Monday, October 5, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 7

Like every morning I was at the beach before the sunrise. For the past three years I usually had my breakfast at the kiosk down the beach. I basically knew every single person at the beach. Some just from seeing them. Some through surfing. And some through the neighborhood. I am happy that I fulfilled my dreams. I am happy that I left my rushed life as an investment banker behind. A life scheduled from morning to evening. A life that was only superficial. A life that didn`t leave any space to fulfil myself, be an individual. A life that was just about making as much money as possible. 

About having the most expansive car that gives you prestige. About having that Penthouse in the exclusive area of the city. The interior had to be black and white of course. About having a collection of the most expansive and exclusive suits. And of course, and that is the thing I hated the most, having the most beautiful women around you and preferably not just one of these. Personality and Intelligence weren`t a priority here. After seven years I have had enough of this life. I decided to sell my penthouse, my car and my suits. I decided to start a new life.

I always loved to surf. As a teenager I even participated in championships and that is how I ended up here. I had bought the kiosk two years ago from an elderly man, Alf, who wanted to retire, well deserved. He had promised me, that all I had to take care off would be the finances and the accounting. The rest would be taken care off by his longtime employees. And he ended up being right. Alf still came by regularly, but that didn`t bother me. He had become like a father figure to me over the past years, always being there with advice when needed.

Today I stayed a bit longer at the kiosk than usual. I had spotted a new person at the beach. A young woman. I think I have seen her before but she was new for sure.

“Her name is Emma, she is new here…”says one of my employees who obviously had noticed that I had stared a bit too long at the woman.

“Always orders an avocado toast and a tea in the morning and one of the salads in the evening. Looks like she can`t cook,” she continues.

“All the things you know, Kim?!” I answered a bit amused. Kim was the oldest of my employees, she is like a real mom. She notices everything. It was impossible to keep a secret from her. But she has a good heart and a good soul and never means any harm.

“Seems to be a bit shy too,” she adds, “she is barely talking. Seems to be a bit sad, that girl.”
“Or she is just new,” I say, smiling.

“The waves are calling!”, I say before I go and get my board and make my way to the water.

I love the thrill and at the same time the silence when I am out on the water. Some days I just paddle around. Some days I do not want to miss a wave. Today was one of the days I just sat on my board. I looked at the ocen before I turned to look at the beach. She is still sitting in the same spot, away from the crowed. She had a dog with her if I see that right. The beach became more crowded with time and Emma, as Kim said, stood up and went away from the beach. I am pretty sure I noticed her the other days, but I had never seen her that close like this morning. But that should change. I just didn`t know yet.

Now that she had gone away I took my eyes from the beach and focused my view on the endless ocean. A few waves later I was on my board, surfing, enjoying to let go.

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