Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quality vs. Quantity! Finding balance

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about something my Mom teached me basically from a very young age and that is quality vs. quantity.
Being younger I never really understood this philosophy as as a kid I just wanted to have more and more and more and she was always saying no. Of course she wasn`t always saying no, but she explained to me that she would rather buy me a good pair of Jeans that I could wear for several years or give to younger family member than a ton of jeans that would break after a year. When I was younger it doesn`t made any sense.
Today it completely does. After working for my own money and seeing how fast we spend money I absolutely agree with her on this philosophy. Of course I said "Why listen to her on this, this is probably how old people see it" and I made the mistake to spend money on stuff that have less quality, especially when it came to clothes and food.
What I basically noticed is, that
a) I cannot wear all of this clothes (now this sounds strange for a woman I know, but it is just me being realistic)
b) I usually wore my jeans for 4 to 5 years before they broke or before they got the "very used" look and even then I wouldn`t throw them away but keep wearing them around the house for another 2 years, but with my new oh so cool cheap jeans and some of them weren`t even cheap they were just bad quality and bad produced they broke after a year or even earlier. So I had to spend money on them over and over again which annoyed me.
c) with food I tend to eat less when I eat "real" foods, and by that I mean food I buy from the farmers market, food I cook myself, so even when it is more expensive I spend less because I need less.
d) with sensitive skin I rather just have one high end foundation that doesn`t irritates my skin and makes it look flawless with one layer and using it a whole year, than layering a cheaper foundation layer over layer on my skin to achieve that and by that rebuy that cheap foundation every 3 months which leads me to the same price as with the high end one.

So the whole point I learned in my first 2 years being away from home was to not just spend my money on stuff I do not really need, but to look for quality. Look on the material look how it is sewed and rather spend 100 euros on a jeans than 50 and have that jeans for 3 to 4 years, than to spend 50 and be in need of buying a new one for 50 after a year and then again a new one for 50, you see how it sums up to being more expensive in the longer run. So I rather buy  3 high quality  outfits per year to the ones I already have, than buying new clothes every month and in the end spend more money that I could use for other fun stuff as traveling for example.

With food it is the same. I rather spend 6 euros on my meat than 1 and know that I have real meat on my plate, that is from a happy animal, no mass production and antibiotics (and whatever else) free. Same counts for veggies and other foods. Not does it just tastes better, but I also eat less and more conscious.

I know this isn`t the right philosophy for everyone, but I hope you can also see the benefits of it.
And of course if your skin looks fine with a drugstore foundation (and I know some of them have very great skin care benefits as well) go with that one, you do not have to go all pricey. All I say is look for quality not for quantity. You will throw away a lot of the stuff without even using it and I personally do not like to waste my money on that stuff.
How do you think about quality and quantity? Would you rather have a lot of stuff then just the stuff that you need but with a good quality? Let me know in the comments below and maybe we can discuss it.



  1. Great post! I agree to you. Quality is more important. It´s so annoying to buy stuff 1000 times. But as you know, I´m a drugstore make up-girl. :D I really love my maybelline foundation cause it works pretty good for me.
    I really think more about food and where I buy it since this year´s bikini series. And to be honest: If I buy e.g. oatly milk for 3 €, I use it more sensible than milk from Lidl for a few cents.

    1. Thank you! As you know I think if drugstore make up works fine why not go with it, I always try to find drugstore dupes for lipsticks and highlighters...when it comes to foundation ysl is my holy product as my skin is so dry from time to time or high maintance that with foundation I feel safer to go with what I already know. I might actually try a new drugstore foundation although my benefit one last me ages so considering 26 euros on a foundation I use for a whole year or 10 one that only lasts me 3 months is still a bit of a Dilemma Situation for me but I might consider it.
      When it comes to food, I absolutely agree. Plus I am sure it is more environmental friendly if we eat with conscious not wasting anything.

    2. I meant I try a new drugstore mascara not foundation now I am all confused 😂

    3. :D Too early in the morning? :D
      My maybelline foundation lasts very long, but I don´t use much of it. But I think it´s too dark for winter... :(