Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stockholm Day 2!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Day 2 of my Stockholm Trip.
So first night was great and we were all ready to start our sightseeing trip.
Once down in the hotel lobby we did ask for the way to the subway (T-bana) they were very helpful in describing us the way, eventually we were just too tired or too stupid to find the way mentioned. At least it wasn`t up the stairs and on the right. But we just thought we will keep walking and see where we end up. So after a while we found a card and figured we were in the center of Skärholmen so on the right way. Yey! We  found a supermarked where we decided to buy some snacks that will keep us over the day and some water. (A tip from me here is really use the supermarked outside the city center as the prices were way higher once we arrived in the city center plus finding a Lidl was pretty hard.) Once we came out of the supermarked we saw the sign for the subway.
So with the subway we went into the city. Confused about how a restaurant called Macho could be right under the offices of Manpower but "Hey never mind" if you do not see the irony and humour there.

Well on to finding the right Bus for our first sightseeing day. Day 1 of sightseeing should lead us to Djurgården where we wanted to see the Vasamuseum, Junibacken and the Nordic Museum...after that we had planned to go to the city museum, but wait and see what happened.

Stop no. 1: The Vasamuseum...not really informed the friend I went with thought she would find the famous swedish Wasabread....I had to disappoint her, there was nothing to eat also not anything food related to watch, just a big ship, that belonged to King Gustav Wasa. It sank on its first drive right after it shipped out. Once we had watched the whole ship which they saved from the ground of the sea and all the things that were on it and how it was painted and decorated in detail, we moved on to our next stop. (On a note there was a free guided tour which we didn`t use as we would have had to wait for one hour so make sure to check the schedule for these to skip waiting if you want a guide, otherwise all things had signs in different languages)

Stop no. 2: Junibacken....a wonderful journey through all the beautiful swedish stories I read as a child. They offer the trip in different languages and as we were used to them in german we went with german. You drove through miniature staged stories, such as Madita, Emil and Pippi, etc. all the Astrid Lindgren stories I so much loved as a child and still love as an adult
Still excited from our timetravel through our childhood we went to....

Stop no. 3: The Nordic Museum....where we got a free audioguide in german (on some stations it was english but it was fine) that walked us through the special exposition of the samic culture and history, then through nordic eating and table culture, through the history of nordic fashion and just when we thought we had seen it all we found an extra exposition on the history of music, where we gut stuck for 3 hours listening to one song for two hours straight (the song was called hög standard by Peps Persson if you want to check it out on youtube).

Yeah and that was basically the reason why we didn`t made it to our fourth stop. But we walked to Stockholms traditional Hot dog kiosk NK Korv....where they immediately figured that we were germans and started chatting with the guy working there was some real eyecandy :P

After that we went back to the Hotel to prepare for Day 3 and to charge our cameras and sleep of course.

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