Monday, August 3, 2015

Favourite Nailcolours

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to show you some of my favourite nail colours. As always I will devide them after occasion and season and talk about their pros and cons. No nailswatches today as I find some of them reflect different in different lighting.

So lets start with my spring/summer favourites, that also include my two all time favourites:

Depend Nailpolish in the shade no. 069 (which now seems to be 427) which is the more pinky shade of the two depend polishes in the picture above. I just love that pink for my toe nails during summer. For me personally it is a bit too glossy and pinky to wear it on my fingernails, as you know I like it a little bit more toned done so for my fingernails I go with the other Depend Nailpolish which is the shade no.136. This shade is a really light rose tone which has a pretty glossy finish but I love it. These Nailpolish are pretty cheap and you definetly need 2 to 3 coats to get the best out of the colour and to not make your nail shine through. So make sure to let every coat dry proper if you use them and you will get the same result as with any other drugstore nailpolish.

Malu Wilz Frozen Yoghurt Mini Edition in the shade no17 Frozen Raspberry I just love this Nailpolish. As you can see it is a raspberry colour with white dots that give you that frozen yoghurt look. It is definetly long lasting and easy to apply thanks to the great consistency not too liquid but also not to "clumpy". I personally love the Malu Wilz nail polishes because they are longlasting and look a very long time as if they are freshly applied, they are a little bit more expansive but still in the pricerange of a drugstore product. This is definetly not a nailpolish I would wear to any occasion because of the intense colour and the "special effect" but still a favourite.

Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish Longlasting in the shade 51T is my absolute favourite and useful for any occasion. I have read a lot of blogs that mention they had problems with the thick consistency which I cannot refer to. I find it easy to apply but as always use 2 thinner coats. The colour is a lovely pinky nude which makes your nails look pretty natural. I do not find it as longlasting as the Malu Wilz one and I find it easily chops off when you have your hands in a lot of contact with water (for example when you do the dishes).

So these are my spring/ summer favourites. Lets take a look at my fall/winter favourites:

MaXFactor Glossfinity in the shade no.150 Amethyst. I like darker colours during fall/winter season. This purple is a great shade, easy to apply and longlasting and I really mean longlasting. I would say it lasts better than the one by Manhatten. I love it on an everyday basis but definetly wouldn`t wear it to work and some other occasions.

Wet `n` Wild Megalast Nail Polish in the shade E2162 Under your spell. I call it my Christmas Nail Polish. It is a dark red-brownish shade with a bit of a sparkle and definetly suitable for christmas time. The time it lasts is okay. I do not like the brush I find it is too big and makes it difficult to apply the polish to my small nails. I am always in need of doing touch ups with a remover pen.

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish in the shade no.200 From Dusk to Dawn. This shade is my winter favourite. It is a greyish brown which is perfectly for my skin tone. The colour isn`t too strong and therefor perfectly for any occasion. I find it pretty liquid which makes it a bit difficult to apply and I need 2 to 3 coats but for the price it is fine.

So these are my favourite NailPolishes. Which brands do you use? Which colours do you like? What can you recommend?
Let me know in the comments below and see you soon.



  1. Lovely pics! I love your blog:)

  2. Nice colors! Frozen Raspberry looks really great!

    1. Thank you 😘 I love frozen raspberry I am wearing it at the moment and it is so long lasting. Especially with the malu wilz fast dry drops. Hope I can do a Review on these soon. Testing them with other nailpolishes than the Malu Wilz one.