Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Birthday Card Decoration

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you how I make all my birthday cards on my own. They are far from perfect but most of the people are really happy to get something personal for their birthday and they really like that you put effort into it. These cards are more simple than the ones I usually do but I thought for a start and a quick fix if you for example forgot to buy a card they are great choices.
 So the first card which is a more girly Marilyn Monroe kind of a card is a folded one in  the usual style of a card and the other one which I will present in detail during the next weeks is as I call it a toiletpaper roll kind of a card with a tag that you can pull out.

Here you can see what you will need to make the cards shown above.
You will need a card stack which is the one in the middle the paper is thicker and stronger then the similar one on the right. You might also need a paperstack for decoration or if you have any leftover papers from an earlier project you might use those. You will need some stamps of your choice, as you can see I have chosen the  Marilyn Monroe stamp, if this card would have been for a guy I would have gone with Elvis or the Pilot stamp I got.
These stamps do not come on a wooden plate so that is the reason why you will need the glass plate on the left. You will need stamping ink I have one in a shimmery redish silver and one in a vintage brown. and then you will need some stuff for decoration and as usual a scissor, a crafting knife some glue (I prefer double sided sticky tape) and for the card with the pull out tag ribbon and a punch plier.

So on to the folded card.

#1 You need to chose one sheet of the paper stack and fold it in the middle.

I went with the sheet in a light greyish blue.

#2 The next thing I did was choosing a black thinner sheet to stamp the Marilyn in the redish silver on. As well as the champagne glass and "Celebrating".

As you can see I did stamp it twice and then chose the stronger one.

#3 While the stamps dry I went through my box of paper rests and found a black/grey/white striped paper that fit perfectly. I glued that to my card as you can see in the following picture

#4 As you can see the fourth step was to cut out Marilyn and the other stamps. I did that with a crafting knife but you can of course use scissors for that. I just find that you get a more accurate result with the knife. After that I glued all three stamps onto the same light grey/blue paper as I used for the card and then cut that out again so that you have kind of a frame.

#5 As I wanted to create a 3D effect I put little gluepillows (however you call them) under them and then glued them to the card in the way I found to be nice and to cover up all irregularities.

#6 Once you have glued your stamps to your card you are free to decorate with the decorations you have. I went in with a silver ribbon on the upper right corner and some black and grey self sticking stones. On the top right corner under the "Celebrating" stamp I put a ribbon of light green stones and above it I went with a single small black stone. In the lower right corner I went with two of the green stones and one black.

And that is basically it. I did this card together with my little cousin and with explaining and talking in between it took me about 15 to 20 minutes. So it is pretty quick.

For the second card I won`t go that much into detail as I usually only use tag cards for christmas and that is probably the time where you will find a more detailed blogpost about this style of cards. But some quick steps if you want to try it now.

#1 Choose a paper of your choice to cover up the toiletpaper roll (it can be patterned or as I did without a pattern). Then cut it as needed. I usually go with a 1cm on one side glue that on and then wrap the paper to the other side and glue it on then and then around again to cover up the centimenter. Apply glue all over to avoid air bubbles.

#2 Fold the edges of the paper that are outside into the roll and glue it to that so that everything has the colour of the paper that you choose.

#3 Then I chose a patterned paper from a paperstack (you could have used any leftover paper that had that size and that fitted your style) and glued that to the all flat site (not the one where we had the extra cm). When that has dried I punched in the wholes and used some golden punches to make it look more clean.

#4 After that you have to make your tag which should be a bit smaller than the roll so that it fits in easily and that you can pull it out without any problems. You can style your tag as you like. I went with the same paper as I took to cover the roll and then put some patterned paper on it. The other side of the tag got a stamp on where you could enter your Birthday wished but you can basically choose how you want to design that yourself. The tag needs a hole as well to fix a ribbon so that you can pull it out.

#5 For decoration we went with a stamp of a girl with a flower bouquet and used the same technique as above to create the 3D effect. Colour the stamp and you are done.

I love these tag cards they are basically one of the fastes cards to make and that is why I love them for christmas time when you usually need a lot of different cards.

So that was todays DIY idea. I hope you enjoyed it.


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