Friday, November 13, 2015

Stockholm Day 4!

Hi everyone!!!

So Day 4 started again with extreme soreness and taking care of our blisters but also with excitement thanks to that days plan.
After a very good breakfast we made our way to Gamla Stan which is basically the old/historical part of the city. There we wanted to visit Stockholm Cathedral, The Royal Palace and The Treasury (I just needed to see the jewelery and crowns and all these beautiful things).
From the Old Town (Gamla Stan) we went to Riddarholmen where we wanted to see The Riddarholmen Church and from there we wanted to go to Kungligahallen as the day before to eat and then we went back to Gamla Stan for one of the walking tours that were mentioned in our Guidebook. The Tour led us through Gamla Stan over to Riddarholmen and back to Gamla Stan while passing the Opera on our way back to Gamla Stan. Last but not least we made our way to one Stockholms nicest views.
So after our breakfast we made our way to the Old Town (Gamla Stand) and to Stockholm Cathedral which in my opinion is a very beautiful and not too overloaded cathedral. It is very light inside so not so dark as some others I have seen in the past.

From the cathedral it was a very quick walk to the Royal Palace where we saw how the guards thing ( I called it the thing as I actually do not know what that was). We didn`t got a guided tour in the Royal Palace which was a bit sad because we really liked the guided tour in Drottningholm Palace as we had learned a lot. So here we had to walk around alone and read the information from the signs that were standing in every room which kind of got boring after about an hour especially since you always had to wait until the people in front of you were finished reading the information. So after 1 1/2 hour we were done and went into the Treasury which was really great although it just took about 10 minutes to see everything.

We walked through the small streets of the Old town over the bridge to Riddarholmen where we visited the Riddarholmen Church, the church with the black tower as we called it. For us this Church got after our 10 minute  in my case 5 minute visit a new name. The Church of the Death because it functions as a grave for 17 kings and the church was more of a graveyard, cold, dark and of course full of dead people...

After a quick lunch break at the Kungligahallen (36 Restaurants on 3 floors) we went back to Gamla Stan to start one of the roundtrips from our guidebook.
We started at the little finnish church that was right beside the Royal Palace or behind the Stockholm Cathedral (depending on your starting point, we had to search a bit for it). In the backyard of the Finnish Church we found a little statue that shall bring you luck when you touch it (speaking of luck: when I came back home I won a phone).

We didn`t do anything exactly the way they said in the book as we had seen already most of the things from the tour during the day. We walked that roundway, bought as something to drink and made our way to the view that was mentioned in the book. I can really just recommend it, you get a nice view over the sea and Gamla Stan. We were sitting there until 11pm before we made our way back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for Day 5...



  1. Beautiful photos! I hope to visit Stockholm one day as well!

    1. Thank you so much. It is an amazing city.