Monday, September 21, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 4

Doctor Morrison agreed that I could leave the hospital for a few hours together with Liz to and that is why we are now on the way to my house.

It looks exactly the way I remember it. At least that hasn`t changed. Everywhere dark wooden walls. Everything is swanky big. As before the accident I felt like drowning in this house. As if I already were in an old rotting coffin.

I went into my room. And although I am twenty five years, this room still looks like the room of a little princess. My Mom had chosen this interior when I was younger. I begged her to change something but her answer remained the same “This room is everything a girl dreams about”. All girls except of me. Rose was and still is absolutely not my colour. Nevertheless, the curtains were rose and heavy. The walls were rose except of the wooden elements they were of course from the dark wood that was all around the house. The carpet was rose as well. Fluffy and rose. God how I hate this carpet. The bed was enormous. I can still remember how lonely I felt in this bed. You can roll exactly three times to the left, to roll back six times to the right before you fall out of the bed. It was simply enormous, I cannot find another word to describe it.

I opened my wardrobe, my real wardrobe not my secret wardrobe, how Liz called it when she went to got me a few things for the hospital a few weeks back. Liz had to laugh, when she saw the clothes in my wardrobe. “So you like highly closed dresses with polka dots on, preferably in white and rose?”- she tried to cheer me up. But I didn`t react. I hated this dresses too. Day in day out I had to wear this dresses, close your legs when you sit down so nobody could look under your skirt. Use the swing as a kid. But not in a dress, it could have become dirty.

Damn it I was grown up and let myself force to wear clothes I didn`t even like. But this would belong to the past now. Nobody could force me any longer. Nobody was there to do so. I took one of the stuffed animals from the bed. It was a dog that my mom had given to me, to compensate for the real dog I wished for. Because a real dog would have never come into my parents house. A dog could have made a mess. Could have thrown down one of the expansive sculptures and break them. No nothing that could have made a life sign was welcome in this house.

“I do not think that I can live here. I am tired. I want to leave.”- I hear myself say to Liz.

“Because of an accident….is closed, it causes….a lot of traffic jams, please drive around…..the city center if you can”- Liz radio struggles with the reception. Liz turned onto another road before we could make it into the city center.

“We drive around the city center. Then I can also show you the bakery where I always buy our breakfast.”

That`s the best idea Liz has had in a while. Now I could finally see some other parts of the city I have lived in my whole life. Between the small white wooden houses I could see the ocean. I open my window to hear the sound of the ocean which is just calming me down.

The houses look simple. Some less looked after than the other or some more looked after than the other. I do not know from which perspective to view it, but I liked it. It was just so unique, exactly what I needed.

“Is it far to the café?”- I asked Liz out of the nowhere, after she hasn`t said a single word for the whole drive.

“It is close to the hospital, so maybe about twenty minutes. Do you need something to eat or drink? I could stop any time and get you something.”

“No, I am fine. I just thought maybe we could stop and eat some cake?”

“Cake? You? What do you really want?”- asked Liz confused.

“Okay,  I wanted to look if they have a newspaper with a real estate part and I finally wanted to try the chocolate cake you told me about.”

Liz had a big smile on her face. “ Newspaper? With a real estate part? Don`t you want to call a real estate agent instead?”

Liz seems blinded by the impressions of my home.

“I doubt that a real estate agent offers the house we just drove by.” I answered her with a skeptical look on my face. Liz look was at least as skeptical as mine, but she didn`t said a word.

Good. A few weeks ago I wouldn`t have seen myself living in this area of the city but somehow I had this feeling, that it was the right time to do so, even though it was crazy. This white beach houses with the ocean right behind them just had a calming effect on me. Silence was exactly what I needed. Time to think about everything. Time to find out what I really wanted in life.

It was unbelievable noisy in the café. So many people talking at the same time. The sound of the espresso machine. The smells.

“Shall we take the cake with us to the hospital? We could sit down in the Park? Then you could read the real estate market?!” Liz was looking at me worried.

“Yes, that is a great idea. I also have to make some calls.”

Sadly we didn`t make it to the Park because Fitzgerald was awaiting me in front of my room. I know I was rolling my eyes when I saw this greasy kind of a lawyer, but why not. It saved me a call.

“Shall I…”

“No Liz. Someday I would have needed to do this anyways, so why not now?” We passed Fitzgerald who followed us without asking.

“You inherit everything Emma. The house, the money, the company, and we need to make preparations to not lose the company. We can`t waste any time now. We cannot sit in the Park day in day out and inhale fresh air, we…”

And bla bla bla was all I could think. Yes I am fine. Thank you for your condolences. But what did I expect, the guy was just greedy. I could see the dollar signs in his eyes.

“Make a break and take the time to breathe, not that you asphyxiate. First of all, since I inherit everything I dismiss you from all of your services. Second, I will sell the company, my lawyer will take care of it. And now I am asking you to leave this room.” I exhaled loudly. Puh, it is done. I said what I wanted and needed to say. Now I just need to find a new lawyer that that took care of the company. Maybe I would also sell the house, then Fitzgerald could move in there. Fitzgerald left my room angrily.

“I assume you need cake now?”- Liz was looking into my room. Looking proud and worried at the same time. I nodded.

“Now I do not just need the real estate market, but also a new lawyer.” We both broke out in laughter.