Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decorating my room for Christmas

Hi everyone!

So Christmas is right around the corner and you may think "How will I decorate this year?".
Well I have already done that by the end of October. Since I went back to university I am pretty short on time and decided to decorate right before my lectures start again, which was by the end of October.
Now let me be honest I love Christmas decorating but I do not like going overboard with it. So I felt the way I decorated this year was more winter based than Christmas based, there is no Santa over my place nor are their any red candles or any extreme lighting. But I was very much looking forward to getting my decoration changed.
So if you have read my post on my DIY Doorframe Shelf- My living room you may have noticed that it is mainly decorated black and white with a tint of light blue and this is also how I like to keep my christmas decoration I just mix it up a bit with grey and silver and on the 24th December I change all the candles to red. My mom never took out the red candles before the 24th and for me it is a tradition to have a waiting colour and a colour for the actual christmas days (I hope this makes sense somehow).
So lets get started decorating.

 So for my table I changed out the flowerpot from white to silver as I feel it is more festive. Of course it is not a typical Christmas plant but I cannot throw out all my plants just because they do not fit into Christmas time. I also switched out my candle. I had a white long candle all summer long without any scent. Now I have this candle in a jar with a vanilla cookie scent. I buy my candles at Ikea because I am on a budget and the smell is not too strong and very natural. So I feel for their price they are fine compared to                                                                                             Yankee Candles for example.
I have also added some tree decoration around the jar to make it look a little bit more festive.
I have switched out my napkins from basic light blue ones to the wonderful white ones with silver moose on.
The little painting and firestick box are my year round decoration that I got from a wonderful friend. It is DIY and I am still trying to figure out how it is done. Once I find it out I will let you know.
So the picture on top is without the candle on and the other one as you can see I lighted the candle.

So for my windows I switched my former very colourful orchid with something that looks more like Christmas. I added some white wooden snowflakes and a little snowman that matches my white and light blue "rule" and of course a white candle (that has no scent). I went with a glas candle holder as it is one of the cheapest, most simple but yet so classy ones I found at Ikea (yes it is my favourite store when it comes to buying decoration stuff).

So for my window decoration I used simple wooden decoration. One is a star and one is a little tree. I have to apologize for the bad lighting but I hope you can imagine how they look. The colour is a lighter blue one as you can see in the picture on the left a bit better.

They are very simple and I feel they are calling more for winter time than christmas time.
On to the next thing I changed up a bit.

Normally I have some candles and a flower on this one and my glasses and some photos in it. As you can see now. I put my little fake christmas tree on top of it which is decorated with the same tree decoration as I put around the candle in a jar on my table. I hung some glass tree decoration on the outside of my glass case which looks like little chrystals. Inside the case I put one small candle in a jar and some DIY wind candle for a bit of lighting. I usually would not do that but as this case isn`t closed completely and air can enter I feel safe doing so.

For my shelf I went with a silver plate with a white candle on it and the same tree decoration as before. I put a little moose on the side of the middle shelf and put a candle on each of them matching my white and grey scheme. (The painting you see is one I made in a hurry and I am not sure about hanging it up yet). The big white candle is not scented but the other two candles are also having the vanilla cookie scent.

Now this a shelf you know if you have checked out the post mentioned above. I added the same moose as on the shelf before. I added a lighted ball and that is basically it. I alsways have the candles in it and the angle and little chocolate dog as well. So not much new there, but as I said earlier I do not like to overdo it.

So last but not least I added a little snowman on to my DVD shelf and switched the lamp from the flower pattern to its Christmas schemed shade. The candle is a scented candle as well (Cranberry) which smells great in combination with the vanilla cookie scent. I basically just put the candle into a jar with some glass pearly things that I found in a decoration store for about 2 Euros.

So this was basically it. I do not decorate my bedroom or my office as I do not see any meaning in it. I work in my office and I sleep in my bedroom so I wouldn`t be able to enjoy it anyways.
But I hope you enjoyed this post and could find some inspiration.
If you want to leave me a comment below and I will see you soon.



  1. I love these! Simple and classy :D

  2. Vanilla cookie candle??? Why is ikea next to my home. :D But I should use the candles I have... ;)
    The painting is amazing!