Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stockholm Day 5!

Hi everyone!

It is Day 5 of the "Stockholm-Holiday Edition".
It started with a bit of a headache due to too much sun and beer. I was pretty much burned all over so beauty tip number one do not forget your sunscreen even when you are in Scandinavia or better say especially in Scandinavia.
So the plan for Day 5 was to go to the Aquarium, an Artmuseum and the Gröna Lund Tivoli for some action and fun.
Today morning we found something strange on our way to the subway station...Garbage and weird advertising walls.
A shopping cart full of garbage, garbage beside the garbage can in the mall, same in the subway station...and of course we had to take photos of that to proof that Sweden is not as clean as it looks in all the documentaries.
Weird advertising like a sheep (for Tele 2) that said "Cheap is that way" probably a joke on accent (maybe our german accent) I just say "Help we are thinking..."
Anyways, once arrived at the Aquarium we took one of the information flyers and went into the simulated rainforest...people who read the flyer in advance clearly had an advantage, because they had known that once it gets dark in the rainforest, rain starts and you better make your way into your hut before it starts to rain...well guess who took a second good morning shower?!

But not thinking of the shower we had a great time "under the sea". It was amazing to see all the beautiful water animals in such a lovely atmosphere. To learn about them, to see their different colour and beautys. We spend over 2 hours in this museum and I am sure you could have gone through it in less than 30 minutes but it was beautiful. The teaching effect was amazing. They even had a simulation of water polution through us humans. It was shocking you could go down into a simulated canal system and see the clear water on the one side and then they way it looks thanks to us. Giving you some more impressions of the Aquarium before I move on to our next spot.

Outside the museum with a view on the ocean
After this we had planned to go to an Artmuseum which had closed. We figured that basically every artmuseum except of the museum for Modern Art was closed. So we went straight to the Tivoli where we had a ton of fun.
Started with the wild mice (as we called it), I think it was for children, but for us two tough enough. This thing was so fast...after it we went into the Scary Ghost Ride (we also called it that way)...somebody should have told us earlier that when you drive towards the train the door will open and people in the waiting line will see your stupid face...but hey I can laugh about myself and it was fun.
Last thing and a thing you wouldn`t get us out of was Katapulten, a mix of a Free Fall Tower with a Rocket. You get shot up and have a nice view over the whole city and then they let you fall down just to shoot you up again. Amazing...but nothing for sensitive people or people with the risk of a heart attack.
So our Day 5 focused on 2 beautiful activities followed by dinner at the Kungligahallen and a little shopping trip in the sun.



  1. A rainforest? That´s pretty cool except taking a shower there! :D

    1. It was really fun. I can only recommend to take a look at it. They really put a thought into it to not only make an attraction but also to educate you.