Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 3

Four weeks have gone by since I woke up. I do not feel any pain any longer at least no physical pain and I can finally walk again without any help.

We have spent every day in the Park for the last two weeks. I still do not remember the accident. Doctor Morrison offered me again to consult a psychologist but I turned down his offer as soon as he mentioned it again.

My parents funeral had already been while I was still in a coma. Our family lawyer had arranged it that way. I didn`t even got the chance to say goodbye. But I have always disliked this Fitzgerald. A smarmy guy, who always prides himself with being a member of the family, just to polish his image. I never understood all the fuss they make about it. How should one become happy by measuring their wealth compared to other peoples wealth? But maybe I am just as naiv as my father always said.

Lazy and naive because I didn`t wanted to work in the family business, at least not on his terms. No, I had to choose the unworthy job of an author. I still remember his preaches when I told him decided against studying economics and went with creative writing, but why should I. I will never ever again here one of his preaches. I will never ever again be able to ask my Mom to say something about it. My parents were dead and I did survive and as Liz always told me everything happens for a reason.
For what reason all this happened is something I can`t figure out right now.

“Fitzgerald is outside again asking Doctor Morrison when you will be fit enough to talk to him.”- Liz whispers while she sneaks into my room. “I but our breakfast in lunch packages so if we do hurry we might actually make it to the park before Fitzgerald can make it to your room.” Liz was sometimes like a child, but right now I needed this. I couldn`t bear to hear Fitzgeralds whining about how he has lost two very good friends and the whole inheritance that would be lost in her hands. He wouldn`t earn a thing from her family from now on. So as fast as I could I put on my jeans and a shirt that Liz handed me from the dresser. Just had to put up my hair pretty fast before we made it out of the room and hurried into the park.

“Who is this Fitzgerald actually?”- was the first question Liz asked when we made it to our usual spot.

“He is our family lawyer…. and nothing more.”- My answer was short but included all the information needed. I helped Liz to serve the breakfast on the bench where we were sitting. The smell of the orangetea and the croissants makes me smile.

“And you do not want to talk to him?”- Liz keeps asking.

“Fitzgerald loves money, to be more concrete. Especially money which isn`t his. In one week I will be out of the hospital and they will read out the legacy…”

“And you think Fitzgerald wants a piece of the cake?”- Liz asks more curious than usual. Since she had been to my house to get my beauty case she had been fascinated by the wealth that was open to me. A big house with a Pool, a garden as big as a park. Everything that Liz will never have.

“Fitzgerald knows that I do not want the family business. He knows that I will sell it and he will try to convince me to keep it with all he has.”- I said while enjoying my croissant.
We never had croissants at home. They were making you fat. And a fat daughter was the last thing my father needed.

“But who is able to convince you that your choices are wrong?”- asked Liz and smiled. We continued eating in silence while listening to the sound of the ocean.

I love to hear the sound of the waves. It is so calming. The surfers on the ocean, free as the birds. Free from any expectations that anyone had. Free from my old life, although I still haven`t realized that fact completely.

“Liz do you think Doctor Morrison would agree on letting me go home tomorrow. Just for a few hours”- you could hear how insecure I was asking this question.

“You mean you want to see if you can still bear to stay there?”- How could Liz know what I was thinking when I asked that question? Was it because she had also lost both of her parents?

“Hmm, I think I should know where I am going to live once I leave the hospital.” Liz nods understanding what I mean and how I feel.


  1. Well, I wouldn´t talk to Fitzgerald as well. :D Think there´s nothing worse than losing family and having people like him around...

    1. Absolutely. Sadly there are always people like that around.