Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY Christmas Cards

Hi everyone!

So today I want to give you some ideas on how to make homemade cards and other options.

You have probably heard  me talk about my toiletpaperroll cards in one of my previous DIY posts. Well for Christmas these "Tag Cards" are amazing.
You press the roll down so that it is flat. Glue some paper of your choice around it (preferably Christmas themed one). While you leave that to dry you can make the drag out tag which should match your card in colour and style. You need to punch in a whole into one end of it and add a band to it so it is easy to drag out. You can decorate the tag with stamps or with a handwritten message.
Now on to decorating the "roll". I added here a read and white design on it first with a stamped christmas message. I stamped snowflakes on white paper, cut them out and put them with little glue pillows on the card to create a 3D effect, I did the same with the santa which I coloured before I cut him out. After that I  added some crystal stones in different colours to it. Punched to whole into the top and closed the card there with the same band that I used for the tag.
You can create many individual cards like that in different colours, with different decorations.

Another option which still is personal and creative but less time consuming is designing your cards online and to order them. There are great offers out there, lots of designs and you can add photos of yourself to them to make them more personal. Of course you then get as many cards of those as you want to order and can give them to everyone you need to give a card to or send them out. I like those too and I always have those for the people I am only sending wishes to. But for those I give gifts to I like the individual tag cards more.

What cards do you like to give for Christmas? Do you give away cards for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.
See you soon


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