Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Something special for you! Chapter 18

I didn`t thought that I would see her again, personally, so not just from my window. I especially didn`t thought that I would see her again at the beach. But while I was surfing today afternoon I was able to spot her on the beach, sitting a bit away from the crowd. I was close to losing my balance, so surprised was I, but I managed to balance it out and not fall of my board. Was that really her?- Yes it has to be her, I could spot her dog lying beside her in the sand. I wouldn`t go out of the water right away that was for sure. If she needed my help or talk to me she would wait.

But I totally forgot the time while I was on the water. When I turned my gaze back to the beach the sun had already started to set. The people had started to leave the beach and I really hoped that she was still there. She had probably waited for more than two hours. But she was still sitting there in the sand. For today I did enjoyed the waves enough.

I wasn`t completely out of the water when her dog came running towards me. I greeted him and started to play with him. Then I went with him back to her. I sat down beside her, she was smiling but not saying a word. I decided to stay quiet and to wait what she will be doing. I didn`t wanted to push her. Didn`t want to do something that made her feel uncomfortable. If staying quiet was the best method I couldn`t tell. But when we met the last time, the first time, not talking seemed to be her thing.

Suddenly she reached me her hand and said, “I am Emma”. She was smiling. More with her eyes than her mouth. She was just glowing. I took her hand, smiled back at her and stayed silent. She did so as well. She was silent with me and the longer we were silent together the more comfortable I got with it.

She seemed to get along with the silence pretty well and pretty fast. At the beginning I could see how it confused her, but then she turned her focus on to the sunset and she seemed to fell comfortable with it. At first I couldn`t leave it, I was just able to look at her. The first minutes I was simply looking at her. Then I also started to stare at the ocean and after a while I was able to enjoy the silence. Simply not being in need of saying something. That Emma didn`t had a problem with that wasn`t new to me after her behavior when I met her the first time. But this time the silence was different. It was feeling good. They were sharing something, as if she was sharing something with him. This time it wasn`t weird or strange, this time it was good. Nearly freeing and somehow I understood it this time. The sound of the waves, that I usually didn`t hear any longer. The colors of the sky, that were though fascinating me for the past couple of years, but somehow they had become taken for granted. All this impressed me today the same way like it did on my first day here.

We were sitting there for nearly an hour in silence. Out of the nowhere Emma asked me, “Would you like to eat something?... I wanted to go home and cook something…”

I was surprised that she had just invited me. “Yes”, was the only thing I could say while I nodded my head still surprised.

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