Friday, August 28, 2015

Favourite Swedish Crime Books Series!

Hi everyone!

Lets talk about my addiction to crime series. And I do not talk about TV-series as you may have guessed I talk about books.
In my opinion no one is more brutal and on the dark side than the scandinavian crime authors. Some tend to include a little bit of a "strange" humour but once you get used to that you can really enjoy it.
And that is exactly why they count as my favourites. Some more some over the time less. Anyways they are in my list of favourite crime book series.

Starting with the one I started to read first:
Henning Mankells book series about police inspector Kurt Wallander. Now as you may see in the picture I have so far read this series from the first to the fifths part and stopped there. Kurt Wallander has always good stories, but the more you get to know about the depressing life of Kurt Wallander the more I got annoyed by it. I feel as much as the information about him helps me understand the character as much I think do I really need to know if he changes his underwear daily or weekly? Seriously that is no information I want to know. His character as a loner is also confusing sometimes, but as I figured scandinavians love to describe their police inspectors as loners. Otherwise I can say the storylines of the cases that are presented itself are amazing. They are critical in so many ways and really make you think of how todays society is in reality when we do not shut our eyes on the stuff we do not want to see and only focus on the good stuff. It really gets you thinking. Maybe some day I will read the Wallanders that are left.
Stieg Larssons Millenium trilogy about Lisbeth Salander or the girl with the dragon tattoo is probably something you have already heared about or maybe you have seen the swedish movies. I love it. I have never read a book with over 500 pages in 2 days but with these ones I did. The books are so good. If you have seen the swedish movies you will notice that they have everything included that was in the books, so either way watching the movie and then reading the books or the other way around you won`t be disappointed. Yes it is brutal and everything you get in information is pretty detailed, but for me this is what makes it special. It is now over six years since I have read these books and I still remember the whole storyline even details. And I am sure I will probably read them again some day.
Håkan Nessers book series about police inspector Van Veeteren is pretty similar to Henning Mankells series about Kurt Wallander. The difference I find is that Van Veeteren often has some funny elements. Like I said maybe it is just my weird sence of humour but I enjoyed this series more than the one by Henning Mankell. So this is why I have read every book of the Van Veeteren series with joy and fun. I wouldn`t read them twice though.
Helene Turstens book series about police inspector Irene Huss is definetly more of a favourite of mine then the ones by Henning Mankell and Håkan Nesser. This is mainly because here we do not have a depressive and messed up loner of a police inspector. Here we have Irene Huss, which is the complete opposite for me. She is working with her team, although she finds herself sometimes in risky situations alone, she is an empowered woman who fights to bring the right people to justice. I love the elements of the jiu jitsu scenes and I love it when we get to take a look into her families life. The cases are still brutal but in a way that is okay, there is always a deeper story behind. I might definetly pick up a book of the series and reread it.

Check out my summer reading list to find out more about the Victoria Bergman trilogy by Erik Axl Sund. I found it was really disgusting but it was good and I could imagine reading the new book which comes out soon during winter.

Coming to my absolute favourite. Which is the book series about Erika Falck and Patrick Hedström by Camilla Läckberg. I just love this book series. I started reading it in german, but once I was able to read books in norwegian I couldn`t bear to wait until a book was out in german so I just went ahead and bought them in norwegian because they usually were faster translated from swedish to norwegian than from swedish to german. Erica is an author and Patrick the police inspector of the small place they live in. I personally love to not just see a case being worked but to see the story behind what happened and with Camilla Läckberg you always get to know the story behind the tragic. You get an insight into all characters personal life and their struggles and happy moments. It is not just a crime story for me. When I read it (as stupid as this might sound right now) I feel I am in on it. You get the different points of views of the different characters, you have some funny elements and as a woman you might find a bit of yourself in Erika. If you ever want to read a swedish crime series and do not know which one I can really highly recommend this one. During my aupair year I sometimes didn`t got the new one that was out right after I read the "old" one so I just reread it and it was as thrilling as the first time. I am already looking forward to read the new one during winter. (Remember crimes and thrillers during fall and winter, romance and other stuff during summer)

Well these are the swedish crime series I have read so far and that I found good. I started some other ones as the ones by Åsa Larsson, Kristina Ohlsson, Arne Dahl and the one about Inspector Babarotti by Håkan Nesser, but I didn`t found these ones good enough to dig deeper into them. I read two by Åsa Larsson but only because it was a two in one book.
So which swedish crime books do you like? If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments and I will try them.



  1. Great post! I should start reading Stieg Larssons Millenium trilogy...I always wanted to read it and I don´t know why I haven´t so far.
    You told me already something about the Victoria Bergman trilogy by Erik Axl Sund and I think I will read it soon.

    1. The Stieg Larssons Triology is great for you, just saying conspiracy... Looking forward to read the new addition to the triology ;)
      The Victoria Bergman Triology is also some kind of conspiracy, but not a real one, it is basically just sick. I am looking forward to his new book anyways.