Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Favourites - I Love....Shower Creme and Body Lotion

Hi everyone!

As you all know I have very sensitive skin and had trouble finding products that worked well with my skin when it came to body lotions and body washes.
In one of my first posts I have shown you the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Wash now as this is more on the pricey side and although a little bit goes a long way with it I decided to carefully try some cheaper body washes.
As I had gotten the I love... Coconut Body Milk as a gift from someone I tried that one at first and it gave me a very soft and moisturized skin. I didn`t had any irritations and my skin looked very well. I love the coconut smell, but as I know some people who don`t I had to find an alternative to the coconut smell.
So this is how I came across the Strawberries and cream range from I love...
It is a very soft and gentle body wash. The lotion is a bit thicker than the milky version (coconut) but it leaves my skin soft and very smooth and glowing which I like. The smell is pretty intense at first but after an hour you should be fine. It does smell like the Campino Candy thing which I always ate as a kid but I really like the smell. It is fresh and fruity, definetly more of a summer smell I would say. So for winter I will try another I love...smell/range to not smell like strawberry ice cream during the winter.
So this were the skincare benefits.
Now lets talk about price and packaging.
So as you may have noticed I only got the small version of it or travel version. This package included one of these `sponges` I love like these peeling sponges or how you call them. Anyways it has one of these, the bodywash and the bodylotion for under 8 euros, which I think is a really good price. A little bit goes a long way both with the body wash and the body lotion. And if you ask me I will probably continue the package in this size as it gives me the opportunity to change the smell more often and to get a new sponge every other month.
To the packaging. The coconut milk one came with a pump, which I personally prefered. The lotion here is not with a pump and pressing the product out is pretty hard once you have had it on your hands. So I would have prefered it with a pump, but otherwise it looks cute, it is small. I like it. Good for the gymbag as well.

Have you tried the I love... products yet? If so, which smells do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below and I hope to see you soon.


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  1. Sounds great! I haven't tried their products by now but I will for sure. ;)