Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 9

On my way home tonight I saw her again, Emma, the woman from the beach. She was walking towards me, with two grocery bags in her arms. I saw how two teenagers came running behind her and how they ran into her. She fell, but the two teenagers didn`t care, they just continued running. I ran over to her, to help her. She was sitting on the pavement, her groceries all over.
“Are you okay?” I asked her.
She was just staring at me, nodding her head. She seemed to be confused but immediately started to put her gorceries back into the bag. I was helping her and right before I was nearly done packing that other bag I heared her saying “Thank you” and she rushed away.
“Wait,” I said, having her second bag in my arm, but she didn`t. She kept going, so I went after her. She lived just a few houses from mine, but I have never seen her entering or leaving the house. Just a few seconds afterwards I noticed why. She enters her house from the backdoor. I was waiting in the door until she nodded as a sign to enter. I put the bag on the kitchen counter right beside the other bag. She smiled at me. Kim was right, she is really shy, she is barely talking or better said not talking at all. Suddenly a dog came running into the kitchen.
“Hi little man, did you miss me?”, she said to her dog and started to pet him.
The kitchen floor looked freshly painted, but it looked as if she had forgotten a stripe in the middle. The door lock of her back door looked pretty insecure, easy to break in for a thief.
“Your door lock is broken, that can be pretty dangerous in this area of the city.” But still she wasn`t reacting. Maybe I should go and leave her alone, was all I could think at the moment, when the dog came over to me. He stared to sniff at me carefully. When she saw that she smiled at me again and then all of a sudden asked me “do you want something to drink?....I… I just have water and tea to offer…”
“A water please.” She handed me a glass of water, smiled at me again. This time a bit insecure and shy.
“If you have any tools around, I could fix that right away,” I said nodding into the direction of the door. She disappeared from the kitchen without saying a word. I could hear her walking through the house. Then I could hear her coming back to the kitchen. Her steps slowed down. When I saw her carrying the heavy tool box I rushed over to help her. When she put down the box directly in front of me, I could see here long scar. I guess I have looked at it a bit too long, as she started to pull up her top to cover the scar. I wonder if that that has given her that scar had to do anything with her being that silent and insecure. But it wasn`t the right timing to ask her about this right now. So I didn`t ask. Instead I started to repair the door lock.
“Balu, let`s go into the living room”, I heared her say to the dog.
I started to fix the lock and the handle. Once I was done I went with the tool box through the kitchen into the living room. She was sitting in front of a little table. Busy painting it white. She looked as if she was deeply into her thoughts. Balu was lying in his bed under the window, beside the armchair.
“The door is safe again. Do you need any more help?” I heared my self saying. But she didn`t react. She seemed to really be dreaming herself away in her work. The only thing I could see was a satisfied smile on her face. I went back into the kitchen where I wrote a little note.

If you ever need any help or just someone to talk with, you can find me at the kiosk down the beach or four houses further down the road.

Then I left. I had a little hope that she would get in touch with me. I didn`t actually know why. She was weired, maybe unpolite as well. But maybe it was just insecurity or she was really scared. But at the same time her eyes were telling so much more and I want to know what that is.

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