Friday, August 14, 2015

How yoga helps me get through the day

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about Yoga!
Yoga has become a great help and hobby for me during the past few months. I had tried it before at the gym but that has been different to doing yoga at home for myself.
Due to my autoimmunity I am very sensitive to stress. Doctors recommend to try to avoid stress as good as possible which in todays world is pretty hard. Sometimes I even feel stressed when I have an appointment in the city or when I meet with friends. So that is when yoga comes in.
Since April I turn to my mat and even if it is just 10 to 15 minutes to calm myself down before these kind of appointments. When a day was stressful I go to the mat when I come home and do some yoga. When I am in a bad mood,I turn to the mat, when I am tired I turn to the mat. And of course when I am in a good mood feeling great I turn to the mat. No matter what Yoga seems to have my back. Sometimes it is a gentle routine sometimes it is a real workout, that depends on my mood and what I feel for.
Yoga is my "me-time" and I feel that is why I just noticed the benefits of it when I did it at home instead of doing it at the gym.
I started yoga at home using the yogawithadriene videos and slowly eased into it with the 30 days of challenge. It took some days to adjust to it and it also took some time to notice the benefits of it besides seeing it as a workout and shredding some weight. Doing yoga at home gave me the opportunity to slowely ease into it, to find my breathe, my speed and what felt good. It wasn`t about being still in your pose and about the perfect shape it was all about finding what feels good (as Adriene always says in her videos).
So with that in mind, it was fun. Of course I am not perfect in it, but I practice and I see how I improve every single day with every routine, how I focus more on my form and to do the poses right but without any stress. I see how much stronger I become, how I detox and get rid of the water that my body stores due to the inflammatory condition. Yoga also helps me with my food cravings. Since I do yoga I very rarely have sweet cravings and when I have them and do 10 minutes of yoga they are most times gone (who knows why?). It also helps me with my mood swings and gives me my balance back when I need it.
Yoga at home got me away from being competitive. When you see all these people at the gym moving easily from chaturanga to upward dog and you can barely do chaturanga from your knees it was so demotivating and embarrasing. I know it shouldn`t but that was basically how I felt. Since I am hyperflexible I was great with poses that required that but do I really needed to show that off instead of enjoying the benefits of the pose, moving into it slowely, getting the best out of it? - No I don`t. And that is what home practice gives me. I do not need the show off, I do not need to be all dressed for the gym I can do yoga when I feel for it even when I am in my PJs and all I need for it is a mat and my laptop (well by now I sometimes do a flow without being in need of my laptop).

Yoga has helped me in so many ways and I am happy I integrated it in my everyday life and I look forward to practice it more and to grow in my practice. I hope to learn more about it and that I won`t turn my back on it when I am short on time. Even 10 minutes can change a lot in a day.

I simply love yoga. What do you think about it?