Monday, November 23, 2015

Stockholm Day 6!

Hi everyone!

Day 6 was a short day although the list was quiet long. Strindberg Museum, Art Gallery, The University and the Botanical Garden.

So once we had breakfast we were ready for the day. As usual we were very well prepared tourists with two memory cards for our cameras, a lunch package with cookies and Dr. Pepper which we assumed was coke (bad mistake, very bad mistake), our guidbooks and a city map.
But as well as we were prepared we got it managed to walk three times (yes three times) into the wrong direction anyways before we finally found the Strindberg Museum. Once we found the old apartmend of this amazing author which functions now as a museum we were also happy to leave it again after 30 minutes. It was just warm and very crowded that day and in the small apartment simply not as much fun as we expected. So from there we went to the Art Gallery which as mentioned earlier was closed. So straight to University.

One thing was clear, it would always be our dream to study there one day (knowing today this will always just stay a dream as we both choose other ways).

From there it was a short walk to the Botanical Gardens. Which is a really great spot to visit.
We spent about 2 hours there taking pictures of all the flowers and plants and of course of us.
From Mexico feeling to Greece feeling because they of course presented the flowes and plants in their natural because of that pack a jacket and a bikini ;)

Because we still had time left we made our way back to the city center where we went on a historical boat tour...and of course we got sea sick but it was worth it...I just recommend to not drink Dr. Pepper when you are sea sick because frankly...this melted cherry lollipop taste...not a good idea.
Once we felt better we focused on shopping, eating some dinner and then went back to the hotel.


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