Friday, September 18, 2015

Allergytested or not really? Clinique Take the Day off vs. Dermalogica Precleans

Hi everyone!

In todays post I want to talk about so called "allergytested" products.

As I have very sensitive skin I always used to go with allergytested products as I felt save to go with them until recently.

So lets talk about what happened. Beginning of last winter I started to use the Clinique take the day off make up remover. This product needs a good shake before you use it as you otherwise just get the oil that will be on top and then you will just be left with the waterbased part at some point. You need to use it on a cotton pad to apply it. Now what I usually did is divide the cotton pad, so that you have two thin cotton pads. Then I divided on of them again to have one half for the area under my eye. I then put the make up remover on it and put the small half under my eye, the big one over my whole eye and then gently pressed on it and waited a few seconds until I felt it had soaked in, I then gently "rubbed" the bigger pad down and took it off with the pad under my eye. Usually that took most of the eye make up off. I then washed my face with my usual clenaser twice. First time to get rid of the make up second time to make sure all the make up was really gone. Until recently as mentioned above. After using the take the day off make up remover for a couple of weeks I noticed my eyelids were getting pretty dry and sensitive, I blamed the dry air and the rough climate of the winter for that and didn`t thought any further about this. By then I had started to try my starter kit by Dermalogica and I saw a great change by using that. As the climate went warmer again and I decided to go into saving mode as the dermalogica products are really pricey compared to the clinique once I started the take the day off make up remover again and look there my eyelids went completely dry again and my under eye area too.
I already tried several creams again and again as I thought well clinique is allergy tested so it needs to be the climate or something else but not my make up remover. Convinced by that I kept using it until a few days ago when it burned so bad that I realised it is this "allergytested" product for a sensitive skin that actually irritated and dried out my skin.
(Note: My beautician explained me that the eye area is very sensitive and needs a lot of hydration and that the oil in this product might be contraproductive as it can dry out. But since the dermalogica precleans is an oil too and has never dried my eye area out we assume it has to be another ingredient which caused all this)

I then went back to using my Dermalogica Precleans. Now lets talk about this. The Dermalogica Precleans is an oil based precleans which simply is amazing. You apply the oil all over the face and can immediatly see how it breaks up all your makeup, when you then go in an massage it in further with wet hands (the precleans will now turn into a milky solution) you can basically see how you massage all your make up off. It is sensitive to the eyes and it takes all my make up off in once so when I wash with my face afterwards with the actual cleanser this is all about treating my skin .

Two things I do  not like about both cleansers is the packaging. I found with the Clinique one that either you have to place the cotton pad on top of it and then shake or if you try to put the make up remover on the cotton pad you might loose some product that spills off.
With the dermalogica one I find that when you turn it up side down to get the oil on your hand and then put it back up you will loose a tiny bit of product too that will run down the bottle. But maybe that is just me who prefers a pump.

So all in all I have learned that "allergytested" doesn`t mean you are served when you have allergies, you should still try to test on yourself and as soon as you feel irritations not believe that it absolutely cannot come from the allergytested product. For me this has shown that nothing can be really "allergytested". So make sure to not blindly trust products that are marked with that. Everybody is different and as long has they haven`t tested that on every single one of us it just can`t be 100% allergytested in my opinion and experience.

Clinique Take the Day off vs. Dermalogica Precleans 

For me although it is way more pricey but since it breaks up all the makeup with one application (so you only need a little bit of product, which justifys the price) Dermalogica Precleans clearly wins. My skin is so soft after using this product, it never dries out and it doesn`t leaves an oily film although it is oilbased. Simply love it and found my favourite.

What is your favourite make up remover for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes?


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