Monday, October 12, 2015

I am in love with Essie! Fall Favourites!

Hi everyone!

A while ago I posted my favourite nail polishes according to their colour as you may remember. Today I want to add two new nail polishes to these.

They are both by Essie as I wanted to understand the hype about them. And they are definetly worth their money. One coat is enough to achieve the desired colour, they dry pretty fast, the shine is amazing and they are pretty long lasting.

Now on to the colours.

The darker shade is called 48 luxedo and the lighter shade is 42 angora cardy.
I love these two for fall.
The lighter shade is definetly more of a stronger brownish nude, while the darker shade is a very dark burgundy or as I say a black with a violet undertone. They both look great with basically every outfit. The colours are beautiful and definetly wearable for any occasion.

The only minus I find with these nail polishes is the brush as it is sooo big and too big to apply the polish without over drawing on my pinky finger. But that is basically the only minus.

I can only recommend trying them. I will probably purchase some more during the next months, so let me know what colours you can recommend in the comments below, if you are having any Essie nail colours and I will consider trying them.



  1. Aaaaaaaah nail polish! :D :D :D Best posts in life. :D I have romper room and mint candy apple.

    1. Ah I think I have to check romper room and mint candy Apple out.