Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 15

She hasn`t been to the beach nor did she leave her house. She didn`t call me either. Maybe she was sick and needed help. I thought about going over to her house and to check on her as she didn`t seem to have any family or friends that were looking after her. But then I decided on not doing so. Maybe that was a bit too intrusive. I mean I had written down where she could find me if she needed any help.

It was Thursday again and I stayed home because of the bad waves. I had decided on doing the laundry. While I was filling the washing machine I hear a thunder approaching and shortly after hear the rain on my roof, strongly.

Back in my hall way I see a taxi in front of her house. She comes running from the back door and rushes into the taxi. She didn`t look happy, here gaze was down, her shoulders hanging. She had drawn the hood into her face. Although it was raining, she was wearing shorts and sandals. I had to smile a bit amused. Before she went into the taxi she had a quick look at my house and I think she was smiling. Then she entered the taxi and drove away. Somehow I had the feeling that that look towards my house was a good sign. Maybe she was thinking of me too and just too shy to get in touch. I decided to jog a little round through the rain. When I came by the kiosk I decided to get myself some water. While drinking my water I walked around the kiosk. I picked up a book and read the argument of the novel. It sounded interesting. Then I saw a Nicholas Sparks movie in one of the shelfs which I thought would be a good fit to the book. I took both and went back to Kim to pay. She looked at me confused. “Are you trying to seduce someone or did you become gay?” she asked me, obviously confused about my choices.

“Both not.” I answered her quickly, before I ran back to my house. I was searching the kitchen shelf for another box of pralines that I had bought a while ago at the airport. I packed the book and DVD and the pralines into a basket that I still had from the kiosk. Then I started to write a little note `Enjoy the rainy days the same way as the sunny` and put it into the basket before I brought it over to Emmas` house and put it on the porch at the back door. She would be happy about the basket, even when she didn`t know who put it there.

The days continued being grey and rainy. When the weather allowed it I went of course surfing. When it didn`t I took care of my house. There was always something that needed to be done. Morning and evening I went to the kiosk to check on it. When the weather was bad the little hut suffered a lot. Kim was still teasing me with my recent `hauls` but she also kept me updated on Emma and that she hasn`t returned to the beach and the kiosk. Kim was counting one and one together. She knew who I bought the book and DVD for.

“You have that look”, she said to me. I decided to not ask what she meant with `that look`. On Sunday I payed Alf a visit. The old man had asked for help. The storm had damaged parts of his porch and he had troubles fixing it himself.

Alf gave me a warm welcome when I knocked on the door.

“Just come in, there is a beer waiting for you in the kitchen,” he said and pat me on my back. “Just sit down, you can work later”, Alf pointed at a chair. I started to think that Alf was on to something and that he didn`t ask me to come because of a damaged porch. Because never ever before did Alf offered me one of his holy beers.

“Kim says you recently started to buy romantic novels and chick flicks…”

“No, I am not gay,” I interrupted him immediately.

“I didn`t suspected that either. I suspect something different…” I took a bit of the beer.

“I see you every Tuesday how you plant a basket at the new one over there.” He pointed into the direction of Emmas` house. “Who is she? And more importantly what did she do to make you a romantic? I thought I had given my business to a real man?” Alf said and laughed out loudly. I knew that Alf didn`t like this `real mans`. He was married for thirty years until his wife died a few years ago. Alf has always been a gentleman, at least he told me so, so I knew to not take his message to serious.

“Her name is Emma, at least Kim says so. I helped her out the other day and she seems nice. But…I don`t know, something doesn`t seems right with her… I just want to help her”, I try to explain, but it was difficult as I didn`t know myself what I was doing there.

“Ohhh, so today it is called helping?!” Alf raised an eyebrow and started to laugh.
“I just needed to make sure that you were okay before you are starting to repair the porch. One of the old plant pots has fallen down….and broke some of the wooden planks…”

Yeah, that is Alf, worried and boss at the same time. I took the tool box that was standing in the kitchen and went outside to take a look at what Alf`d just described. Then I started to fix it.

She got picked up the past two Tuesdays at the same time by the taxi driver so I was pretty sure that she would be picked up at this time again this week.

I already bought a cheese plate from the kiosk today morning, so that I wouldn`t have to go through an interrogation again. “For tonight”, I said to Kim and then disappeared immediately. The rain had stopped so I put it into a bag this time. I packed a bottle of wine to the cheese plate and a little note where I wished her to `Enjoy it`.

If she wouldn`t leave the house today I would simply eat the cheese plate. But in everything she did there was a routine and today it should be the same. The taxi stopped as usual in front of her house, she rushed into the taxi and drove away. I went over to her house, put the bag on the porch at her back door and then went down to the beach. Someday she will realize that I all I want was to help her and be a friend. One day she will realize that, she just needed some time.

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