Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Girl on the Train - Review

Hi everyone!

As you have seen on my post about my summer reads I recently read Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. There were so many people raving about this book and since it is a Bestseller I put it on my list for this summer.
As I already said in my post on my summer reads I had very high expactions and hoped they weren`t too high, apparently they were and than again they weren`t.
What I mean by that are you going to see in the following as I will break down my "reading process".

#1 Up to around page 50: I tried to stay neutral although I was already annoyed by the main character (Rachel) getting drunk all the time and not getting over her ex and being constantly depressed and simply just talking about the people she sees from the train. By the beginning of the book I was convinced it is a thriller as you find it in that section of the book store and was annoyed that nothing exciting had happened yet except of her getting drunk and riding the train and  looking into peoples gardens (not to much spoilers at this point).

#2 Up to page 150: I was seriously hoping at this stage that the book would end soon. I was so annoyed by all that drunkeness of Rachel and her depressed personality not getting over her ex, basically for me nothing exciting was happening. At that point I was close to calling it an end and not finishing this book which frankly has never happened with a crimebook/thriller before, so yes I found it that bad up until then.

#3 Up to page 200: Finally someone went missing. And again Rachel didn`t stop drinking and all her drinking makes of course everything complicated. But now she isn`t just wining about her ex, no now she wines about not remembering for being to drunk. Still annoyed but looking forward to finding out what happened to the missed person. We got to know a bit of her by then, but that bit we got to know by now wasn`t something I liked.

#4 The rest of the book: Around page 300 I figured I probably know what happened to the missing person and who was responsible for that so I got excited to read further to figure out if I was right. Around page 360 I figured I was but really wanted to know the reason for all that  which made the end of the book pretty good.

For me personally if a book has that many repetitions I do not like it. If there are always the same expressions used I do not like it. I am not a fan of alcoholism either so for me it wasn`t a fun book to read for most of the time as alcohol played a big role. As you can see I liked the book from page 200 to the end, but I wished that would have come way earlier. I do not want to say it is a bad book but I definetly do not get the hype around it and that it is a #1 bestseller. It is worth reading but I wouldn`t read it twice or give it away as a gift or recommend it at first spot to a friend.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts about it? Or are you going to read it?



  1. I often thought about reading it, because of all the amazing reviews on it. But I think I can spend my time better then. ;)

    1. I think it has to do with taste and reading preferences. I cannot say it is bad in general but I simply can't understand the hype about it.