Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Noticing I am intolerant to cow milk!

Hi everyone!

Today there is again a post on intolerances. Now you know I am not intolerant to gluten I just do not eat it for other reasons. But I am intolerant to cow milk and have probably always been just nobody has noticed it until I started complaining about certain things that went worse over several years.

So the first thing was something I have had since my childhood and that wasn`t obvious for us as a symptom since it has always been like that and that was my digestion. I usually ate and had to go straight to the bathroom afterwards. Usually your body needs time to process your food so it shouldn`t be normal that you bring your food away right after you are eating it unless your body cannot process it. So the older I went the stranger I found that fact especially after I had nutrition classes in school and we had talked about that.
Anyways doctors didn`t find that strange all they said were that I was lucky to have such a great metabolism which I today know was wrong.

So second thing I noticed was having lots of air in my belly and my belly was often doing a lot of noises not as if you are having gases but you could here it was working. I found that strange as it was pretty loud and people could here it. At first we made fun about it but at some point it went painful. So that was when I went to the doctor and described it for the first time and that was when he mentioned it could be that I am lactose intolerant but he never tested it he said as long as I do not have problems or got annoyed by my symptoms I was fine.

The third thing and that was basically the last thing that showed up was my skin. I had red dots all over that were itching like a normal allergic reaction. I went to another doctor and showed her that and described the other things like the above mentioned. And she was basically shocked that no one has tested that especially as they knew that as a baby I never kept milk inside I was always throwing my whole food up.

So we did a test and I didn`t take the breathe test, but the blood test. Which takes a pretty long time I find. They take your blood, then you have to drink lactose and then they take blood 3 times i think everytime with 30 minutes in between. So that was the way they figured it out for me. And from that time on I was completely off animal based milk. I was having soy milk for about a year until my thyroid autoimmunity problem was discovered and then I got to know that I should stay away from soy and since I didn`t like nut milks and oat milk my doctor recommended trying goat and sheep milk as the protein is different from cow milk and easier to process and it worked well I do not have any symptoms consuming these and I find them to be great alternatives.

So this was a quick post about how I noticed being intolerant to cow milk, what to look out for and if you feel you have any symptoms then do not hesitate to force your doctor to do the test. It is your right to be happy and healthy and feel great. And being in any way not able to be that is not okay. I was really shocked to how many doctors I had to go in my "life" until someone took my symptoms serious, wether it was allergies, autoimmunity, intolerances. It is your body and if you feel something is wrong you have the right to tell that and find out what it is. No one deserves to be send away with a "Oh well be happy that your digestion is working that good"- Well I cannot even eat at a restaurant because....
You know what I mean. Be happy, stay focused and fight for your rights ;)


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