Friday, September 11, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 2

Time for Breakfast”- I hear a friendly voice saying. It was Liz, coming into my room with my breakfast. The plate was full of delicious food. During the last two weeks Liz and I had become friends. We both were the same age. Liz had grown up with a single Mom. Her Mom had been a nurse too. She had worked double shifts, so that Liz could grow up in one of the better suburbs. But when Liz had just started college, her Mom died in a car accident on her way back home. She had fallen asleep behind the wheel after a forty-eight hour shift. After that Liz had dropped out of college and started to work as a nurse.

I can`t remember the accident and Liz isn`t pushing me to talk about it either. She is always just trying to help me getting back on my feet. I woke up on a Sunday night. I try to push the shock about my parent`s death to the back of my mind. I can`t remember the night of the accident. Doctor Morrison had explained to me that this should be normal, especially if you consider my injuries. He had offered to consult a psychologist if I wished so, but I didn`t and still don`t. Maybe it is better this way. I won`t be able to change it anyways and I do not think it will help me, to know what had happened.

Liz had placed my plate on the table in my room. She went to get me my bathrobe from the bathroom “Today we are having wonderful weather and Doctor Morrison has agreed that you could go into the hospitals park. What do you think? You got a really nice view from the back of the park on the beach. It is a beautiful view. Would you like some tea to your breakfast? We have the orange tea I told you about. And I went by your place and got you some clothes and your beauty bag. We can finally take some care again of your beautiful face, not that you would need that. What would I give for these eyelashes?”

Liz is a real morning person. Although I am not her good mood is really spreading over on me. And with her friendly face and soul she always makes me smile.

“Slowly, slow down Liz. I am not that fit again. I really would like to try the Orange Tea. You really have a great taste when it comes to tea. You can go and get the tea while I will get ready in the bathroom..”

“You are really trying hard for a morning grouch. Are you sure that you do not need me to help you?”

“Yes you can go with me the three steps to the door if you want to, but I can do the rest myself. You better take yourself a croissant because I bet you didn`t had any breakfast.” I had already made my way into the bathroom and Liz was out the door to get the tea.

When Liz comes back into the room she immediately starts to laugh. I am sitting on my bad, with the brushhead stuck to my thick blonde hair, the brush handle in my hand and cursing silently. But as soon as I hear Liz laughing I need to laugh too. Liz carefully gets the brushhead out of my hair when she notices my tears. I was crying silently, but I was crying. Liz went on with brushing my hair before she got me a cotton pad to fix my mascara that had run down my cheeks. After that we sat down at the table and ate breakfast without saying a word.

“I want to go into the park. I want to see the ocean.”- I hear myself saying.

We both sat down on the bench Liz had told me about earlier that morning. We were sitting there all day in silence.

When we were back in my room in the evening we hadn`t talked much more.

“Thank you for being there Liz.” is everything I can say, before Liz ends her shift.

“You are welcome” is everything Liz can say before she leaves for the day.

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