Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something Special for you!

Hi everyone!

So don`t we all have dreams?
One of my dreams when I was a teen was to become a writer.
I started to write down some of my thoughts and some stories early on but they were never seen by somebody else. Somehow I think I want to keep this dream a dream.
Now usually I would say dreams are there to become true but I haven`t found the courage yet to show a lot of the things I have written to other people.
So this spring I was joking around with a friend (Jenny) about why not to write a book and go for selfpublishing. Well I have written a story and send it to her and she liked it. But that story never made it being published by myself. So sorry guys I am so selfcritical and I so lack the courage to take that selfpublishing step.
But since the colder days are soon up again I thought to use my blog to bring it out. To show you what I have written, to share it with you and to hear your feedback. I know it won`t be perfect and it will probably not be something for everyone. I am far away from being professional in this and it is just something very special for me that I want to share with you.
So the way I thought this is going to happen is that every other post that comes out will be a chapter of my story. I won`t write anything special to it I will just post it chapter by chapter and when it is finished I would be happy to be able to make a post about how you guys liked it, what feedback I have gotten from you and if we maybe keep these blogposts up with another story.
What I of course need for that last post that will conclude this "Something special for you" - series is your feedback in the comments below. Write them under the chapter that is out and we can discuss them and I for myself can learn from them hopefully.

So I hope you will like this idea and stay tuned for this upcoming special for you!



  1. I'm looking forward to reading this!

  2. Thank you so much. I hope you like it. I am still translating it into english so there will probably be some mistakes...but hey I am no english native 😉

  3. I am really proud of you! I will read it again in English. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you like it in english as well ;)