Monday, August 24, 2015

Favourite Housecleaning Products

Hi everyone!

Let`s talk about my favourite products to clean my house.

As I am very sensitive to smells I try to stay away from products that are based on a lot of chemicals. I use some old tricks my grandma teached me and some I saw on TV. I of course have some environmental friendly green cleaning products as well.
But let`s start with the all natural products:

You want to clean your windows?
- I go with half an onion go with it over the whole window and clean after with a newspaper, the window gets very clean and stays for a longer time clean as if I had cleaned it with a usual glass cleaning product. The smell of the onion is pretty fast away.

You want to clean your water tap from lime stone?
- half a lemon in a plastic back with a bit of natron on it around the water tap let it soak over night and all the lime stone will be gone.

You want to clean your toilet?
- Ever wondered why I do not drink coke? Here is the reason. You can clean your toilet with coke (yes you can!). Pour 1-2 liters of coke into your toilet wait for at least one hour and then clean and flush and you are done.

You want to clean your waterboiler/coffee machine from limestone?
- about 3Tbsp of natron, 1Cup of Vinegar (the cheapest you find) and boiling water. First the natron than the vinegar and then the boiling water. Be careful by adding the vinegar and the water as there is a chemical reaction going on the vinegar and the natron start to bubble which continues with the water (but that is what kills your limestone). Let it stand for about an hour then clean and you are good to go.

Want to clean your silver?
- Now depending on what silver you clean.
                        earings - toothpaste (the one without whitening effect or pearls) and a toothbrush then                         clean with water.
                        all other silver - put tinfoil into your sink, add water and then the silver let it be in                                 there for a while, when you feel it is cleaned, wash it as usual and dry it.

Now these were some of my all natural tips, now on to the green products from the store that I love.

There is the All Purpose Orange Cleaning Product by Sodasan. I love the orange smell.

Another product range that I love is Putzmarie The Danish Green Cleaner. Which I find is the best ever in smell and result. They all have to soak in for a while but no matter what you clean with it it is really clean and shiny afterwards. The smells are all amazing and natural. They are a bit more pricey but as they are concentrated you do not need much of the product. I love the glascleaner as I have a glastable and a glasshelf which I used to clean once a day this glascleaner was so amazing Table and glasshelf stayed clean for almost a week. I did even clean my other Ikea furniture with this as it stopped the dust sticking to my shelfs. I just love it and can highly recommend it. I do not find that a lot of stores offer it but you can for sure order them online.

So these were my favourite methods and products to clean my house. As you know due to my allergies keeping it clean is very important to me, but as I do not spend all of my days just cleaning I really tried to find products and methods that were holding the dust a bit away.
Do you have any more tips regarding "green" cleaning let me know in the comments below.


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