Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My DIY go to Body Scrubs

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show you my DIY Body Scrubs. Being in the Mall on Thursday I was so mad that I should pay around 20 Euros for a body scrub. I was mainly mad because all of them were based on  ingredients we usually have at home. So why not try it ourselves.
So I experimented a bit over the weekend and tried some things. Always with my skin in mind. Seasalt scrubs are pretty much not my thing. Which mainly is because I often have very dry sensitive and irritated skin so I wanted something more gentle than seasalt, which is why I went with sugar. Sugar is very fine and not as "hard" as salt so I find it to be perfect.
Another thing I noticed on my skin are pigmentations due to being a lot in the sun but also due to skin irritations. So coming to my next ingredient which is lemon. Lemon is great for your skin. It can lighten up your skin which is great when you have pigmentations. What it also does is it gives you that glow and the lemon zest is actually great to give you an amazing scent for your scrub.
Coffee is one of the main ingredients of the second scrub I made and this is mainly because I needed a scrub to reduce cellulite. I never actually had problems with cellulite but with the weightgain and weightloss and my body storing water it became a problem. The coffeine in the coffee is pretty great to reduce cellulite and to tighten your skin. So this is  why I used coffee for the second scrub. I will go more into detail on how I made these scrubs in a minute. I first wanted to talk about why we should scrub.
One of the main reasons why I started to use scrubs was because I struggled a lot with ingrown hairs. The main reason for that was shaving it got a bit better when I started waxing but of course I still get ingrown hairs here and there. And that is mainly because the hairs grow back pretty soft and thin and they cannot pop through your skin so they curl and grow inward which can cause infections and it just doesn`t looks nice. So to reduce that I find scrubs very helpful as it helps getting rid of dead skin cells and by that your skin gets softer and your hairs can pop through easier. This will not help you to get rid of ingrown hairs completely but it will definetly reduce them.

So on to the first scrub, which is my absolute favourite it turned out so great it made my skin so smoothe and radiant it was amazing and so easy and fast to make that I do not think I will buy a scrub again.
So lets get started. For the Citrus Scrub you will need:

2 Limes
1/2 Lemon
Zest of a whole lemon
about 300-400 gram of sugar
1 Tbsp of coconut oil

So what you do first is to juice the limes and half of the lemon. I took the seeds out as I wanted a gentle scrub. Then I added the sugar (slowely to not get a too dry consistency) and mixed until it was blended well. Then I added the coconut oil and blended again. Put in a container and you are done. I will use this up to 4 times a week as I have very dry skin especially now that summer is nearly over and it is really moisturizing thanks to the coconut oil.

For the Coffee Scrub you will need:

6 Tbsp of Coffee
300 gram of sugar
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Coconut oil

Blend the dry ingredients before you add the oils, blend well and put in a container and you are done.
I will use this scrub only on my thighs and booty as these are the areas where I need the cellulite scrub and only on the days where I do not use the lemon scrub.
I am not totally happy with the smell of this one but if you are a coffee lover it is fine. 

So these are my two scrubs. I will definetly try to make some other scrubs based on the ingredients I love for my skin and share them with you. I find these very beautiful for sensitive skin due to the sugar. If you want a bit more of a scrub you can go with sea salt or half sea salt half sugar. But I find sugar more gentle.
These are also great ideas for birthday and christmas gifts so I will definetly work on finding some more ideas. If you have any let me know in the comments below. I hope you like this post and I see you soon.



  1. I'm going to make the citrus scrub for Christmas presents!

    1. It is so great Toni!!! Mine turned out to be a bit runny so I would add more sugar the next time. But never had softer and brighter skin...

  2. Great idea! I will try it soon. Can you add cinnamon to the coffee-scrub or is that bad for the skin?

    1. Thank you! You can definetly add cinnamon. I think I might even try to add cocoa powder the next time to reduce the Coffee scent and get a bit more of a brownie scent. But the results on cellulite are just amazing and I have just used it twice.