Friday, November 20, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 17

I had already painted my bedroom furniture white, even the bed. To do so I had to carry my mattress downstairs into the living room where I slept for a few nights.

After I came back from the therapist last night I had to carry my mattress with all of strength back upstairs into my bedroom. I was sleeping for six hours without waking up in between for the first time this night. Today morning Balu woke me up. He had sneaked himself into my bed and started to sniff at my face until I opened my eyes. I cuddled with him a bit before I stood up. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I put on some jeans shorts and a shirt. I put on some make up and then took Balu for his morning walk. I was late, so I assumed that Scott would already be on the water so I decided to go down to the beach in the afternoon. I just went to the park with Balu, now.

After half an hour we took as usual a break to play a bit at the dog playground in the park. Then we went back home. Balu went immediately to his bed to take a nap.

I went down to the supermarket and bought some groceries and another cookbook. Back home I put the groceries into the fridge and the cookbook aside. I started to tidy everything up and then cleaned all over. My old home would have never looked like this. But I wasn`t perfect and I didn`t want to spent my whole days with just cleaning the house. I had read the book that was in one of the baskets.

I did read some interior magazines and good some more inspiration and ideas. I had painted the floors and the furniture. I didn`t do nothing.

Right after I finished cleaning Balu came with one of his toys and threw it right in front of my feet.

He wanted to play, but I wasn`t completely done yet. So I put his toy back into his bed. Then I went upstairs to refresh my make up in the bathroom. I took a towel from the bathroom and put it into my beach bag, I also added some treats for Balu and a bottle of water into my bag. Then I got Balus leash and his ball and we both made our way down to the beach.

Once I arrived at the beach I set myself away from the main crowed on my towel. Balu took his spot beside me and started to observe the people at the beach. I didn`t need a long time to find Scott among the surfers on the water. I was looking at him for a little while before I started to play with Balu. After half an hour of playing Balu went back to my towel and layed down. He was totally exhausted.

When the sunset began at lot of people started to leave the beach, the surfers came back in and I started to get nervous, because I absolutely didn`t know what I was doing. On the one hand I wanted to talk to him on the other I didn`t know what to say and what to do?

While I was thinking back and forth a few minutes went by and I totally forgot the things around me.
Suddenly Balu walked away from me, towards the water and when I looked into his direction I saw why. Scott had come out of the water with his board and Balu who for an unknown reason loved him like crazy was running towards him. Scott had put the board away and started to play with Balu.

After a little while they came walking towards me. Balu took his spot again beside me, while Scott sat down on my other site without saying a word. He was smiling at me but not saying a single word.

I knew know how he must have felt, when we met the first time and I wasn`t saying a word, just smiling. Did he do this on purpose now? Or was he thinking that this would help me? Or was I just thinking too much or interpreting too much into the situation again?

Suddenly it came out of my mouth, “I am Emma” I said, gave him my hand and smiled at him. He smiled back at me and gave me his hand, but stayed quiet.

Somehow it still confused me, but maybe I should just stop thinking about it. I mean at least he was sitting beside me and not went away madly. I looked at the ocean and  started to listen to the sound of it. I noticed how he was staring at me. I smiled a bit but kept my gaze onto the ocean.

We were sitting there for almost an hour without saying a word. I liked this silence. It felt understood by him and I didn`t even have to explain it to him and the other way around. I actually had the plan to talk to him, to thank him, to explain myself, but now I had the feeling I didn`t have to. And on that feeling my hunger followed. Suddenly I was hearing myself asking him “Would you like to eat something?...I wanted to go home and cook something…”


  1. I still love the story! The new blog design is amazing! I need snow, too. :D I should add it till next Sunday. :)