Friday, October 23, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 11

I slept pretty bad the last couple of nights. And you could see that. I had lost some points. I had dark circles around my eyes. At least I found them to be really bad. I tried everything to conceal them, but Doctor Morrison did see them anyways.

“You are not looking good. I assume you are not sleeping?” Was the first question he asked me.

“Well…I sleep..” I tried to save the situation. He nodded skeptical and continued, “You did lose some weight as well.” He looked friendly, but at the same time worried and full of expectation.

“Look, I can`t force you to, but wouldn`t you want me to call a therapist and schedule and appointment for you? Even if you can`t remember the accident, you are going through a traumatic incident. You have lost your whole family and with that your whole life.”

I tried to avoid his look. He was right, somehow, but I didn`t feel like talking.

“Listen, just one appointment. Maybe it helps you and you continue a therapy. Maybe it doesn`t. What do you have to lose?”

I knew exactly what I had to lose, but I didn`t want to have this conversation again, so I just nod my head.

“Okay, I will give you the number of a colleague. When you call her, let her know that I send you over and it should be easy to get an appointment. Your other test results are all fine, so I will see you again next week.”

I took the card he gave me and thanked him for his help, before I left his room.

I walked to the station I had been in, in the hope that Liz would be working. But she had nightshift this week. So I left the box of chocolate pralines with a little note with one of her colleagues that had promised to give it Liz when she arrives for her shift.

I went out and called for a Taxi. Once I arrived at home I called the therapist to schedule an appointment, so that I could tell Doctor Morrison on my next appointment, that the therapy isn`t helping.

I got an appointment for Tuesday at 5pm. I had asked the taxi driver for his number, so I called him right after my call at the therapist and asked him if he could drive me on Tuesday.

The days until Tuesday continued as before. They were filled with painting the floors and furniture and of course playing with Balu. Over the weekend I have read a bit in the cookbooks, but on Saturday I had already put them aside. As I had gotten my first take away flyers in the post. I immediately ordered some food at the Thai Take away. The food was fresh and cleanly packed and it tasted really good. So I pinned the flyer to my fridge.

I didn`t go to the beach kiosk since I had been to Doctor Morrison. I had found a little bakery down the street so I got my breakfast from there.

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