Friday, November 27, 2015

Stockholm Day 7!

Hi everyone!

So Day 7 on our plan for todays post. This post. On this day we had my favourite on the list and only that one thing, so we finally had some time to sleep in and relax.
So after breakfast we made our way to The Museum of Modern Art and since it was in the same building my friend also visited the Architecture Museum.

So on our way to the Museum of Modern Art we saw some really funny sculptures that showed us "We are on the right way". Once we were in the museum we got a free audio guide again (they basically had them everywhere you just need to ask for them and they are happy to hand them to you) and this time we had choosen english as we had figured the english versions contained more information than the german ones.
We spent about three hours in this museum. It was really hard to get me away from some of the Pop-Art works. I was really fascinated by a gigantic Heinz Ketchup bottle with red "ketchup" spills around...I know some of you might say now "And this is called art?"...but as with everything it is a matter of taste and interpretation.
Of course they had different art pieces and paintings from different epochs I honestly can`t tell any longer from which epochs exactly but the audio guide was a great help both in helping to understanding the paintings and the ideas behind them...sadly we didn`t got an explanation on the ketchup bottle.
So for my friend the sightseeing trip went on with the architecture museum while I was enjoying myself with a good book outside.

Once she came out of the architecture museum she had found a new object we had to visit. The Kakn√§stornet which is the TV/Funktower I think (honestly I am not sure what it is it basically just looked like a curled sausage). So once we found it on the map we made our way there, visited the souvenir shop which was quiet funny, took the elevator up and then down again. All in all we might have spent 5 minutes there. In my opinion it wasn`t anything worth seeing but he we all got a different taste. Maybe this was a modern art thing I didn`t get.

So from there we did the usual dinner and shopping trip and then went back to our hotel for a night in front of the TV.

Our last day we spent relaxing at a little beach spot where we went swimming and with shopping, so I won`t do an extra post on that (I hope that is fine).

As you can see we did see a lot and had a full schedule of sightseeing and if we would have had more time there would have been so many more nice sights we would have wanted to see and that we still hope to see someday. So Stockholm is definetly worth visiting and has lots of things to offer no matter what your interests are (history, art, culture, nature, etc.). I hope this series gave you a little impression on what you could do and how to plan as we obviously did some planning mistakes (just saying closed art galleries) but we enjoyed it anyways and found alternatives and you always learn for the future from these mistakes. 

Let me know where you want to spend or will spend your next holidays. I am always interested why people choose the destinations they visit and I am always up for some new inspiration.
See you soon for the Christmas Special Series.


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