Monday, August 10, 2015

How I changed my diet to become healthy

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about a more serious topic which is my nutrition.
Since I was 16 I was overweight and I could never understand why, I always did sports and ate a lot of veggies and mainly healthy. I didn`t drink soda, but I loved sweets. But not the kind of sweets you might think now, I mainly went with dark chocolate and nuts or raisins. So for me it was always a mystery how I one month could gain 5kg and the other one loose 10kg without even putting an effort in.
As many teen girls I struggled a lot with this weightgain/weightloss and having all the people around you commenting on it made it even worse. I mean to me I didn`t know what was going on, doctors always said it was my diet, that I would eat too much, so I tried to reduce portion sizes which didn`t do the job either, unless that I felt dizzy all day.
When I moved out and went to Norway as an AuPair it was the first time when I noticed a constant weightloss journey, I was walking more, but didn`t do any sports as I simply didn`t had the time. So the reason why I lost weight there was simply stress, stress always made me loose weight and it also did that for the next 2 years so that I was pretty close to the shape I wanted to have. I started working out to tighten and tone and saw great results so I was convinced that nothing was wrong with my nutrition, that I just had to work harder to get to my goal, which meant more stress more weightloss.
When I came to the point where my body obviously showed me that it needed a break all crashed down.
I felt depressed, I felt bloated, I felt exhausted and constantly fatigue. By then I already knew something was going terribly wrong. I noticed that working out 5 days a week every day for 3 hours wouldn`t help me, it wouldn`t cheere me up and moreover it didn`t made me loose more weight. At that point autoimmunity had already done its job. In only two months I had gained 20kg back, 20kg I had worked so hard for to loose. I had terrible allergies and started noticing food intolerances. My doctor put one and one together, decided to do some tests and diagnosed me in January this year with Hashimotos thyroiditis. She immediatly asked me to stay away from, soy, usual salt, cowmilk and from gluten. Which I did. But what I also did was research, research on Hashimotos and research on autoimmune conditions. Not only german research but also english articles. I wanted to know what was going on and how I can change it. Today I know that I mainly wanted to understand what I am dealing with.
With hashimotos I got several other chronical conditions, such as heavy asthma and tachycardia (we still do not know what causes them).
For me it was clear I am sick and I needed to find a way to make me feel better in my own body and with my own body. I also had to realize that loosing the weight I gained now wouldn`t be as easy as before as most weight I gained was water due to the inflammatory condition my body is in.
So with all the research I found a lot of people dealing with autoimmunity started to eat paleo and autoimmune paleo, I eased into autoimmune paleo with a normal paleo diet and of coursed I bought myself a cookbook as I really wanted to dig into it and find inspiration on what to eat. After 4 weeks of eating that way (paleo and autoimmune paleo) I started to notice that I stopped feeling fatigue and bloated. I was amazed but I also knew I as an absolute foodie couldn`t keep that up for the rest of my life. So I included one cheat day per week, where I would eat whatever I feel for.
These cheat days have teached me a lot about what I can eat and what I can`t. When I ate Pasta with tomatoe sauce and cheese I would immediatly feel bad, so I tried every ingredient on its own and figured the worst of all of it was the tomatoe sauce. From there I went further and tried other nightshades and I noticed that all of them was causing me trouble, so I cut them out.
I figured I missed carbs to my meals and slowely tried potatoes, rice and pasta and found that besides rice the other ones aren`t working. So I included rice back in.
I also included milk back in but I went to try different kind of milks: goatmilk, sheepmilk, almond milk, And figure the milk that worked and tastes best for me was goatmilk so I started adding some cheese and milk back into my diet, still not much but enough to not make me feel like I am missing out on something.
But my worst enemy on my old kind of nutrition is sugar and I will go more in depth on this in another post, all I can say is my new sweeteners are called honey and maple syrup as agave and stevia aren`t working for  me.
I also started to go to a local farmers market and buy all my meat fresh and grass fed and my veggies local and organic.
As you can see I did a lot of research and just tested myself what worked and what didn`t as everybodys body is reaction different. I couldn`t eat all the stuff that was on the allowed list of the autoimmune paleo protocol but I am able to eat some of the foods that are on the "avoid" list so I guess if you have a condition like that you just have to find what feels good for you. As with everything in life the best advice here is "find what feels good" enjoy what you can and be happy. It is a choice. Yes I am limited in what I can and what I can`t eat but I also learned to appreciate it. And feeling that much better and seeing the scale go down although it is a slow process is what makes me feel happy, what makes me feel good and makes the whole testing progress so worth it.

So on whatever weightloss journey you are, if you are sick or healthy just believe in you, just find what feels good and keep in mind that change takes time. But once you made the first step, all the other steps you do will help you reach your goal.



  1. Great post!
    This must have been really frustrating and hard. But you´re on the right track! Pre-frisky fall-power! :D :D :D

    1. Thank you! Yes it was frustrating in some points but seeing the results made it worth it.
      Once my mind was completely set to it it became a habit. Although I struggle sometimes but then I mostly think if I keep Balance it is fine. A treat once in a while can't hurt.