Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 6

Down at the beachkiosk I bought a citymap and something to eat and drink. I sat down in the sand and started to search the map for the nearest animal shelter. Once I found it on the map I started to make my way to the shelter. It was a nice day, not too warm, not too cold. The sun is shining. Families are enjoying their time at the beach. Surfers their time on the board and the waves. I think I can see him again, but I am not sure.

On my way to the shelter I was able to take a closer look at the area I am living in now. Where is the supermarked, where is the farmers marked, where is the pet shop. I never had to shop for myself before. During my college years I simply went out eating and in my parent`s house we always had a chef.

I came by a small store. They had cookbooks in their windows. Maybe I should buy one?- No first to the shelter. I am adopting a dog. A friend for a lifetime. Somebody who loves you unconditionally. Exactly the way animals love.

I arrived at the shelter. A woman in a beige-green shirt with the print of the shelter on it came to greet me and to explain me how everything will work. After that we made our way to the kennels. Some dogs were barking, jumping against the kennels walls. There were purebred dogs and cross breeds. Who would buy a dog just to give it away after a while? Shouldn`t you think something like this through? Did I think that through?- Maybe my whole childhood was enough time to think it through. A Pitbull, a Boxer or maybe one of the cross breeds? I heared a very fine noise, nearly like a crying. In the last kennel he was. He should become my dog. An Australien Shepherd, as the woman explains to me. Approximately nine months, red merle, his name is Balu. He got abused by his former owner and because of that he has some problems with men which made him pretty unattractive for adoption. I didn`t care about that. There isn`t a man in the house anyways and so he could watch out for her. He was so beautiful. He was radiating joy and calmness at the same time.

“Would you like to spend some time with him outside, before you make your decision? He is a wonderful dog but he chooses his people himself.”

“Then lets` hope he chooses me”, I said with a smile on my face.

The woman went to get a leash and then brought Balu and me outside the area with the kennels. Balu started to sniff at me and then to slick my hand. At first it felt strange but after a while I understood that this was his way of asking to be pet.

When the woman, Tina, came back and I went back to the fence, Balu already walked by feet and didn`t leave my side.

“Looks like you two have found each other”, says Tina. She was very happy that Balu could leave the shelter, she just needed to get some papers and I would have to pay a fee and then we would be good to go. She gave me a package with Balus food that should last for the first week, a leash, a colour and some tips on dog care. She recommended also to visit a dogtrainer with Balu or to inform myself on dogtraining on my own, as Balu still needed some training. She also gave me the results of the last vet exam. Before I left the shelter with Balu she wished me a lot of fun with Balu. I thanked her for all her advice and went my way with Balu.

I chose the way over the beach again. Balu loves the sand. He was pulling a bit on the leash, but that was just pure joy. He jumped in a pretty funny way in the air with all four when the water touched his paws, but after a few times he got used to it. My bag just got heavier and heavier. With the leash in one hand and my shoes in the other I needed to take a break after half of the way. I sat down away from the crowd while Balu layed himself down right beside me. I drank a bit and had a few bites of the wrap that I bought today morning. Balu tried to steal something so I decided to give him some of the treats Tina had given me.

I just couldn`t stop to adore the surfers. How quick they reacted to the movement of the waves. How easy they made it look. I could sit here all day but during the afternoon some of the stuff I ordered online, while I still was in hospital, will get delivered. So after my little break I started to make my way home.

As usual I walked into the house through the back door. Balu was sniffing around the house and I let him. I filled a bowl with water and put it on the floor for him. I noticed how he hided in the bedroom and I let him. I wasn`t in the mood to go out and buy any furniture, decorations or toys, beds and general stuff for Balu. So I decided to sit down and make a list of things that I will need so that I could order them online once my notebook arrives with the stuff from my parents` house. The house I will never ever enter again.

I thought I had seen a paperstack and a pen in the kitchen drawer. I had to search a bit until I found both. I sat down in the armchair in the living room. Right in front of the window. I thought about what I needed the most. First, I wrote down a bed for Balu and toys as well. I also wrote down brushes and shampoo. After that I wrote down some basic stuff such as: a broom, a vacuum cleaner, kitchen towls and towls. After I had written down all these things, I remembered one thing that I have forgotten on the list. Paint. Paint for the floors and the furniture. I just had to decide on the colour.

After that I noticed that Balu has found his spot beside me. I made my way into the kitchen to show him his bowl with water. I took another glass of water myself before I decided to go into my garden to wait for the delivery of my stuff. I don`t want any strangers in the house. Didn`t want to put Balu through any stress. He should get used to his new home and situation without any stress and pressure.

In todays delivery there will be my clothes too. Not the funny dresses. My real clothes. The clothes I hided in the blanket box at the bottom of my old bed. I also ordered a sauce pan and tableware, as well as blankets and some books. My notebook was on top of the box with the clothes. I took it out of the box and started to order the things from my list.

Before I shut down my notebook I have learned a lot about do it yourself and crafting. I decided on painting the furniture white except of the kitchen fronts. I would paint those in a light blue that reminded me of the ocean. I did order all towls in white and light blue, same with the vases.

I took Balu on the leash and went with him and one of my new books down to the beach. First, I went to the kiosk again and ordered a salad with some chicken. Then I searched for a trouble-free spot at the beach. Balu layed down beside me and started to chew on his chewing bone. While eating my salad I stared on the ocean. To be more exact on that one surfer. The surfer I had already seen yesterday. I cannot tell why but somehow he was different from the other ones. He looked so free on his board, totally by himself. I put the rest of the salad in my bag, took my book out. I opened it on the first page, but just kept starring at the ocean, at that one surfer.

It was nearly dark when I decided to take Balu and go home.
A few days later my other orders got delivered and I started to paint the floor immediately. After that I would paint the furniture before I would start to decorate.

My days were pretty much all the same. I still couldn`t sleep well so I always woke up early and went with Balu to the Beach to have my Breakfast. He got used to his home really fast. He loves the beach and he follows me all around. I was a little bit afraid of leaving him home alone, so I bought a book on this. I practiced with him every day. When we came back from the beach in the morning I started to paint the floor right away. I left a gangway in the kitchen out, so that I could still walk through the kitchen to the back door. It looked stupid but one evening I would paint that right before I would go to bed. During the late afternoon I always went down to the beach with Balu to look at the surfers.

I haven`t calles Liz again, yet. I had to figure my future out myself. Liz is probably worried as I have become so introverted. But at the moment I wasn`t in the mood for any contacts, sometimes I do not even want to leave the house.

My publisher has granted me a reprieve due to the circumstances. My last book is still getting sold pretty well, although I am not as happy with it as I wish to. So that is how my days look like. Until that one day. That day when I stayed a bit longer at the beach with Balu. That day when I went shopping after that trip. From that day on everything would become different. Everything would change.


  1. I still love the story.
    Pets are really the best friends in life. :)

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Pets have such a powerful meaning to healing. Just think of how often my dog comes and warms me when I am sick or cuddles when I feel down. They are often the only ones who know how we really feel, so I needed to put a dog in there ;)