Monday, November 9, 2015

Stockholm Day 3!

Hi everyone!

So day 2 of sightseeing started with being extremely sore and a lot of blisters on our feet. So first thing was covering our feet with blister plasters. So once we were done with that and had our great breakfast at the hotel the day could start.
On our plan for the day we had: Drottningholmen Palace, The Chinese Pavillion, The Theater by the Palace and a walk through the Palace Park.

So on to our way to Drottningholmen which we thanks to our very patient and friendly front desk clerk found very easily. We need the 40 Minutes she guessed. Lucky as we were we were the first people at the Palace and more or less got a private guided tour which gave us the possibility for asking a lot of questions.

This palace is just so beautiful and teaches so much royal  history and is so near to the folk I can just recommend visiting it. The guided tour took about two hours but it was so informative all questions we had got answered with so much joy it was just amazing.
From the palace we made our way through the park which is very beautiful to walk in to the Chinese Pavillion. As you can see the weather was not as good as the day before and we were covered in rain caped with an umbrella but shorts which obviously told everyone "Germans on Tour" just as a side note.
Once arrived at the Pavillion we were wondering what exactly this was. Don`t get me wrong it was beautiful as you can see in the picture, but I expected something round and open at the sides and not a real building. But the history to it and the building it self was very beautiful. But if I would walk through the whole park again in rain and felt 40 degrees thanks to the humidity I leave that question open...
Once we were done with the Pavillion we went back through the Park to the Theater. We saw a wedding in the Park (yes it seemed to be open for public weddings) which was beautiful.
In the theater you could go backstage and take a look at all the stuff they use and used. It was nice but you can totally do this in 10 minutes.
Well now that we were done with Drottningholm we wanted to go and eat in Kungligahallen. But we only made it to the city center as no busses were going thanks to the Stockholm Pride. We figured out later that we could have reached our goal by subway too but this little mistake gave us the chance to look at this Parade. So once we made it out of the train station we found ourselves standing between all these people singing "Harry Potter is homosexual..." ...once we took a rest from that funny shock we got the next.
Right beside our Parade there was a little demonstration of people from Iraque demonstrating silently for human rights (we noticed them already the day before). We found those too Parades beside each other not that well placed but hey freedom...
Well lets make it quick. We watched the Parade then went eating in Kungligahallen and from there back to the city for a little shopping trip and then back to the hotel preparing ourselves for the next day, charging our cameras, etc....


  1. Beautiful photos! Love it so much!

    I'm following you on bloglovin, would love if you followed back :)

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my blog. If there are any questions you May have feel free to ask them any time.
      And of course I'll follow you back. Thank you again.

  2. This looks so fun! So random about the Harry Potter chanting haha. When did you go? So lovely to see that wedding too!

    1. It is so fun. Such an amazing city so many fun things to do. Very clean as well. We went the last week of July in 2009. Took me some time to get the travel Posts ready in english...