Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review: Hemsley Hemsley The Art of eating well

Hi everyone!

Today I want to give you a quick review on the Hemsley Hemsley cookbook "The art of eating well".

Why did I buy it?

- I have changed my diet to glutenfree, sugarfree and cowmilk free. This cookbook is gluten free and sugar free. With the Paleo cookbook I already have I found it very hard to make cooking affordable, it contained a lot of meat and always a lot of ingredients on one dish and it took me hours to make my weekly meal plan trying to make it affordable. So I found this one at a book store, had a quick look into it and saw that it contained some cow milk products which made me a bit sceptical at first, but reading the recipes I noticed I could easily substitute them with goat milk, ghee, coconut oil etc. The recipes looked all pretty easy, quick to make (no hour long slowcooking recipes) and with not too many ingredients. Besides that everything looked and sounded very tasty so I bought it.

Did I read all of it?

-  Yes I absolutely did. I wanted to know what it was about, why they decided to cook this way, Tips and tricks. And I can say and promise that it is pretty informative and for me it was important to read it. I can highly recommend reading the section about the foods they use as it makes you more conscious to what you eat, what you are feeding your body and by that makes you more open to try new stuff such as chia, spirulina, matcha and so on. But it also brings you back to the basics. To eating normal whole foods no processed fast foods with tons of sugar and stuff you can`t even pronounce. So I really can just recommend to read all of it. Read the text to the recipes they somtimes contain helpful information on how to prepare your meal or which ingredient you might want to add in an addition, how to make your food last longer, etc. So definetly worth reading.

Have I tried it?

- Of course yes. I bought it, I went through the whole book and made my meal plan and I have tried it now for about 4 weeks. I also integrated the tip of drinking a glass of warm lemon water right after waking up, which I find really great and that I will keep doing.

What have I tried?
- I will answer this question according to Breakfast, Snacks, Sweets and Dinners and write a bit to the things I have tried so far.

Breakfasts: Blueberry Pancakes
                   - very very yummy. If with blueberrys, or just with organic chocolate chips, or cinnamon                        and maple syrup they just taste amazing and they are so easy to make. I still have                                flipping them but I can`t even flip a normal pancake without making it break soo I guess                     it is just me.
                 Buckwheat Porridge
                 - by far my favourite recipe for breakfast. It makes servings for the whole week, it tastes                        like milk rice if you top it with greek yoghurt and cinnamon and again it is so easy to                           make and prepare. I make it in a big container and then take a Tablespoon of it every                          morning and mix it with some boiling water and a bit of coconut oil and  it is all smooth                      again. It is also great with nuts or seed and blueberrys as a topping.
                 - the texture of the amaranth was a bit strange for me at first, but I topped it with greek                          yoghurt and a rasberry sauce and it was amazing, and again easy to prepare if you keep                      in in a mason jar you can just take it with you to work or school and it is just great.                             Makes a lot of servings, as it is very filling. We basically had 16 servings instead of 10                         because we found it that filling.
               Acai- Berry- Breakfast Bowl
               - the taste was amazing. But I must say I only made it once for three days because the                            ingredients are pretty expansive and I do not find it as filling as the Porridge. I also find it                  not as easy to store and carry with you as the porridge or pancakes. But definetly worth                     trying.
               Chia Chai with Pumpkin- Breakfast Mousse/Porridge
              - absolutely not my thing. My mom says it is delicious. But I just do not like tasting the Chai                   with the pumpkin and the chia seeds. But for those who like it, it is easy to prepare, makes                  about 4 servings, if you layer it with greek yoghurt in a mason jar as my mom does it, you                    will have 8 servings, so she goes with half the recipe for 4 days, as we do not like to store it                longer.

Dinner:  Broccoli Pea Soup
                - My absolutely favourite soup of all time. I have never had a more filling soup. I have had                     it when I was having a bit of a cold and it was so great. It tasted (normally when I have a                    cold nothing tastes) and I believe it cured my cold because it was way better the next day.                    Makes about 6 servings. Easy to make, easy to store, topped with parmesan it is simply a                    dream.
               Zucchini Salad
               - fast, easy to make and just yummy.
               Zucchini Fries
               - best vegetable fries I have ever had, easy to make and very filling, I use the recipe for one                   person for both, me and my mom.
               Black Bean Feta Burger
               - with these I could have needed the hint of not using Feta that is in salty water, as with the                    dry tomatoes they turned out pretty salty, but they were still delicious.
                Shepherds Pie
               - I love this, I have never had Shepherds Pie before, but this is just soo yummy. It is a little                   bit more work than some of the other dishes I have tried so far but still easy to make and                     again we had more servings than they measured.
               Broccoli Patties with Avacado Dip
               - very tasty not a lot of work, easy to transport, taste cold as well, very filling again.
               Kohlrabi Gratin
              - Very great to meat, filling, easy to make, easy to freeze.
               Beete Root- Goat cheese Terrine
               - not so my thing but tastes better with every day that it stays in the fridge. Easy to make,                        easy to store, easy to take along with you.
              Socca Pizza
               - not so easy to make for me, but pretty yummy. Definetly had some oil to the dough                                otherwise it was too dry.
Snacks: Sticky-Toffee Pudding
                - will convince all doubters, just sooo delicious that everyone will like it

What is my conclusion?

- My conclusion is that it is one of the best cookbooks I have ever bought. It teaches you about what you eat, how to prepare and store your food and how to combine ingredients. All the recipes are fast and easy to make. You can basically store everything. Compared to paleo the recipes aren`t expansive to make and you can find most of the ingredients here in Germany as well. Compared to the Paleo cookbooks I have the recipes aren`t too exotic which is also a plus.
I really love this cookbook and can highly recommend it.

♥ For this book.

Do you have this book? Have you tried any recipes yet? Do you think about buying it? Let me know in the comments below and see you soon.



  1. I am glad you found a cookbook that works well for you. It's the first time I hear about it so I will definitely have a look. Let's connect on Bloglovin & Twitter Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      It is so awesome and helps with inspiration for own recipes.
      I added you on Twitter as well. Have a lovely day, Nadja xx