Monday, December 21, 2015

How to create a day spa at home

Hi everyone!

So now that the stressful time of Christmas decorating, cleaning the house for guests, buying gifts, wrapping gifts is nearly over you need to relax. Get your energy back to enjoy the Holidays.
So on a special request from a friend I am going to tell you today how I create my day spa at home. (I am not proceeding in any particular order)

1. Candles
I can`t imagine something more relaxing than the light of candles. Light them up in your living room and your bathroom, you will need them there. Wether they are scented or not doesn`t matter.

2. A movie/music
What is a pampering night without a good movie or some good tunes. I keep the movie for the time I am spending in my living room and the music for the bathroom.

3. Face masks
It doesn`t matter wether you buy a face mask or wether you do a DIY mask. But for a spa day at home I need a face mask.

4. A bath
I tend to use a bath that suits my mood. Which is most times a destressing or calming one. You can buy these in bottles or in small packages.

5. A massage sponge/exfoliating sponge
Depending on my skin I need one of these. Most times it is the exfoliating sponge as I tend to have dry skin. But after exfoliating it is never wrong to give your skin and body a bit of love with a massage sponge.

6. Something to Drink
Now as I do not drink any alcohol I am going with my favourite tea. But basically go with what you like.

7. Some treats
I need my chocolate and a good dinner (and yes I order it when I am stressed).

8. Body Butter
After a good destressing bath and exfoliating, your skin will need hydration so make sure you have a lotion or body butter that suits your skin.

9. Hair mask
As I have diyed hair and long her my hair needs some love as well. So I will definetly use a hair mask. There are DIY options out there or you can buy them. There are pretty good affordable options out there as well as very pricey ones.

10. A good book
I do not know if you need a book, but I definetly do. I am not a big fan of taking baths. I rush through them and not enjoy them. A good book solves this problem.

So these are the things I use to create my own spa at home.
What do you need for recreation and relaxtion? What would you need in your own personal spa? Let me know in the comments below.
I hope you enjoy Christmas.
See you soon.


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