lucky to have such a great metabolism which I today know was wrong.

So second thing I noticed was having lots of air in my belly and my belly was often doing a lot of noises not as if you are having gases but you could here it was working. I found that strange as it was pretty loud and people could here it. At first we made fun about it but at some point it went painful. So that was when I went to the doctor and described it for the first time and that was when he mentioned it could be that I am lactose intolerant but he never tested it he said as long as I do not have problems or got annoyed by my symptoms I was fine.

The third thing and that was basically the last thing that showed up was my skin. I had red dots all over that were itching like a normal allergic reaction. I went to another doctor and showed her that and described the other things like the above mentioned. And she was basically shocked that no one has tested that especially as they knew that as a baby I never kept milk inside I was always throwing my whole food up.

So we did a test and I didn`t take the breathe test, but the blood test. Which takes a pretty long time I find. They take your blood, then you have to drink lactose and then they take blood 3 times i think everytime with 30 minutes in between. So that was the way they figured it out for me. And from that time on I was completely off animal based milk. I was having soy milk for about a year until my thyroid autoimmunity problem was discovered and then I got to know that I should stay away from soy and since I didn`t like nut milks and oat milk my doctor recommended trying goat and sheep milk as the protein is different from cow milk and easier to process and it worked well I do not have any symptoms consuming these and I find them to be great alternatives.

So this was a quick post about how I noticed being intolerant to cow milk, what to look out for and if you feel you have any symptoms then do not hesitate to force your doctor to do the test. It is your right to be happy and healthy and feel great. And being in any way not able to be that is not okay. I was really shocked to how many doctors I had to go in my "life" until someone took my symptoms serious, wether it was allergies, autoimmunity, intolerances. It is your body and if you feel something is wrong you have the right to tell that and find out what it is. No one deserves to be send away with a "Oh well be happy that your digestion is working that good"- Well I cannot even eat at a restaurant because....
You know what I mean. Be happy, stay focused and fight for your rights ;)


Monday, August 17, 2015

My Birthday Cake Recipe!

Hi everyone!

So today I want to share the recipe of my birthday cake with you. It is a combination of something I created myself and the recipe of coco roons.
So why I came up with this is pretty simple. By the time I was having my birthday (in June) I was still completely off grain and artificial sugar. I had introduced sheep and goat milk products back into my diet, but finding a cake that fit that criterias at a store or a bakery was basically impossible. 
So I had to create my own cake so I turned to a sweet I learned to love during the past couple of months that I had been off sugar and grains an that were coco roons.
I used the coco roon brownie dough for my base. For that you will need:

1/3 cup of almond flour
1/3 cup of coconut butter (I have to heat it up so that it is soft)
2 Tbsp of maple syrup
1-2 Tbsp of cacao powder
1 pinch of salt (I use Himalaya Salt as I cannot eat seasalt due to my thyroid and autoimmunity)
1 tsp vanilla extract

You blend these ingredients and then press it into your form as you see in the picture above it is pretty thin. Don`t forget to put baking paper into your form as the dough is pretty sticky. You then put this into the fridge while you are making the cream.
For the cream you will need:

2 Tbsp Peanut Butter (you can choose yourself if you want the creamy or the crunchy version, but make sure it is organic so that you really just have the peanut butter and no added sugar or stuff you wouldn`t be able to pronounce)
about 3 - 4 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt (mine was from sheep milk and not fat reduced. The reason for that is that when you are intolerant to milk your body can process it better when it is full fat and not fat reduced)
1 Tbsp maple syrup (if you need more for your taste then go with a bit more)
1 Tbsp chocolate chips

Blend until everything is smooth and worked in so that it is a bit of a thicker cream. Before I put the the cream on the cake I cut two bananas into thin slices and layed them all over my dough. 

When you are done with laying out the bananas top the whole cake with the cream and put in the fridge for another hour or two before you eat it. 
If it is really hot outside you cannot have the cake outside the fridge for a long time as the coconut butter in your dough will get soft again and the peanutbutter in your cream too. So I personally cut the cake put the slices for the people on a plate and then put the cake right back into the fridge.
It holds about 4-6 days in the fridge if you do not eat it up before.

On a site note, you can do this recipe with any coco roon base and with any fruit you want to combine it with, it is probably also great when you use the vanilla berry coco roon dough, top the cake with a thin layer of greek yoghurt and some berries. But that is up to you.

So this is my birthday cake and a pretty fast solution if you have guests visiting on a short notice. All the people who have tried it so far found it super refreshing and yummy. I hope you like it too.


Friday, August 14, 2015

How yoga helps me get through the day

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about Yoga!
Yoga has become a great help and hobby for me during the past few months. I had tried it before at the gym but that has been different to doing yoga at home for myself.
Due to my autoimmunity I am very sensitive to stress. Doctors recommend to try to avoid stress as good as possible which in todays world is pretty hard. Sometimes I even feel stressed when I have an appointment in the city or when I meet with friends. So that is when yoga comes in.
Since April I turn to my mat and even if it is just 10 to 15 minutes to calm myself down before these kind of appointments. When a day was stressful I go to the mat when I come home and do some yoga. When I am in a bad mood,I turn to the mat, when I am tired I turn to the mat. And of course when I am in a good mood feeling great I turn to the mat. No matter what Yoga seems to have my back. Sometimes it is a gentle routine sometimes it is a real workout, that depends on my mood and what I feel for.
Yoga is my "me-time" and I feel that is why I just noticed the benefits of it when I did it at home instead of doing it at the gym.
I started yoga at home using the yogawithadriene videos and slowly eased into it with the 30 days of challenge. It took some days to adjust to it and it also took some time to notice the benefits of it besides seeing it as a workout and shredding some weight. Doing yoga at home gave me the opportunity to slowely ease into it, to find my breathe, my speed and what felt good. It wasn`t about being still in your pose and about the perfect shape it was all about finding what feels good (as Adriene always says in her videos).
So with that in mind, it was fun. Of course I am not perfect in it, but I practice and I see how I improve every single day with every routine, how I focus more on my form and to do the poses right but without any stress. I see how much stronger I become, how I detox and get rid of the water that my body stores due to the inflammatory condition. Yoga also helps me with my food cravings. Since I do yoga I very rarely have sweet cravings and when I have them and do 10 minutes of yoga they are most times gone (who knows why?). It also helps me with my mood swings and gives me my balance back when I need it.
Yoga at home got me away from being competitive. When you see all these people at the gym moving easily from chaturanga to upward dog and you can barely do chaturanga from your knees it was so demotivating and embarrasing. I know it shouldn`t but that was basically how I felt. Since I am hyperflexible I was great with poses that required that but do I really needed to show that off instead of enjoying the benefits of the pose, moving into it slowely, getting the best out of it? - No I don`t. And that is what home practice gives me. I do not need the show off, I do not need to be all dressed for the gym I can do yoga when I feel for it even when I am in my PJs and all I need for it is a mat and my laptop (well by now I sometimes do a flow without being in need of my laptop).

Yoga has helped me in so many ways and I am happy I integrated it in my everyday life and I look forward to practice it more and to grow in my practice. I hope to learn more about it and that I won`t turn my back on it when I am short on time. Even 10 minutes can change a lot in a day.

I simply love yoga. What do you think about it?


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How I went sugar "sugar" free

Hi everyone!

Today we got a more serious and health related topic again.
With my autoimmunity I became very sensitive to food as you may have seen in my previous posed on how I changed my nutrition.
Today I wanted to go more deeper into going sugar free and why I decided to do so.

With my diagnosis and my doctors advice to stay away from gluten and cowmilk I also got the advice to lower down my sugar intake at this could cause my skin irritation. When I got that advice I already new I was intolerant to lactose which is the milk sugar. They first related my skin irritations to that but when they weren`t away after being completely off dairy they figured it had to be something else.
So going on the autoimmune paleo gave me the chance to digg deeper into what I can eat and what I can`t. One thing that was excluded from my nutrition during the elemination phase (that time when you only eat foods that are on the allowed list of the AIP protocol) was sugar, fruitsugar was also reduced so my sugar intake was really low during that time. I was a lot more focused and energized during that time and my skin problems went all away.
To be honest I didn`t missed a thing, I didn`t find it hard to exclude it and I do not really noticed it. Yes I had some cravings but these cravings weren`t cravings for sweets but for real food. I went for carrots very often or beet root chips or sweet potatoe chips but never ever did I say "Oh how I wish for a cookie".
But because I didn`t notice I was nearly sugar free I didn`t notice that sugar was my actual problem.
One day I went with a friend out to eat at an ice cafe and as usual I ordered a cup of chocolate icecream. Oh wow you should have seen my face tasting the first spoon. I usually love chocolate ice cream, but being off sugar for a month made it taste so sweet and strong and weird that I couldn`t even eat half of the cup before I felt nauseous and extremly full. I ran around with feeling that bad all day. By the end of the day I noticed skin irritations and I immediatly new it was the sugar not the milk because I have had some dairy products a few weeks back where I didn`t show a that heavy reaction.
Not just the feeling bad problem was back but also the problem off having sweet cravings which definetly showed me that sugar is as a addictive as a drug and by that definetly shouldn`t enter my body more often than required. I was also a lot more nervous now after eating sugar. With that in mind it was pretty easy to keep the intake down again. Not as easy as it was while I was on the AIP Protocol but definetly not as hard as you might imagine now.

So as you can see for me going sugar free was a seemingless progress and has shown great results.
How much sugar do you need and eat? Have you observed similar "symptoms/problems"? Would you go sugar free? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, August 10, 2015

How I changed my diet to become healthy

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about a more serious topic which is my nutrition.
Since I was 16 I was overweight and I could never understand why, I always did sports and ate a lot of veggies and mainly healthy. I didn`t drink soda, but I loved sweets. But not the kind of sweets you might think now, I mainly went with dark chocolate and nuts or raisins. So for me it was always a mystery how I one month could gain 5kg and the other one loose 10kg without even putting an effort in.
As many teen girls I struggled a lot with this weightgain/weightloss and having all the people around you commenting on it made it even worse. I mean to me I didn`t know what was going on, doctors always said it was my diet, that I would eat too much, so I tried to reduce portion sizes which didn`t do the job either, unless that I felt dizzy all day.
When I moved out and went to Norway as an AuPair it was the first time when I noticed a constant weightloss journey, I was walking more, but didn`t do any sports as I simply didn`t had the time. So the reason why I lost weight there was simply stress, stress always made me loose weight and it also did that for the next 2 years so that I was pretty close to the shape I wanted to have. I started working out to tighten and tone and saw great results so I was convinced that nothing was wrong with my nutrition, that I just had to work harder to get to my goal, which meant more stress more weightloss.
When I came to the point where my body obviously showed me that it needed a break all crashed down.
I felt depressed, I felt bloated, I felt exhausted and constantly fatigue. By then I already knew something was going terribly wrong. I noticed that working out 5 days a week every day for 3 hours wouldn`t help me, it wouldn`t cheere me up and moreover it didn`t made me loose more weight. At that point autoimmunity had already done its job. In only two months I had gained 20kg back, 20kg I had worked so hard for to loose. I had terrible allergies and started noticing food intolerances. My doctor put one and one together, decided to do some tests and diagnosed me in January this year with Hashimotos thyroiditis. She immediatly asked me to stay away from, soy, usual salt, cowmilk and from gluten. Which I did. But what I also did was research, research on Hashimotos and research on autoimmune conditions. Not only german research but also english articles. I wanted to know what was going on and how I can change it. Today I know that I mainly wanted to understand what I am dealing with.
With hashimotos I got several other chronical conditions, such as heavy asthma and tachycardia (we still do not know what causes them).
For me it was clear I am sick and I needed to find a way to make me feel better in my own body and with my own body. I also had to realize that loosing the weight I gained now wouldn`t be as easy as before as most weight I gained was water due to the inflammatory condition my body is in.
So with all the research I found a lot of people dealing with autoimmunity started to eat paleo and autoimmune paleo, I eased into autoimmune paleo with a normal paleo diet and of coursed I bought myself a cookbook as I really wanted to dig into it and find inspiration on what to eat. After 4 weeks of eating that way (paleo and autoimmune paleo) I started to notice that I stopped feeling fatigue and bloated. I was amazed but I also knew I as an absolute foodie couldn`t keep that up for the rest of my life. So I included one cheat day per week, where I would eat whatever I feel for.
These cheat days have teached me a lot about what I can eat and what I can`t. When I ate Pasta with tomatoe sauce and cheese I would immediatly feel bad, so I tried every ingredient on its own and figured the worst of all of it was the tomatoe sauce. From there I went further and tried other nightshades and I noticed that all of them was causing me trouble, so I cut them out.
I figured I missed carbs to my meals and slowely tried potatoes, rice and pasta and found that besides rice the other ones aren`t working. So I included rice back in.
I also included milk back in but I went to try different kind of milks: goatmilk, sheepmilk, almond milk, And figure the milk that worked and tastes best for me was goatmilk so I started adding some cheese and milk back into my diet, still not much but enough to not make me feel like I am missing out on something.
But my worst enemy on my old kind of nutrition is sugar and I will go more in depth on this in another post, all I can say is my new sweeteners are called honey and maple syrup as agave and stevia aren`t working for  me.
I also started to go to a local farmers market and buy all my meat fresh and grass fed and my veggies local and organic.
As you can see I did a lot of research and just tested myself what worked and what didn`t as everybodys body is reaction different. I couldn`t eat all the stuff that was on the allowed list of the autoimmune paleo protocol but I am able to eat some of the foods that are on the "avoid" list so I guess if you have a condition like that you just have to find what feels good for you. As with everything in life the best advice here is "find what feels good" enjoy what you can and be happy. It is a choice. Yes I am limited in what I can and what I can`t eat but I also learned to appreciate it. And feeling that much better and seeing the scale go down although it is a slow process is what makes me feel happy, what makes me feel good and makes the whole testing progress so worth it.

So on whatever weightloss journey you are, if you are sick or healthy just believe in you, just find what feels good and keep in mind that change takes time. But once you made the first step, all the other steps you do will help you reach your goal.


Friday, August 7, 2015

My book addiction - Readinglist

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share one of my readinglists with you.
As you may notice over the time I am really addicted to books and reading. It is my me time. When I read I often do not notice what is happening around me so for me reading is something very relaxing and calming. It has basically the same effect as yoga (just that it doesn`t count as a workout). I always carry a book around with me and I am doing that now for over 10 years so you can guess that whenever I had time I was reading (on the train, schoolbreaks, holidays, at a cafe, etc.). So this leaves me with a lot of books that I have read, some books I have only started and then found that the language or style wasn`t something for me but I will never give them up I will always try to read them again at some point. Some books I finished I found not to be as good as I had expected them to be, some books turned out to be better than expected. Anyways today I want to share with you a list of books that I have read so far. To some you might get some more information than just the title and author, but not to all of them. Some of the ones I have already read are not included in this post and that are the swedish crime books series (I have an extra post for those) and the ones that I mentioned in my post about my summer reads.
So here we go:

Michael Ende - Momo I already read this one as a child
Michael Ende - The Neverending Story this is my absolute all time favourite, when I was just 12years old I had already read it about 4 times, by now I think I have read it 8 times in total. I love the old movie to this book too. I always felt it is a must have as a kid and when I became a teen and got more responsibilities this book was perfect to make me feel a kid again. It is such a great adventure.
Walter Moers - The City of  Dreaming Books Amazing!!! It is like the Neverending story for adults, at least for me it is. I have read the whole book in 2 days when I read it the first time. The adventure and the power it has. It is really like it is your adventure (well you must like fantasy and be able to use yours). I must admit I was at first sceptical about it but that was away after reading the first 20 pages. Definetly a fun and got book and I loved the illustrations.
Walter Moers - 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear 
Henrik Ibsen - 4 Major Plays
Jostein Gaarder - Sophies World
Jostein Gaarder - The Orange Girl I love it was on my list for this summer but I have read it a few years back and just love it!
Jostein Gaarder - The Ringmaster`s Daughter
Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice not a big fan of these kind of books/stories but I decided to read it anyways as it is a classic and you can`t say I do not like it unless you at least have read one of it.
Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre 
Victor Hugo - Les Miserables
Nikolai Gogol - Dead Souls I am in love with the russian classics. It is not a thing for everyone but for me they were a must have on my list.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky - The Idiot
Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina
Franz Kafka - All works and by all means I haven`t read all of them.
Hermann Hesse - Narcissus and Goldmund
Mark Twain - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn I so love this book. Definetly a favourite.
Allen Ginsberg - Howl strange but good at the same time.
Ian McEwan - Atonement I actually liked it although I found it a bit strange.
John Irving -  A Prayer for Owen Meany
John Irving - The Cider House Rules
Patrick Süskind - Perfume one of the best books ever. Sometimes disgusting too but it is really a good book and for me a must read.
F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby
Marcel Proust - Swanns Way I think I have started this book already 5 times and always stopped after 50 pages. I am sure I will make it through this one some day.
James Joyce - Ulysses same as with the Proust.
Dorothy Parker - Here Lies: The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker
Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar
Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse-Five
Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince
Edward Albee - Who`s afraid of Virginia Woolf It is good as a book but it is even better as a play. So if you do not want to read the book I really recommend seeing the play if there is one in your area.
Jodi Picoult - My sisters keeper I love the book although I love the ending of the movie more.
Nicholas Sparks - The Notebook My absolute Nicholas Sparks favourite both as a book and as a movie.
Neil Gaiman - Coraline
Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere also one of my favourite books.
Jack Kerouac - On the road I read this when I was 17 I think and on the subway on my way to school. I felt people looking strange at me probably because I made funny faces. This book is really good.
Christina Schwarz - Drowning Ruth such an amazing book.
Mötley Crüe - The Dirt I wouldn`t have needed to read that one. Strange and disgusting.
Stephen King - The dark Tower
Emily Dickinson - The complete Poems
Alexander Puschkin - (I do not know the englisch title but it is a collection of his works)
William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare - Othello
William Shakespeare - Hamlet
William Shakespeare - A Midsummer Nights Dream
William Shakespeare - Much Ado about Nothing
As you can see I love Shakespeare
The Poetic Edda and The Prose Edda which both were a part of my studies of scandinavian literature and languages so definetly not read all of it
Michael Moore - Stupid White Man
Michael Moore - Dude Where`s My Country
T.C. Boyle - Budding Prospects
Ira Levin - Rosemary`s Baby
Alice Sebold - The Lovely Bones
Alice Sebold - The Almost Moon
Wladimir Kaminer - Russian Disco as far as I am concerned the other books I have read by him are not out in englisch, but they are very good so I will just name the german titles: Militärmusik, Die Reise nach Trulala, Mein Deutsches Dschungelbuch)
William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist
Morton Rhue - Give a boy a gun
Morton Rhue - The Wave

So as you can see it is a pretty long list but I really have read nearly all of these. Maybe you found some inspiration on what to read next. I of course have read some other books that are not on this list, mainly as they may come up on other posts about books or because I do not own them and have forgotten to mention them for that reason.
Maybe you can give me some inspiration on what to read next too in the comments below.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Birthday Card Decoration

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you how I make all my birthday cards on my own. They are far from perfect but most of the people are really happy to get something personal for their birthday and they really like that you put effort into it. These cards are more simple than the ones I usually do but I thought for a start and a quick fix if you for example forgot to buy a card they are great choices.
 So the first card which is a more girly Marilyn Monroe kind of a card is a folded one in  the usual style of a card and the other one which I will present in detail during the next weeks is as I call it a toiletpaper roll kind of a card with a tag that you can pull out.

Here you can see what you will need to make the cards shown above.
You will need a card stack which is the one in the middle the paper is thicker and stronger then the similar one on the right. You might also need a paperstack for decoration or if you have any leftover papers from an earlier project you might use those. You will need some stamps of your choice, as you can see I have chosen the  Marilyn Monroe stamp, if this card would have been for a guy I would have gone with Elvis or the Pilot stamp I got.
These stamps do not come on a wooden plate so that is the reason why you will need the glass plate on the left. You will need stamping ink I have one in a shimmery redish silver and one in a vintage brown. and then you will need some stuff for decoration and as usual a scissor, a crafting knife some glue (I prefer double sided sticky tape) and for the card with the pull out tag ribbon and a punch plier.

So on to the folded card.

#1 You need to chose one sheet of the paper stack and fold it in the middle.

I went with the sheet in a light greyish blue.

#2 The next thing I did was choosing a black thinner sheet to stamp the Marilyn in the redish silver on. As well as the champagne glass and "Celebrating".

As you can see I did stamp it twice and then chose the stronger one.

#3 While the stamps dry I went through my box of paper rests and found a black/grey/white striped paper that fit perfectly. I glued that to my card as you can see in the following picture

#4 As you can see the fourth step was to cut out Marilyn and the other stamps. I did that with a crafting knife but you can of course use scissors for that. I just find that you get a more accurate result with the knife. After that I glued all three stamps onto the same light grey/blue paper as I used for the card and then cut that out again so that you have kind of a frame.

#5 As I wanted to create a 3D effect I put little gluepillows (however you call them) under them and then glued them to the card in the way I found to be nice and to cover up all irregularities.

#6 Once you have glued your stamps to your card you are free to decorate with the decorations you have. I went in with a silver ribbon on the upper right corner and some black and grey self sticking stones. On the top right corner under the "Celebrating" stamp I put a ribbon of light green stones and above it I went with a single small black stone. In the lower right corner I went with two of the green stones and one black.

And that is basically it. I did this card together with my little cousin and with explaining and talking in between it took me about 15 to 20 minutes. So it is pretty quick.

For the second card I won`t go that much into detail as I usually only use tag cards for christmas and that is probably the time where you will find a more detailed blogpost about this style of cards. But some quick steps if you want to try it now.

#1 Choose a paper of your choice to cover up the toiletpaper roll (it can be patterned or as I did without a pattern). Then cut it as needed. I usually go with a 1cm on one side glue that on and then wrap the paper to the other side and glue it on then and then around again to cover up the centimenter. Apply glue all over to avoid air bubbles.

#2 Fold the edges of the paper that are outside into the roll and glue it to that so that everything has the colour of the paper that you choose.

#3 Then I chose a patterned paper from a paperstack (you could have used any leftover paper that had that size and that fitted your style) and glued that to the all flat site (not the one where we had the extra cm). When that has dried I punched in the wholes and used some golden punches to make it look more clean.

#4 After that you have to make your tag which should be a bit smaller than the roll so that it fits in easily and that you can pull it out without any problems. You can style your tag as you like. I went with the same paper as I took to cover the roll and then put some patterned paper on it. The other side of the tag got a stamp on where you could enter your Birthday wished but you can basically choose how you want to design that yourself. The tag needs a hole as well to fix a ribbon so that you can pull it out.

#5 For decoration we went with a stamp of a girl with a flower bouquet and used the same technique as above to create the 3D effect. Colour the stamp and you are done.

I love these tag cards they are basically one of the fastes cards to make and that is why I love them for christmas time when you usually need a lot of different cards.

So that was todays DIY idea. I hope you enjoyed it.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Girl on the Train - Review

Hi everyone!

As you have seen on my post about my summer reads I recently read Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. There were so many people raving about this book and since it is a Bestseller I put it on my list for this summer.
As I already said in my post on my summer reads I had very high expactions and hoped they weren`t too high, apparently they were and than again they weren`t.
What I mean by that are you going to see in the following as I will break down my "reading process".

#1 Up to around page 50: I tried to stay neutral although I was already annoyed by the main character (Rachel) getting drunk all the time and not getting over her ex and being constantly depressed and simply just talking about the people she sees from the train. By the beginning of the book I was convinced it is a thriller as you find it in that section of the book store and was annoyed that nothing exciting had happened yet except of her getting drunk and riding the train and  looking into peoples gardens (not to much spoilers at this point).

#2 Up to page 150: I was seriously hoping at this stage that the book would end soon. I was so annoyed by all that drunkeness of Rachel and her depressed personality not getting over her ex, basically for me nothing exciting was happening. At that point I was close to calling it an end and not finishing this book which frankly has never happened with a crimebook/thriller before, so yes I found it that bad up until then.

#3 Up to page 200: Finally someone went missing. And again Rachel didn`t stop drinking and all her drinking makes of course everything complicated. But now she isn`t just wining about her ex, no now she wines about not remembering for being to drunk. Still annoyed but looking forward to finding out what happened to the missed person. We got to know a bit of her by then, but that bit we got to know by now wasn`t something I liked.

#4 The rest of the book: Around page 300 I figured I probably know what happened to the missing person and who was responsible for that so I got excited to read further to figure out if I was right. Around page 360 I figured I was but really wanted to know the reason for all that  which made the end of the book pretty good.

For me personally if a book has that many repetitions I do not like it. If there are always the same expressions used I do not like it. I am not a fan of alcoholism either so for me it wasn`t a fun book to read for most of the time as alcohol played a big role. As you can see I liked the book from page 200 to the end, but I wished that would have come way earlier. I do not want to say it is a bad book but I definetly do not get the hype around it and that it is a #1 bestseller. It is worth reading but I wouldn`t read it twice or give it away as a gift or recommend it at first spot to a friend.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts about it? Or are you going to read it?


Monday, August 3, 2015

Favourite Nailcolours

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to show you some of my favourite nail colours. As always I will devide them after occasion and season and talk about their pros and cons. No nailswatches today as I find some of them reflect different in different lighting.

So lets start with my spring/summer favourites, that also include my two all time favourites:

Depend Nailpolish in the shade no. 069 (which now seems to be 427) which is the more pinky shade of the two depend polishes in the picture above. I just love that pink for my toe nails during summer. For me personally it is a bit too glossy and pinky to wear it on my fingernails, as you know I like it a little bit more toned done so for my fingernails I go with the other Depend Nailpolish which is the shade no.136. This shade is a really light rose tone which has a pretty glossy finish but I love it. These Nailpolish are pretty cheap and you definetly need 2 to 3 coats to get the best out of the colour and to not make your nail shine through. So make sure to let every coat dry proper if you use them and you will get the same result as with any other drugstore nailpolish.

Malu Wilz Frozen Yoghurt Mini Edition in the shade no17 Frozen Raspberry I just love this Nailpolish. As you can see it is a raspberry colour with white dots that give you that frozen yoghurt look. It is definetly long lasting and easy to apply thanks to the great consistency not too liquid but also not to "clumpy". I personally love the Malu Wilz nail polishes because they are longlasting and look a very long time as if they are freshly applied, they are a little bit more expansive but still in the pricerange of a drugstore product. This is definetly not a nailpolish I would wear to any occasion because of the intense colour and the "special effect" but still a favourite.

Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish Longlasting in the shade 51T is my absolute favourite and useful for any occasion. I have read a lot of blogs that mention they had problems with the thick consistency which I cannot refer to. I find it easy to apply but as always use 2 thinner coats. The colour is a lovely pinky nude which makes your nails look pretty natural. I do not find it as longlasting as the Malu Wilz one and I find it easily chops off when you have your hands in a lot of contact with water (for example when you do the dishes).

So these are my spring/ summer favourites. Lets take a look at my fall/winter favourites:

MaXFactor Glossfinity in the shade no.150 Amethyst. I like darker colours during fall/winter season. This purple is a great shade, easy to apply and longlasting and I really mean longlasting. I would say it lasts better than the one by Manhatten. I love it on an everyday basis but definetly wouldn`t wear it to work and some other occasions.

Wet `n` Wild Megalast Nail Polish in the shade E2162 Under your spell. I call it my Christmas Nail Polish. It is a dark red-brownish shade with a bit of a sparkle and definetly suitable for christmas time. The time it lasts is okay. I do not like the brush I find it is too big and makes it difficult to apply the polish to my small nails. I am always in need of doing touch ups with a remover pen.

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish in the shade no.200 From Dusk to Dawn. This shade is my winter favourite. It is a greyish brown which is perfectly for my skin tone. The colour isn`t too strong and therefor perfectly for any occasion. I find it pretty liquid which makes it a bit difficult to apply and I need 2 to 3 coats but for the price it is fine.

So these are my favourite NailPolishes. Which brands do you use? Which colours do you like? What can you recommend?
Let me know in the comments below and see you soon.