Monday, September 28, 2015

Going to the zoo!

Hi everyone!

So a few weeks back I went to the Zoo and needed as usual some time to process it.
I am often feeling ambivalent about Zoos.
On the one hand they teach us a lot about animals on the other hand aren`t these animals able to live in peace in their natural habitat.

But the zoo I went to has mainly local animals living in very big areas so I thought it was okay to go there.
Well it is a nice park to walk through but if you expect to see animals when the areas they give them are so wide you will pretty fast notice that your expectations are too high.
They had a kids zoo and a farm which was great. We saw some animals as you can see in the pictures below.

You could walk through the areas where they were and touch them if they came or feed them with food that you could buy at the entrance. Which was really great for kids. But when it came to the other animals we had chosen the wrong day. The sun was pretty strong, it was hot and they were hiding in the woods. So we rarely so any other animals and walked the long distance in the sun through the park which was a big minus. The feeding hours for the animals were informative but by far not as good and interesting made as in the bigger zoos I have been to in my life.

So would I go to the zoo again. I would probably go to a zoo again although I still feel ambivalent about them, but I wouldn`t really go to this zoo again.
It was a nice trip in the sun and we had great fun with the animals we saw and I am happy they live in a big habit and have the space they need. But I could have imagined doing something else that day.



  1. I feel the same way. It is great to see so many different animals, but that´s not a place where they should be....and not all of them are rescued animals.
    But nevertheless nice pictures. :)
    Sorry for deleting the other comment...I´m too stupid to write sth. :D

    1. No problem. Zoos are a weird topic. I enjoyed my time but somehow I felt about it too. Sooo I definetly get your point there.