Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How I went sugar "sugar" free

Hi everyone!

Today we got a more serious and health related topic again.
With my autoimmunity I became very sensitive to food as you may have seen in my previous posed on how I changed my nutrition.
Today I wanted to go more deeper into going sugar free and why I decided to do so.

With my diagnosis and my doctors advice to stay away from gluten and cowmilk I also got the advice to lower down my sugar intake at this could cause my skin irritation. When I got that advice I already new I was intolerant to lactose which is the milk sugar. They first related my skin irritations to that but when they weren`t away after being completely off dairy they figured it had to be something else.
So going on the autoimmune paleo gave me the chance to digg deeper into what I can eat and what I can`t. One thing that was excluded from my nutrition during the elemination phase (that time when you only eat foods that are on the allowed list of the AIP protocol) was sugar, fruitsugar was also reduced so my sugar intake was really low during that time. I was a lot more focused and energized during that time and my skin problems went all away.
To be honest I didn`t missed a thing, I didn`t find it hard to exclude it and I do not really noticed it. Yes I had some cravings but these cravings weren`t cravings for sweets but for real food. I went for carrots very often or beet root chips or sweet potatoe chips but never ever did I say "Oh how I wish for a cookie".
But because I didn`t notice I was nearly sugar free I didn`t notice that sugar was my actual problem.
One day I went with a friend out to eat at an ice cafe and as usual I ordered a cup of chocolate icecream. Oh wow you should have seen my face tasting the first spoon. I usually love chocolate ice cream, but being off sugar for a month made it taste so sweet and strong and weird that I couldn`t even eat half of the cup before I felt nauseous and extremly full. I ran around with feeling that bad all day. By the end of the day I noticed skin irritations and I immediatly new it was the sugar not the milk because I have had some dairy products a few weeks back where I didn`t show a that heavy reaction.
Not just the feeling bad problem was back but also the problem off having sweet cravings which definetly showed me that sugar is as a addictive as a drug and by that definetly shouldn`t enter my body more often than required. I was also a lot more nervous now after eating sugar. With that in mind it was pretty easy to keep the intake down again. Not as easy as it was while I was on the AIP Protocol but definetly not as hard as you might imagine now.

So as you can see for me going sugar free was a seemingless progress and has shown great results.
How much sugar do you need and eat? Have you observed similar "symptoms/problems"? Would you go sugar free? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I remember having chai latte during the bikini series at Starbucks. It was shocking sweet.
    As you already know I´m not sugar free, but I don´t have that much sugar than before the bikini series.

    1. I am okay with natural sugar such as maple syrup and honey or using dates to sweeten up a porridge and so on but as soon as I use "normal sugar" I feel it is a very strange and way to sweet taste plus all the other effects it has on my skin and digestion and so on. I still consume sugar but not in the today usual way.