Monday, November 2, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 13

Since I helped her, since I touched her shoulder, I couldn`t stop to think about her.
She barely talked. I thought it was strange at first, but then I saw that scar and I couldn`t stop thinking that it had to with what had happened to her.

Her eyes were sparkling green when she smiled at me and behind that sad insecure look that I had noticed earlier I saw joy and relief. I couldn`t and didn`t want to tell why she was that sad and insecure. I also couldn`t tell why she was happy either and I didn`t know why she smiled at me that one moment. Maybe because I had helped her? But I didn`t know that for sure.

“Everyone has problems”, did Alf told me the first time I came to the beach kiosk, “the only thing important is how you are dealing with them.” Emma obviously has problems. She seems to deal with them in some moments better than in others. I was hoping to understand it one day. I was sure about seeing her again. I mean she was living just a few houses away. She spent her days at the beach, if Kim didn`t took her for somebody else. And then there was this note I had left her, which was pretty close to an indirect invitation.

But already the day after I had fixed her door, she didn`t showed up at the beach. I haven`t seen her all week. I tried to put my thoughts about her aside by enjoying the nature, by surfing.

Tuesday afternoon I stayed at home, there hasn`t been any good waves and I had to take care of the kiosks accounting. I just sat down to do so when I saw a taxi stopping by her house. It was rare to see a taxi in this area of the city, especially during daytime. She came out of her house and drove away with the taxi. Before I had thought it through I took my jacket and went down to the kiosk. I made Kim pack a salad and some chocolate into a basket. Back home I wrote a note attached it to the basket and brought it over to Emmas` house. I put it right in front of her back door.
Back at my house I watched over to her house from my office window. 
Right when she came back with the taxi I noticed that I had forgotten to sign the note. But maybe it was good this way. She could guess that it was him that left it there, but at the same time it could have been someone else who left it there. So I she won`t be under any pressure. At least I hoped so. I would really like to help her, but I didn`t know why. To do so I didn`t know enough about her. I grabbed all the papers and went with them into the living room, so that I wouldn`t get distracted by staring at her house.

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